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Potential Sightings of Interest & MADAR Anomalies

North Kingston, Rhode Island, 7/2.2022

This report deals exclusively with bonified MADAR anomalies and documented Potential Sightings of Interest, those that we feel are representative of the UAP phenomena.  There were a number of interesting sightings that either had too distant connections or had no obvious correlations-in-time to be used in this report. There were also cases that were not used because certain data couldn't be confirmed. So this is an effort to show accurate results, many times using Multi-Server Verification.  This report will be subject to updating. Appropriate explanetory links are provided at the end of this summary.  The current INVESTIGATION_STATUS database report showing all these cases and others can be accessed at any time. Finally, any terms used in this report you are not familiar with are explained at the end of this report. - Fran Ridge, MADAR Operations Center.

Updated 7 Feb 2023 *

March 9, 2022; Harwinton, Connecticut
6:38 pm EST. Witness filed a report with nuforc that a massive black triangle with curve corners, and a red, yellowish, and blue, round set of lights under each side, had been hovering overhead.  It was dark outside and she turned on their garage light. As she walked down the back stairs to their driveway, she heard a low but deep sound. When she reached the driveway, she looked up and right above her head was a massive black triangle that also extended past their ranch home and just above their roof. Since it was dark out and the craft was black, she believes she was only able to see it because of the lights underneath it and her being underneath it as well. The lights were not blinding, so she could see the entire shape of the craft which hovered over and then very very slowly moved completely over her roof, then gone in seconds. She watched it for a good 2 1/2 to 3 minutes at most she said. She decided to find where to report, since she'd been unable to get a full nights sleep since the encounter - not through fear but the unbelievable experience she was lucky enough to have. (NUFORC).
MADAR site 151 at Newington, 21 miles east of the sighting location showed a ramped increase in field data. The sighting lasted 2-1/2 to 3 minutes and there was a field increase on the magnetometer in milligaus beginning at 11:38 UTC (same as the sighting time) and lasting about 8 minutes. Since the MADAR had not gone into alert mode, the data-rate was recorded at one-minute status intervals rather than one-second alert-mode intervals, but the next-highest reading occurred at 11:40:18 and was 8.62 milligaus. The actual highest reading was 9.38 at 11:44:18. The magnetometer had been getting readings of 0.38 to 1.12 milligaus right before the spike. Multi-sensor verification is met with the onboard compass showing a deviation of almost 5 degrees, 2 degrees over the protocol of 3. The documented report leaves no question that an object, of significant size, emitting a low-pitched rumbling sound, was apparently observed at close encounter range, possibly as close as 35' from the observer.  The other two MADAR sites had nothing impressive in their data. 151 was/is 5 mi closer than the Wallingford site to the sighting coords.

March 30, 2022; Denver, Colorado
8:42 pm MDT. A
 witness was going on a walk and saw a disc in the sky about 5 miles away. Disc had lights on it, had an aura or haze around it as well, emitted beams, and made a sound which hurt the man's eardrums. Dogs barked like hell. Disc was very bright, was almost blinding for about 3 seconds. Witness said it was very scary. (NUFORC). One minute prior to the sighting (time pieces can be a minute off) the MADAR site 34 at Elizabeth, Colorado, just 33 miles to the SE of the sighting location, had a spike of 7.12 milligaus, followed by 5.62  the next minute. The dataline at 8:42 pm which converted to UTC is 14:42:19 shows this interesting spike, but there was no MSV (multi-sensor verification) with the onboard compass of 134.05 degrees.
Four hours earlier site 156 at Estes (60 mi NW of Denver) had a full alert (code blue) but the Elizabeth site was not triggered. The MADAR data is interesting, but not as compelling as we would like. And since we were unable to contact the witness we we could not document the case nor see if there was additional data which sometimes comes out in a full investigation. There is no doubt that there was apparent UAP activity in the area as indicated by the sighting at Littleton at 10:54 pm.

