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Fran Ridged, MADAR Director,
Robert Swiatek, MATCH Supervisor, MUFON

Multiple Anomaly Detection & AUTOMATED Recording
INTEL Summary

  MAY 2019 
The Mutual UFO Network has partnered with the MADAR Project, along with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, in a joint venture code-named Project MATCH in an effort to correlate alerts regarding detection of electromagnetic/geomagnetic anomalies with actual sighting reports, and ultimately provide an early warning system to state directors and other researchers. The Project is also seeking volunteers for additional MADAR sites. This report covers the current month and may be updated at any time, but usually finalized within 2 weeks of the last month final entry date. 

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Updated 6 September 2019

UAP reports via NUFORC: 521
Last Month: 372
May a year ago: 248
MADAR Anomalies: 28
Last Month: 34
MADAR devices online and reporting:  42

Processed MADAR Anomalies

Project MATCH entry

Due to the MUFON 90-day rule, sightings entered for the month of May 2019 were checked for processed anomalies.  Eric Calkins was asked to produce a printout of anomalies by state to make the correlations easy to spot. No MUFON CMS correlations were found. However, several raw reports from Peter Davenport's NUFORC database were found and were very interesting.

May 18, 2019; Enfield, Connecticut
     16:45. (4:45 local) A reflective white or silver craft was seen flying high in the sky at high speed. (witness could not determine the shape clearly).  Witness had been laying down in the house looking north out the bay window and suddenly sat up when something was observed moving across the sky. It seemed very high up and was moving far too quickly to be any kind of commercial jet. Object left no contrail and changed direction very quickly by about 30 degrees east of its original path, almost on a dime, and then disappeared over the trees.This was seen over the northeastern part of Enfield.  (NUFORC)
      Three hours earlier, and 95 miles to the SW, is the MADAR site at Norwalk, Connecticut. Node 103 recorded an anomaly at
17:31:55 which is 13:32 or 1:32 p.m. local time. Second anomaly 16 seconds later.

May 19, 2019; Fairfax, Virginia
     10:30 am local. Witnesses were out driving when they noticed a disc/saucer that was right underneath the moon in broad daylight.  It was described as white, moving, and within about 7 minutes it was gone. (NUFORC)
     MADAR Node 141 at Alexandria, Virginia is only 17 miles to the ESE and picked up an anomaly at 18:15:49 UTC which is 14:16 or 2:16 local time.  This is a four hour discrepancy but could indicate UAP activity in the area since the distance was so close. Surprisingly Fairfax also has a MADAR Node (122) operating but did not detect anything, so we checked the data. Pulling the May file I found that Node 122 was operating on the Q chip rather than the new I-board, and has had almost a zero history of hits. The device has since been upgraded.

Now it starts getting even more interesting.

May 22, 2019, at Federal Way, Washington
      8:45 pm local. The two witnesses were sitting in the backyard around dusk when the lady's husband looked up and noticed the objects flying in the sky. Her son also came out and they all watched as the objects seemed to form a triangle with objects in the center. The two in the center were red and the other three were silver. They traveled out of view after about 5 minutes, last seen heading south.
     The Mountlake Terrace, Washington MADAR Node 100 had picked up an anomaly that morning at 38 minutes after midnight. The MADAR site is only 36 miles away!
      Where it gets more interesting is the sighting at Marysville, which is 21 miles north of the MADAR site which had a really close correlation a year ago in May of 2018, right after the MADAR system went operational.
      About mid-May of this year at Marysville, Washington. 11:53 am local time. The witness has a vantage point on the rise East of Marysville, with view of the south end of Whidbey Island, the ferries crossing between Clinton and Mukilteo and the middle Olympic Mountains WSW of Quilcene and Poulsbo, and facing east, the tops of Mt. Pikchuck and beyond. He spotted a very, very fast-rising, very brilliant flashing craft. The sun was high, aproximately at 2 PM. During the rise, which started above the highest Olympic peak (he sees all the highest peaks) he attributed the flashes to sun reflections as the sky was lightly clouded with mostly wispy, very high cover with widely-scattered denser, small cloud groups to the East.This craft appeared at first to be on a collision trajectory with a large, twin engine Boeing, dusty blue fuselage, white wings apparently on the test range route, North, from Paine Field, at approx. 5000 feet. However this craft passed nearly directly above the Boeing, perhaps 3 - 7000 Ft higher. It continued in a straight trajectory East, rising very fast, flashing brilliant bronze, blinding white, and polished aluminum, as if a multi, flat-sided, spinning shape reflected sunlight, or its own powerful, pulsed light that apparently covered the entire structure. On an apparent constant straight climb angle, it was entering the group of denser clouds to the East over the Cascades, he estimated 60, 000 foot altitude. It appeared to pass through lower clouds, as the flashes and now very small-appearing craft disappeared-reappeared between clouds, the flashing and color continued. At this point he was barely able to discern the craft, except the brilliant flashing continued. However high, it was still on the 35 - 45 degree climb trajectory as it became too small against the moderately blue sky to the East of the clouds it went through. It was happening so fast he didn't think to check his phone for time. He estimated the estimate time to be aprox. 60 - 90 seconds. He had served in the Navy and watching Navy Aircraft, as a speed reference, this craft was not particularly much faster than full throttle fighter planes. However, he imagined they would be sorely taxed to catch or intercept, or reach ATA strike velocity. The most remarkable feature was the brilliant, multi metallic colored flashing that covered the entire craft every flash. As this event was a weekday and he is retired, and he figured the very brief elapsed time and trajectory would likely preclude all, if anyone else observing this with a similar vantage, he didn't search for any place to share his experience. Therefore, all he can recall about the date is mid-May. (NUFORC)

May 27, 2019; Nashua, New Hampshire
     22:08 (10:08 pm local) A circular shiny object with two yellow searchlights seemed to be trying to locate something. Described as a "crazy fast, big UFO with lights on bottom and front". Witness watched it literally fly straight up into space and out of site in no longer than 6 seconds. (MUFON CMS) [Fwd to NUFORC]
     Goffstown, New Hampshire is the location of Node 05, and is only 24 miles WNW of Nashua. At 20:09:18 UTC or 16:09 (4:09 pm local), just six hours before the Nashua sighting picked up an anomaly.

Our main interest, however, is in obtaining direct local observation reports of significant UAP events along with verified local MADAR entries. Going one step further, the acquisition of other important scientific data, including evidence from handheld instruments. Instances as described in this preliminary report inch us closer to that goal.