Contact Information:
Fran Ridged, MADAR Director,
Robert Swiatek, MATCH Supervisor, MUFON

Multiple Anomaly Detection & Recording
INTEL Summary

  FEB 2019 
The Mutual UFO Network has partnered with the MADAR Project, along with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, in a joint venture code-named Project MATCH in an effort to correlate alerts regarding detection of electromagnetic/geomagnetic anomalies with actual sighting reports, and ultimately provide an early warning system to state directors and other researchers. The Project is also seeking volunteers for additional MADAR sites. This report covers the current month and may be updated at any time, but usually finalized within 2 weeks of the last month final entry date. 

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Sightings reported to NUFORC in February: 195
February 2018: 238
MADAR Anomalies: 19
MADAR devices online and reporting: 38

MADAR Anomalies & Potential Sightings Of Interest

There were originally 19 anomalies logged for February but 16 remain on the books as verified.

The only potential sightings of interest was the Feb 15th incident at Palm Beach Gardens and not a good match in time. However the MADAR was busy two days in a row.

2/16/19 12:02 Pinellas Park FL

MADAR Node 135 2/22/19
2/15/19 21:11 Pinellas Park FL

MADAR Node 135 2/22/19
2/15/19 13:17 Palm Beach Gardens FL
20 minutes What he saw appeared to be this orb pulsing in and out like a jellyfish with no tentacles. ((MUFON Report)) 2/22/1