March 30, 2020, Littleton, Colorado
11:54 pm MDT. An amazing sighting which occurred where a precise time was given,  As you will see, the time is extremely important. The reporting witness was driving on Santa Fe Drive and there was no other traffic on the road. Witness saw the craft to the left, right over the Roxborough Park area. The craft was reportedly huge, with very bright amber light and with different colored lights around it. Witness kept glancing at it...while driving. It didn't look like a plane or helicopter.  It gave the witness the impression that it knew it was being observed. Object executed a weird turn, dropped in elevation and flew right over the car. Witness looked up and clearly saw a round craft with a definite top and bottom. In the middle, was a series of what looked like windows separated by vertical bars. It was encased in an amber light but the middle section with the windows was turning with flashing colors of pink, green and white lights. Duration; a few minutes.
At the time of this sighting, the MADAR site at Elizabeth, Colorado, node 34, was spewing out some interesting numbers.  Mind you, there were 5 sites in Colorado, but 34 was the closest, less than 30 miles as the crow flies to the southeast. The spreadsheet indicates various forms of activity beginning after an important pretimed recalibration at 5:50:19 UTC which converts to 11:50 pm Mountain Daylight Time.  The field readings are not particularly anomalous in duration but show the one spike which occurred during the one minute paint two minutes after the documented sighting time. If the node had gone on alert (threshold was 30) the rate would have been 60X's greater. Multi-Sensor Verification was indicated by a rather large spike in the accelerometer readings from 0.93 to 1.01 and back to 0.93. MUFON case disposition: Unknown UAV; CMS No. 121928.

April 10, 2022; Clarksburg, West Virginia
1:57 am. EDT. The two wit
nesses were traveling home from an evening out and saw a huge cigar shaped craft emitting a sort of rainbow colored light arrangement. The craft hovered approximately 30 feet off the ground. As the couple approached in their vehicle it seemed to notice their presence and shined a bright bluish green light directly at them. The craft didn't seem threatened by their presence, but apparently it was aware of them being there. After possibly 3-5 minutes the craft shot up to a few hundred feet and took off in a northeasterly direction. No sound was heard as it propelled itself forward, but a low audible buzz or humming sound was present while it was hovering in front of the witnesses. As the primary witness looked back down, a second craft seemed to appear out of nowhere. It slowly crept up the hill to the same spot the previous craft had been spotted. This one didn't appear to notice them, however his fiancé and vehicle appeared to capture its interest. Being as she was pregnant with their second child, primary witness was very concerned. The craft shown a blueish green light in what seemed to be a sort of quadrant scanning sequence carefully examining the vehicle and its occupants (not sure if this was in regards to the initial encounter or the second encounter) who was afraid to make any harsh movements he remained still and refrained from making any movement. After approximately 10 minutes the craft shot up in similar fashion as the first and and disappeared in the same direction. The rate of speed the craft leapt forward with was unimaginable, gone so quickly that the speeds weren't possible to estimate. Once the craft were gone the witnesses began to travel back to their home and realized that at least 2 hours had passed between leaving their previous destination and their home. Once home they quickly showered due to a worry of possible contamination and his fiancé being pregnant. Male witness hasn't felt right since the incident. (NUFORC). There were no code blues (full alerts) listed in the MADAR Alert Search, but extremely interesting spikes were found in the field data on node 192 at Weirton.  Clarksburg is 82 miles SSE of the Weirton site.  In Universal Time Code 1:57 am is 05:57:00, so it was either a very strange coincidence or something much more.  The time of the spikes are 05:56:18 UTC (7.5 milligaus) and 5:57:18 UTC (6.75 milligaus). Allowing for a minute or two error in the witness specific timeline there is definitely a two minute spuke period in the magnetometer's field readings. There was also Multi-Sensor Verification in that the compass heading change varied from 156.28 degrees to 160.62 over those same two minutes. The tracer dot placed on the MADAR map also showed a Cambridge, Ohio MADAR site to 85 miles to the NW of Clarksburg, but node 137 was NOL (not online) at the time. Conclusions: This, by itself, is a major close encounter case that appears to be an abduction. Reluctance of the witnesses to an official investigation for something of this nature is not surprising, but it must be stated in their defense, they DID file a report, with witnesses names, with NUFORC on April 12th, two days after the incident. At the time they DID check the box for investigation. What they DON'T know is that a MADAR site less than 80 miles to the north was spewing very interesting numbers. The impression one gets (based on Operation Foal Eagle) is that the MADAR site picked up the craft entering the atmosphere, probably somewhere in-between Clarksburg and Weirton, then the object may have idled down and projected a disabling beam during a stalking phase prior to abduction. This case is not closed by any means.

