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Potential Sightings of Interest & MADAR Anomalies

This report deals exclusively with bonified MADAR anomalies and Potential Sightings of Interest, those that we feel are representative of the UAP phenomena.  There were a number of interesting sightings that either had too distant connections or had no obvious correlations-in-time to be used in this report. There were also cases that were not used because certain data couldn't be confirmed. So this is an effort to show accurate results, many times using Multi-Server Verification.  This report will be subject to updating. Appropriate explanetory links are provided at the end of this summary.  The current INVESTIGATION_STATUS database report showing all these cases and others can be accessed at any time. Finally, any terms used in this report you are not familiar with are explained at the end of this report. - Fran Ridge, MADAR Operations Center.

Updated: 3/2/2023

May 11, 2018; Marysville, Washington          
9:58 pm. Witnesses reported that a maneuvering white point of light at high altitude was reported to MUFON as going from south to north (actually more S/SW to N/NE), traveling at a speed similar to observed satellites. There were no other lights on the object. Witnesses thought it was a satellite at first except that it appeared to vary its course left and right in a snakelike manner and would "go out" and come back on later on its generally northward trajectory. It went "out" at about a 35 degree azimuth to the north and did not reappear. It originally appeared at about a 20 degree azimuth to the south. It did not exhibit normal aircraft lighting characteristics. (MUFON CMS).
At the same time of this sighting and just 20 miles south, almost to the minute, at 10:59:27 MADAR site 100 at Mountlake Terrace picked up an anomaly. [Problem associated with this report:  A few days after these knowledgeable witnesses filed an unsolicited online report clearly documenting 9:58 pm as the sighting time, someone changed the time to 11:22 pm. To this date, no one has explained how this could have happened. The nuforc printout below retains the original entry. This case was Investigated by MUFON. This object is a self or reflectively lit craft at high altitude (no sound) flying in a direction that could be expected from a polar orbiting satellite (often a military satellite). Military craft are not ruled out but it would have to be one that is not listed in the Norad Database. It remains unidentified. The  3 minute duration eliminates any possible meteor as an explanation. Not being listed in a satellite database would suggest a secret satellite. However such a satellite would probably not be deliberately lit up, and would also be painted a dark color so that the sun would not expose it. The case value of a nocturnal light has limited value. However, this object apparently exhibited anomalistic motion. It looks like a polar orbit but the tracking angle from Earth's rotation would not be that exaggerated. There was a MADAR anomaly detected by site 100 at Mountlake Terrace less than 20 miles away that tends to support it, suggesting a smaller object at lower altitude.  The nuforc index documents the event as occurring on 5/11/18, 21:58 (9:58 pm) and reported two days later on 5/13/18, 2:58 pm.  Therefore the investigation and CMS listing of 11:22 PM are in error.

May 21, 2018; Grandmound/Rochester, Washington
17:40 hours. Witness was able to view this daylight object with binoculars, a disc-shape object apparently enveloped in a halo of light was observed for 2-3 minutes.  According to the report, the light was as bright as a arc welder. Within 30 seconds of witness viewing it with binoculars, it simply blinked out as if somebody had turned off a light switch. The object was reportedly at about 1500-2000 feet. What surprised the witness so much was just how very very bright it was, so much so it hurt the eyes to look at it and it was even more painful with the binoculars. Witness closed his eyes and still had a ghost spot image for a long time. His field of vision was an unobstructed 20-30 miles left or right of center. His son also watched it, and remarked, "OMG, it just blinked out." (NUFORC)  Unfortunately all of the spreadsheet data in our archives for 2018 was lost. An archive copy of the anomaly (a code blue) at site 100, Mountlake Terrace, WA had been filed with nuforc, documenting the the time as 5/21/2018, 14:19 hours, 3 hours and 21 minutes after the code blue. This report is being filed for-the-record. The distance of 76 miles has turned out to be of less concern, but the time variation of over 3 hours is. This type of event is being classified as a class-II MADAR, or possible UAP "in the region". A similar, but higher quality event, occurred later that July at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

July 2, 2018; Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
2:40 AM. The witness was leaving her boyfriend's house late at night to go home and was driving up a hill. Upon reaching the top of the hill she reportedly saw, down the road some distance, a huge object blocking what seemed like three lanes ("taking it all up"). Typical Hynek "escalation of hypothesis": she had thought at first that maybe it was some late night street cleaning or construction vehicle. When she got closer she then thought maybe it was a military "tank" and got scared, wondering why a "tank" was in her city. Then getting even closer she recognized the "saucer shape", with the absence of wheels which a normal road vehicle would have. It was motionless the entire time she was driving towards it, described as gray and dull metal, not shiny. She didn’t see any windows on it from the angle she was observing from. As soon as she made out what it was, she freaked out, had a panic attack and quickly left, turning away from the ufo. "I couldn't have drove past it anyway as it was blocking the whole street." She called her boyfriend several times, body shaking and driving reckless and when she finally was able to reach him she was crying and frantically trying to explain what she had just seen. She was too scared to continue going home so she ended up just going back to his house and continued explaining what she had seen, and then took him to the spot within 5 minutes of leaving, and the object was completely gone. The giant thing had just disappeared. When she observed the object, there was no one anywhere else in sight. (CMS. Case number - 93046).
At 5:36 am (about 3 hours later) 120 miles to the NW, the Millerton MADAR site 104 picked up an anomaly. Although the anomaly couldn't have been as a direct result of the sighting at Bethlehem, the existence of a classic and compelling, inescapably-qualifying UFO event within the region suggests a real UFO operation was in progress. At the time there was only one MADAR node in Pennsylvania. Report filed with MUFON.

August 6, 2018; Norwich, Connecticut
At 13:05 (approx) the witness reportedly saw, what appeared to be a helicopter, free-fall to hover over the trees about a quarter mile from his building less than 1000 feet up. It moved side to side as if troubled with control. He thought it was going to crash, then it turned sideways and the sun shone off it brightly. At this point he realized that It was not a helicopter and seemed possibly bullet shaped, and a bright chrome. It continued to attempt control then steadied itself for a few seconds before flying straight up above the clouds. He could still see it through a hole in the clouds and watched until it shot off to his right, traveling fast enough that he only observed it again because the sun struck the chrome once more, before it was out of view. 5 mins. (NUFORC). Six minutes later at 1:11 pm and 40 miles away to the NW, the Newington MADAR site 106 had a verified anomaly. The data in 2018 was not yet properly calibrated and the field readings were next to useless in value, except that the field increase was indicative of an actual geomagnetic change which is what triggered the  MADAR. The MSV (multi sensor verification) protocol, which went into effect in June of 2020 was utilized recently in the case above, and showed a significant compass heading change during this event. Interesting case of another vertical ascent, which provides more solid ground for a bonified UAP and support of Operation Foal Eagle findings. 


Terms and acronyms used in this report:
nuforc = National UFO Reporting Center at Seattle, Washington
CCO = Case Certification Officer. Used when MUFON is not available.
MADAR dataprobe = official term for MADAR unit.
Operation Foal Eagle