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Potential Sightings of Interest & MADAR Anomalies

This report deals exclusively with bonified MADAR anomalies and Potential Sightings of Interest, those that we feel are representative of the UAP phenomena.  There were a number of interesting sightings that either had too distant connections or had no obvious correlations-in-time to be used in this report. There were also cases that were not used because certain data couldn't be confirmed. So this is an effort to show accurate results, many times using Multi-Server Verification.  This report will be subject to updating. Appropriate explanetory links are provided at the end of this summary.  The current INVESTIGATION_STATUS database report showing all these cases and others can be accessed at any time. Finally, any terms used in this report you are not familiar with are explained at the end of this report. - Fran Ridge, MADAR Operations Center.

March 12, 2020; Troy, Ohio.
8:48 pm EDT or 20:48 military. The witness and his wife were out driving, looking for necessary "supplies" due to COVID-19 shortages and observed a strange object. They attempted to get cell-phone pictures of it but, not being happy with the results, the witness decided to chase the slow-moving object. It then began moving faster, and he was unable to get close again. He had thought that it may have been a stealth fighter at first, but he was able to pass it in his car at 50 mph which is very problematic. Not only that, but it was under 1000 ft over a town. It had a definite sharp edge, triangular shape, wasn't a helicopter, not a plane, at least not one with wings. He subsequently spent two days researching all flight tracking data he could find. There were no aircraft in the area at that time. The witness pointed out that not many planes were flying in those early virus days. They were near Wright-Patt. (20) miles, so they had seen planes before. The pictures don't do it justice but it was dark, cloudy and raining. Observed for 33 minutes which also precludes an air vehicle, stealth or otherwise. (MUFON CMS).  The Springfield MADAR site 120, 23 miles SE of Troy had an anomaly 23 minutes later at 21:11 (01:10:57). The anomaly started out with a field reading of 39 milligaus, 9 milligaus over the threshold of 30.  The field ramped up from a ambient status of 5.62 and readings as high as 95.25. The event was MSV certified with a compass heading change from 126.7 to 148.54. No changes noted in BMP. Case was investigated by MUFON and involved a photo. MUFON investigation report disposition of unknown.

April 23, 2020; Millerton, Pennsylvania
9:59 local. The witnesses were watching TV near the radio room where the MADAR DataProbe 104 was located when the alarm sounded. The operator immediately went outside while his younger assistant stayed behind attempting to reset the alarm. All the dogs down the alley were barking and livestock from a nearby farm located one-quarter mile away were very disturbed and restless. The op immediately noticed to his left, and over a barn to the northwest, a light reddish-yellow object, generally spherical, but fuzzy, possibly due to a clear but low mist condition. Temperature was 29-degrees F. The area was described as rural. The object flew between the witnesses and a 50 foot silo that was across from where they stood. The size of the object was estimated at about 20-30' in diameter and the altitude at about 50', range less than a quarter mile. There was no obvious sound from the object. Witnesses attempted to photograph the object, but due to lack of sufficient light or a camera malfunction was not able to do so. Both witnesses stated that they had observed an orange glowing sphere that was accompanied by another of similar size and color. Object traveled slowly, less than 10 mph, in a straight line to the northwest and as both objects traveled farther from the witnesses, one object traveled in and out of the other’s flight path, which appeared to be very sequenced until distance traveled led to the inability to be observed any longer and approximately on a 330 degree heading and faded away into the mist.  The total time from the first alert to the end of the visual sighting was estimated at 10 minutes. The MADAR had been triggered at 01:58:58 UTC which is 21:59 EDT or 9:59 PM. The spreadsheet shows a 6 second anomaly at the beginning of a 186 second period of one-second datalines, However, the sighting itself took place over a ten minute period! The onboard compass had deviated over 3 degrees, from 122.62 to 125.82. The magnetometer's field reading varied from 10.5 to 20.25 milligaus and back to 3.0 in those 6 seconds, all of which occurred before the primary witness had gotten outside. Operator contacted MUFON SD and on May 11th the incident was promptly investigated and  field investigators concluded the sighting was unexplained. If site 104's threshold shield had been set higher than 20 (which most MADARs are), no anomaly would have been detected. And if the site had not been DAS-equipped (alarm) the operators would have only read about it in a alert email, probably the next morning.  Several months later we learned about Operation Foal Eagle (South Korea, 2003) where teams had tracked UAPs coming into the atmosphere with a burst of energy, then idled without any notable readings. This was our first "UFO Signature" in the madar data. One was found later at Fishers, Indiana the previous year but the case had been pending and the data was overlooked until later.