April 10, 2022; West Palm Beach, Florida
2:00pm EDT. A white tic-tac-shaped object was observed by witnesses to be speeding past an aircraft, spotted against the blue sky background. The object produced no noticeable noise at that range and left no visible trail. Witnesses noticed that the object was very far off in the distance as it passed behind the clouds and drifted in a straight line until it was out of sight. Comparing the speed of the object with the nearby aircraft, it made it appear the plane was moving at a snail’s pace.The primary witness stated in the report form that the time of the sighting was 2 AM. The investigator is convinced that the witness’s sighting time was actually 2 PM. ["spotted against the blue sky and next to a plane"]. (UFOS Northwest). The MADAR site 76 at Royal Palm Beach, Florida, 11.8 miles west of the sighting location at West Palm beach, showed a noticeable spike in magnetometer field readings at the time of the sighting. The reading was not high enough to trigger an “alert”, but was significantly higher than samples taken prior to and subsequent to the anomalous readings. Two mins prior to the sighting time given, the field reading was 1.5 milligaus. One min before the sighting the number had increased to 8.25 and peaked sometime during the next 60-second data line to 9.75. If the MADAR had been triggered, the datalines would have been 1-sec in duration, but the field readings did not reach or exceed the 30 milligaus threshold. There was multi-sensor varification from the onboard compass which showed variations of almost 3 degrees.The low point was 162.72 degrees 1 min after the sighting time of 2:00 pm or 18:00:19 and the high point of 165.66 , 3 min prior and back to 165.5 at 2:04 pm or 18:04:19 UTC. MADAR Alert Search also showed a full-scale alert at node 91 at Sanford, Florida, 156 miles north of sighting coords, indicating possible UAP activity in the region. NUFORC printout also shows numerous reports of UAP and MADAR hits, and the specific correlation at West Palm Beach is interesting.

May 2, 2022; Harvest, Alabama
1:00 am  CDT. Driving on a country road the female witness looked above the tree line and saw a (couple of) bright red floodlights. She asked her boyfriend if he saw it. He responded with a quick, what the heck. Described as a matte black, large, aircraft, futuristic looking. Red floodlight.  It was reportedly moving very slowly, almost hovering, just above tree line.aoeta (?) arrowhead in shape. Approximately 5 mins. (Jeremey Haslam/nuforc listing). The spreadsheet data for Thompson Station node 33 at Tennessee, 60 miles from the sighting, for the time of incident was checked and shows the sighting time, 5 mins before and 5 mins after, running in reverse order (bottom to top). The data rate is known as the status rate and each line represents one minute. If the site had gone into alert mode the rate would have been once per second and provided 60 times more information. However, it is still interesting with the col. 6 threshold of 30, and the field readings in col. 4 going from 1.88 to 7.88 milligaus during that minute. No telling what the other 59 seconds would have been but there was a spike of 7.88 none-the-less. There was also MSV (multisensor verification) with the compass swing of over 4 degrees during the minute prior and minute during the anomaly. Distance from the sighting location to the MADAR site was a measured (as the crow flies) 60 miles.

