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Potential Sightings of Interest & MADAR Anomalies

This report deals exclusively with bonified MADAR anomalies and Potential Sightings of Interest, those that we feel are representative of the UAP phenomena.  There were a number of interesting sightings that either had too distant connections or had no obvious correlations-in-time to be used in this report. There were also cases that were not used because certain data couldn't be confirmed. So this is an effort to show accurate results, many times using Multi-Server Verification.  This report will be subject to updating. Appropriate explanetory links are provided at the end of this summary.  The current INVESTIGATION_STATUS database report showing all these cases and others can be accessed at any time. Finally, any terms used in this report you are not familiar with are explained at the end of this report. - Fran Ridge, MADAR Operations Center.

January 10, 2021; Festus, Missouri
9:00 am. Witness and a buddy were taking a walk in the woods near his house. His buddy sighted the silver disc craft first, and using their cell phone zoomed in on the object and started taking 3 pictures. After hovering for about 5 minutes, the craft moved at unbelievable speed, first left, then right, then zoomed up and away as the witness described it “at a speed faster than anything they had ever seen”. Primary witness seems very credible and stable.
Photos can be viewed in case folder under "images".  MADAR site 70 at St. Louis. Missouri and recorded two anomalies, the first being a correlation with the sighting at Festus, Missouri, 30 miles to the NW. The time of the sighting was as being 9:00 am but the MADAR hit was a documented anomaly, UTC-dated as 15:10:47 or 9:11 CST. The data from the compass heading change exceeded the 3-degree plus protocols, so this event appears to be an MSV (multi sensor verification). This potential sighting of interest was investigated by MUFON. This case was given the conclusion of "Unknown UAV", closed, and approved. (CMS 113331, Larry Tyree).  [Rating increased from 20 to 70 in favor of a close encounter II, photographic evidence of a structured object]

January 11, 2021; Newington, Connecticut
8:50 pm. The witness and his wife were leaving their house and spotted a black triangle flying at treetop level. It was about a quarter mile north of their position along the Berlin Turnpike (US Route 5 and 15). He saw it first and alerted her to it. They were able to see it for about 6 to 10 seconds as it descended behind the trees / hill sharply turning north towards Cedar Mountain and were able to clearly see the underside of it. It had three white lights, one on each corner and a much smaller yellow/green strobe light in the center. MADAR site 151 is a test node of a field unit shown as Manchester but actually logbooked at Newington that date. The field numbers are not particularly interesting but the compass showed some variation from 4 minutes prior to the sighting. Node 106, however shows a field spike within the minute of 8:50 pm which was 01:50:18 UT and at the 18 sec mark, suggesting the reading might have been higher at some point during than 60-second period. And the opposite was true with the onboard compass on 106 where variations were absent. Investigated by MUFON, CMS number 113740. MUFON: Lists this case as unexplained, Unknown Aerial Vehicle. MADAR: There was apparently a lack of motion requiring any noteable energy consumption, which could explain why the nodes at Newington (151 and 106) were not actually triggered. There is previous evidence of this from the Millerton, PA when two objects had definitely come into the area which probably created a burst of energy for about 6 seconds, triggered that node, then the two 25' spheres idled down to almost nothing during the 10 minute sighting. The readings in the Newington case are interesting, with the compass variation component falling in line with previous compass cases of which we have over 150+ cases on record. I can't explain the difference in readings where two MADAR dataprobes have the same hardware and software, other than the shield settings. 151 was set at 25 milligaus and 106 was lower at 22. The shield or threshold doesn't affect the compass sensitivity as it does the magnetometer.

January 17, 2021; Lee's Summitt, Missouri. 1:18 pm CDT. According to the witness the object was about the length of a football field, black, stealthlike with angular features.. Described as similar to tall building on its side, with each level flat on the bottom and coming to a tip near the 'front'. Object was seen about 300 feet above the ground and 1.68 miles away. Witness was driving westbound. By the time witness got to the intersection at Lees Summit Drive and NW Vellie Rd, object had dropped to approximately 100 feet (just above tree line) and was about 1.2 miles. The movement of the UFO was described as a perfect motion, still, no shift in the wind, simply a slow decent and looked like it was going to land. "Maybe it was just trying to hide?....I can't stop thinking about what I've seen. I've never seen anything like it and can only be described as a UFO".  The witness was previously in the Air Force, is now a scientist, has a PhD and works in Toxicology. The craft was described as traveling 1.56 miles in about 2 minutes, or 47 mph. When the witness tried to record a video, it did not work. Twelve miles to the north, MADAR node 45 at Independence, Missouri had an anomaly at 19:39:08 UTC, which converts to 1:39 CST, 21 minutes after the sighting at Lee's Summit began. Field readings were unusually high (69.75 to 105.75 milligaus) and there was multi-sensor verification with the onboard compass from 237.11 to 240.31 within 4 seconds of trigger. Node 45 had another alert 8 minutes later.MUFON CMS 114238, Larry Tyree. The witness said that the time was approximate, so there is wiggle room. The report mentions that node 45 at Independence triggered 21 minutes later. It just so happens that the trajectory taken by the craft goes within 1,650 feet of this MADAR site!! At a rate of 47 mph, if it did not slow down, it would have arrived close to node 45, 13 minutes later (or 1:31). So, I think that is pretty close. Not only the direction is virtually precise from the witness's last sighting, but the speed of travel allows for it to arrive nearly at the time that the Independence node was triggered.

February 21, 2021; Northeast corner of New Mexico west of Clayton
Approx. 1:19 pm CST. Pilots of an American Airlines jet Flight 2292 flying over New Mexico reported (actual transmission on file) they saw something fly directly over them that they could not explain. The strange encounter happened over the northeast corner of New Mexico west of Clayton, New Mexico as the jet was cruising at 36,000 feet traveling SW at 460 mph. The unidentified flying object sighting was documented by the pilots when they radioed the Albuquerque Center. The pilot reported: “Do you have any targets up here?” the pilot asked. “We just had something go right over the top of us – I hate to say this but it looked like a long cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile type of thing – moving really fast right over the top of us.” Nine minutes prior to the encounter a Learjet
 lj60 heading SE passed in front of the airbus 320 AA2292 heading SW. The Lear can be seen in my loop at the top of the radar screen at FL410 (41,000) and AA2292 coming onscreen on the right at FL360 (36,000'), the Lear being 5,000' higher. Lear is traveling SE at 500 mph; the AA2292  heading SW at 387 mph.  AA2292 had plenty of time to see the Lear and never considered this a near miss. Albuquerque knew they were there and had them vertically spaced 5,000' and I was able  show the horizontal separation was about 3 km at closest approach. At 1:19 when the real UAP event took place ARTC did not have anything on radar. AA2292 travelled 54 miles in those 9 minutes. (Fran Ridge)
No MADAR connection found regarding this American Airlines Flight