August 29, 2020; Payson, Illinois
6:30 pm local. The man and his wife were sitting in the backyard enjoying the sunset looking due west. Clear conditions, sun at the horizon, no haze, light northern breeze. Just a few degrees south of the sun, which was sitting on the horizon and at about 30 degrees angle above the horizon, they saw a dim "star" appear. It remained stationary throughout the entire sighting that lasted about 5 minutes. It slowly got brighter until it gleamed like the sun reflecting on a jetliner fuselage, brighter than any star. The moon was behind a cloud bank behind them and to the south. The light dimmed slowly back to very faint, then it ramped up again to the metallic bright gleam for a few moments, and then faded slowly until it was barely visible. The man looked at the Star Chart on his cell phone to confirm the name of the star in that location, and when he looked for the light again, it was nowhere to be seen and did not reappear. (Report filed with MUFON).
MADAR site 97 at Payson was not DAS-equipped (about 25% of the madars have that alarm box). Later, while checking his email the operator found that the MADAR site had an alert while this was going on. At the time of this sighting the MADAR unit  recorded the following alert: "A magnetic anomaly has occurred on node: 97 Mag: 186.00, Compass: 84.88, Pressure: 29.12, Time: 2020-8-29, 23:29:33 GMT". The op filed a report with MUFON.  MADAR log during the alert shows an MSV (multiple sensor verification) in compass heading from 82.19 degrees to 85.98 degrees, and the field reading was pretty high, 186 milligaus from 1.12 with a threshold of 23. Both the sighting and the MADAR hit were reported to MUFON. This case is rated as a distant daylight object.  A Flight Radar 24 loop was attempted in October of 2021 to see flights for that date/time but the sighting was over 365 days old and the data was not available with our Gold membership. Jets can catch the sunset rays and look pretty interesting, so without the MADAR hit the sighting would not have been of any importance. The timing could have been just a coincidence, but the hit was real and met all the protocols. The value of this case is limited, however, but suggests there was UAP activity somewhere near Payson..

October 7, 2020; Spencerville, Indiana
7:08 pm EST. In this case no report had been filed, and there was no alert, so the case was set at pending. However, an FI-4 established the basic facts so that a questionnaire could be completed later. The sky had been clear in this rural area, and the man and his son were walking to the barn when his son saw the object first and asked him what it was. It was at about a 40-degree angle up in the southwest. He pointed at it and they both stood and watched it for 2-3 minutes. When the man then looked down at his son to tell him he didn't know what it was, then back up, the object was gone. The object had been high in the sky, somewhere between 5-10,000 feet, range 1-2 miles, and was stationary. It appeared to be 20-40 feet long, possibly longer, cylinder/cigar-shaped, clearly outlined and silver/chrome reflective.
The field numbers on site 81 had fluxuated between 3.0 milligaus at 00:07:18 UTC to 9.75 mg to 0.75 mg to 10.5 mg to 8.25 mg and then back to 3.0 mg by 00:11:18 UTC  in the 5 minutes during the sighting, which was estimated to have occurred at 7:07 pm to 7:10 pm.  As a check, the multi-sensor verification protocol was used with the compass heading numbers but that didn't pan out and the minimum change was NOT verified. Case Certification Officer obtained a MADAR questionnaire completed by the primary witness. In this instance a chrome-colored cigar-shaped object, described as apparently unidentified and hovering for 2-3 minutes, was witnessed by two persons in good daylight conditions. By itself it was apparently worthy of reporting but since the man was node 81 operator and his device did not go on alert, no formal report had been filed. When pending sightings came up for review it was discovered that 81's field numbers had spiked very closely with the time estimates. Had the compass readings varied and met the MSV protocols this would have been a good example of a "tic-tac" type object with a MADAR correlation. This is still not surprising since verified correlations have even shown very low field numbers when UAP are "idling". It is the opinion of this analyst that had the UAP accelerated out of view the field readings would have possible been enough to trigger the site's MADAR and MSV would possibly have been met.

October 11, 2020; Millerton, Pennsylvania 
5:58 am. MADAR Ops at node 104 responded to an alert. There was heavy cloud cover and the witnesses thought the object they were seeing above the clouds was the moon. Later, the main node op realized that the moon would have been on the other side of the facility.

The initial alert from the witness’s at site 104 registered at 10-11-20 09:58:06 UTC (5:58 AM local time). The alert ended at 10-11-20 09:58:13 UTC (7 seconds later). MADAR Node 82, located in Pine City, NY, 5 miles NE of Millerton, PA, had normal readings at the time of the alert, but at 10-11-20 10:03:18 UTC (5 minutes after the alert in Millerton) had a field reading spike of 11.62 milligaus. This is higher than the normal readings for that node, which normally run in the low single digits, but below the threshold of the alert level, which is set at 25 milligauss. An alert, therefore, was not triggered on the Pine City node, and did not register as such on the MADAR online data page. If there was an object that triggered the alert in Millerton, PA, and that object was traveling NE at 60 mph, it would have reached Pine City in 5 minutes, and could have been the cause of the magnetic spike registered on MADAR Node 82.  MADAR Operations Center confirmed the spike at Pine City of 11.62 milligaus at 6:03 am, and  at significant change in the compass headings, MSV protocols being 3 degrees or more. The field readings from node 104 at Millerton, Pennsylvania at 5:58 am had been high enough to trigger the device and was no doubt a response to an unknown object nearby or even possibly right over the Millerton site. On Oct. 26, a MUFON field investigator conducted the investigation. MUFON Case: 111,788. At 5:53 am, 5 minutes prior to the sighting time, the weather at Elmira Corning Regional Airport, 12 miles to the N, was reported as temperature 56°, winds from the NNE at 12 mph, overcast cloud ceiling at 3,000 feet, and visibility of at least 10 miles. Case Disposition: UAV Object Identification (If Applicable): Unknown. The Stellarium computer program was used to obtain the moon's celestial coords for the date in question and confirmed that the moon was located where the observers had confirmed it to be and not where the anomalous object/light was observed.

Terms and acronyms used in this report:
nuforc = National UFO Reporting Center at Seattle, Washington
CCO = Case Certification Officer. Used when MUFON is not available.
MADAR dataprobe = official term for MADAR unit.
Operation Foal Eagle