Contact Information:
Fran Ridged, MADAR Director,
Robert Swiatek, MATCH Supervisor, MUFON

Multiple Anomaly Detection & Recording
INTEL Summary

The Mutual UFO Network has partnered with the MADAR Project, along with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, in a joint venture code-named Project MATCH in an effort to correlate alerts regarding detection of electromagnetic/geomagnetic anomalies with actual sighting reports, and ultimately provide an early warning system to state directors and other researchers. The Project is also seeking volunteers for additional MADAR sites. This report covers the current month and may be updated at any time, but usually finalized within 2 weeks of the last month final entry date. 

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Updated  8 Dec 2018. *  See Archive for October and earlier

Current sightings this month:  190 (NUFORC)
Last month: 245
MADAR anomalies this period: 23 (Oct)
Last Month: 14
MADAR-III DataProbes: 49
32 running
17 in various stages of deployment or beta-testing

MADAR AlertStarts without obvious documented alibis and reported sightings are listed below in chronological order and grouped by date. In respect to potential correlations, the actual MADAR dataline is pasted in to show the ambient readings prior to and at the AlertStart. Supporting printout excerpts from the National UFO Reporting Center and are injected. Sightings of interest should be assigned to MUFON and MUFON sightings of interest should be given higher priority due to a potential MADAR correlation.


October 3, 2018; Lancaster, Pennsylvania
20:45 Witness went out to his back yard to look for his cat. He had received a pair of night vision goggles for Christmas for sky watching, so he brought them with him to help look for it. It was a clear beautiful night, so the witness started looking at the stars.After 3 or 4 minutes witness saw what was thought to be a satellite traveling west to east, but quickly realized it was too big, too bright, traveling too slow and it was flying way too low to be a satellite. Witness watched it as it traveled straight overhead. When the goggles were pulled away witness could no longer see it with the naked eye. It started to get a little bit brighter and then faded away and just disappeared. As it was fading away it became transparent before disappearing. (NUFORC Note: The object was not the ISS, which was visible from the witness's location at 8:47 p.m. (local), but which was visible in the extreme northern sky. Also, not an Iridium "flare." PD))

========== Potential sightings of interest & MADAR anomalies ==========

October 26, 2018; Akron, Ohio
Approximately 2:00 PM.  When witness first noticed the object it was over I-77, south bound, slowly heading from E - W about a quarter mile from the exit. While driving home from an eye appointment, object first seen it was not a plane, blimp or helicopter and observer felt a little anxiety / excited. Thought it had disappeared until he/she got to next exit where it was behind the trees. When observer stopped at light was able to take four pictures using an iPhone 7plus. From the freeway the object was approximately at 3 o’clock high. "When I saw the object from the exit ramp it was approximately at 2 o’clock high behind the trees. There were no lights or sound, the color was dull gray. Moving very slow and low. When the light changed I turned left on to the I- 77 overpass then right on to Mull Ave.As I passed where the trees and object were I could not see it anymore, it’s like it just disappeared. I had a clear view once I passed the trees. I should of been able to see it behind or over the trees. There are no airfields in the area. I checked the Goodyear blimp schedule for Oct 26th, there were no blimps flying that day." Temp was 28 degrees, overcast light rain, wind slightly from the North West. (MUFON CMS)   [Object identified as Wingfoot Goodyear Blimp - Thomas Wertman, Ohio SD - See site folder below]