May 15, 2022, Oregon City, Oregon
Time: 9:05 PDT (not 9:05 am as shown in NUFORC).  Husband and wife, both 65 years old, were getting ready to retire for the evening and the wife was looking out her sliding glass doors and saw a strange object over the trees to the south.  It was strange enough that she called her husband to take a look at it. At the time, they were not wearing their glasses, so their vision was not optimal.  At one point, they both went to retrieve their glasses and put them on to see better, but by then the object was moving off to the north. Investigator was told the wife’s unaided vision is a little better than the husband’s. The object had first appeared to their south, over a row of trees that are about 75 feet tall and about 100 feet from the witnesses’ location.  It paused briefly as it passed over a high voltage power transmission line, then moved toward the witnesses.  Object was described as round, and a bright, fiery orange color. At one point the object rotated upward, and like the name "Spaulding" on a basketball, the side facing them moved up on the sphere and they observed a triangular pattern of round lights on it. At nearest approach, angular elevation was about 45 degrees, apparent size was about 2-1/2 inches at arm’s length, and the distance at closest approach was about 75 to 100 feet.  Estimated altitude was about 100 feet above ground level.  No sound was heard even though it was a very quiet, peaceful evening.  The location is in the country, away from traffic noise. The witnesses felt sheer amazement  and puzzlement about what they were looking at. These are mature, very ordinary people.  Wife has a physical disability that prevented her from working. The husband is retired, and worked as a landscaper for a private college in Portland for 30 years. 
Duration of sighting: about 2 to 3 minutes. Although there was no code blue alert until the next day (which would have been the 16th), the printout for Site 66 at Portland, Oregon, shows conspicuous readings at the exact time of the Oregon City incident. The data shows spikes in the field reading during the two to three minutes the  object was observed. The readings, one minute apart in milligaus varied from 2.25 to 8.25, 3.0, then up again to 7.5 and back to 3.0. If the MADAR site had gone to full alert, the device would have ramped up to once per second. The onboard compass varied from 119.77 degrees to 118.02 to 120.4. The compass variation was almost 3 degrees, which satisfies MSV (multi-sensor verification). The most important datalines are the minutes 4:07:18 am to 4:08:18 which converts to 9:07 and 9:08 pm.  This is only guessing but it looks like the UAP had entered to atmosphere right before the wife saw the object in the south, idled down, then moved again. Oregon City is only 13 miles away. At first It did not seem be disc-shaped because it was never described as flat at any point in the narrative. After talking with the witnesses I was able to determine that the object was actually spherical, like a basketball, and slowly rotating, the words "tilted vertically" not being a good choice. This also cleared up the original claim that some features were displayed as it turned in the upward rotation. The object hadn't moved upward, it had rotated upward, displaying the triangular pattern of round lights. The evidence is compelling that a UAP was observed at Oregon City, and at the same time 13 miles to the SE at Portand, MADAR site 66 showed spikes in its data.

May 15, 2022; Surprise, Arizona
11:54 pm MST. A total lunar eclipse, also known as a "blood moon" was being observed by a witness laying on his back on a trampoline, talking on his cellphone to his girlfriend. He had just gotten off the phone at about 11:54  pm, and continued looking upward when he observed a triangle shaped object, also described as a boomerang, which seemed to drop straight down to an altitude above the clouds then move off to the north until it could not be observed due to the distance away from the witness. He continued laying down looking up when he thinks 3 minutes went by when another triangle object of the same size dropped down and moved north the same as the first one. A third one triangle shaped object dropped down but was considerably larger in size. The first ones were similar in size to the jets he observed two-three times a week, but the third one was 20-40 times that size. And it had the appearance of what is described as a re-entry burning effect on the bottom of the object. Not as dramatic as a rocket re-entry but some "heat" signature could be seen as the object dropped down in the same area as the previous two triangles. Only this larger object emitted a "glittery orange color for a short period of time". The witness also stated the larger triangle moved off to the north but did turn at a slight angle, and the others moved more in a straight line. Finally, a fourth triangle, similar to the first two dropped down then moved north of the witness. All four triangles were silent and moved at a high rate of speed. Known jet fighters in the area would be considered as moving like snails compared to the objects he described. There were no light sources on any of the objects. What can best be described as the objects were attempting to use some form of cloaking as they entered and traversed. After the sightings his cellphone had a black screen and had to be rebooted. 12-15 mins (NUFORC submittal. Interview by CCO*).
Using the specific time given by the witness for when the four objects appeared to be cloaking (as he originally described it) at 11:54 (6:54:19) the nearest node, MADAR site 201, also located in Surprise, AZ, was checked for data. According to the printout, the field reading raised slightly to 3.38 (col. 4). However, the compass (col.3) moved over 11 degrees! Over an 8 minute period both field and compass varied, especially the first 5 mins.  The sighting lasted from 11:45 to 11:55.

June 4, 2022; Prescott Valley, Arizona
8:35 pm MST. The chevron-shaped craft just popped up, hung in the air, and then shot off. There was one craft. it popped into view, hung in the air for about 40-50 seconds, then sped off toward Phoenix. There was one main red light and two sets of smaller lights that moved along the bottom of the craft. There was a low humming sound almost unnoticed. Animals reacted to the event. Duration 50 seconds. (NUFORC). At exactly 03:35:19 UTC site 201 at Surprise, AZ, had a good spike in the geomagnetic field reading of 9.75 milligaus. It more than doubled. And the compass heading varied way over the 3-degree protocol from 219.24 degrees prior to the sighting to 227.33 degrees. Prescott Valley is 66 miles north of the MADAR site. And the Scottsdale sighting occurred the next day.

June 8, 2022; Glendale, Arizona
1:07 pm MST. A large shadow moved over the witness house which literally darkened the inside as well, passed across (the area) and the power went out for a few seconds. It was only the shadow the witnesses saw as they were inside. It darkened the rooms of the house. This was bizarre as there was no sound; no engine noise whatsoever. Duration: 5-secs. Witness had remarked that there were electrical or magnetic effects. (NUFORC). Due to possible power outage at MADAR site there is a loss of data of about 16 minutes. A large shadow moved over a house, literally darkened the inside as well. As it passed over the power went out for a few seconds. This was 13:07 pm, the afternoon. The local time converted to UTC would have been 20:07. The Surprize, AZ node 201 is only 12 miles away NW of the "sighting" area. The question is, did we get any data? We had a recal at 19:58:18 and then a reading at 20:14:18. That means we have 16 minutes of missing data. Something unusual happened at Glendale and involved a brief power outage, followed also by a power outage at Surprise that prevented us from getting any readings. The recal should have recalibrated the unit for better readings but instead an untimely power failure interrupted the event.

June 19, 2022; McKees Rocks,Pennsylvania
5:47 pm CDT. Witness had been laying on a lounge chair for quite a while looking at the sky and watching airplanes fly by when suddenly a silver object coming from the north crossed overhead. It was moving at a similar speed and height as the planes that fly by as they approach the airport. However, it appeared much smaller than a passenger aircraft. There was no sound and it looked very silvery white in color and appeared to be oval shaped. However, witness could not discern a definite shape and doesn't know if it was some sort of balloon, but it appeared to be moving at a steady pace and a steady trajectory and not floating. Witness had to stand up in the middle of the video to continue watching it beyond the tree and it was quickly out of sight within a few seconds. Witness doesn't know what it was but I thought it was worth sharing with somebody who might be able to figure it out. (MUFON), Weirton, WV is 28 miles east of the sighting location and the nearest MADAR site, node 192. The spreadsheet showed spikes within 3 mins in the field reading from "0" to 2.25 to 11.25 milligaus. However, the onboard compass went from ambient of 154.37 to 158.65, right at 21:47:19 UTC line, followed by the field spike 3 mins later of 11:25. My first thoughts were a balloon but the direction was problematic. I checked with MUFON to ascertain the CMS # and the disposition. The MUFON FI conclusion was unknown UAV.  The investigator found no evidence to suggest this was an IFO. The field investigator did a very good job in the investigation, and MUFON does not think it was a wind-driven balloon. This is just anther case where our MADAR UFO Officer, Jeremy Haslam, selected an incident that looked like a potential sighting of interest and the data from a nearby node suggests the anomaly was genuine. Since the MADAR was not in alert mode, the data are 60-sec lines rather than 01-sec lines.

July 2, 2022; North Kingston, Rhode Island (Photo at top)
5:05 pm EDT. Object was just hovering in mid air, unlike any vehicle or object on earth and not affected by wind. Witness stated that If you look at the image, below the object you can see air that looks oddly affected by the object, like a desert heat movie effect. The object did not move in the small time they viewed it, as they could not just stop their vehicle on the bridge. There was absolutely nothing else around it or attached to it so it makes no sense as to how it could just be hovering thousands of feet in the air. Far too large to be a drone. At the specific time of this reported sighting there was an ongoing spike in the field reading of 5.62 milligaus that began 3 mins prior with an ambient of 0.38, ramping up to 3.38, then 5.62 for two minutes. There was no direct MSV with the onboard compass. At any rate there was a bigger spike 4 mins after the onset of the report that would be technically interesting if the UAP applied power upon departure at that time. No duration was given in the nuforc entry but investigation could have shed light on that aspect. What we DO have though is a photo that is reminiscent of the Trindade photo of 1958. Contact information was obtained from NUFORC, but witness, who requested he be contacted, has not been available for interview. Case held open. (NUFORC)

July 3, 2022; Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
9:30 EDT. Very bright lights on triangle craft, completely silent, steady speed coming in their direction, got close to use them, disappeared. Looked different than aircraft (planes or helicopters, which they see all the time. Had triangle shape, mostly noticeable because lights were on the 3 corners. When it got relatively close to them, the lights seem to pull together and it then disappeared right in front of them. Duration: 3-mins. (nuforc) No code blue. Data from 2022-07-04 converted to 2022-07-03 01:30:18.At time of sighting at Bloomsburg, MADAR site 177 at Allentown, 58 miles to the SE had a slight spike in the field reading from 3.75 two mins prior to 6.75 milligaus. There was MSV (multi-sensor verification with compass variation from 279.9 degrees to 276.43 degrees. The time given was 3-minutes which is close to the data, suggesting that sighting may have begun at 9:28 pm and object departed during the 3rd minute. The distance between the sighting location and the dataprobe is about 58 miles.

July 8, 2022; Powell, Tennessee
3:45 am CDT. Witness went outside to let the dog out and have a smoke. At first he heard a low humming sound which sounded similar to a jet aircraft at high altitude, very quiet, very muted. As he was looking up, his eyes scanned the skyline behind the house and he saw a large trianglular UFO moving about 50 mph just above the tree line. He estimated a maximum of 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile away. He reported that for reference it probably flew directly over his neighbor's house who lives on the hill behind him. The object came into view from the left and moved slowly to the right until it disappeared behind the hill and he lost sight of it. The object was a near perfect triangle, with three white lights on each point fully illuminated, no blinking, flashing or any sort of colored traditional navigation lights. It was solid black and almost blended perfectly into the night sky. It also had a circular light in the front center that was larger than the other three lights. It looked almost like a sphere or illuminated hole in the middle. The lights on the tips weren’t pointed like you would expect from aircraft but were what he would describe as general area illumination, much smaller than the circular large light in the center. It was so close and so low that any traditional aircraft, helicopter, B2, etc , he said, would have nearly blown the roof off the surrounding houses. It wasn’t silent but was quiet like a mild hum, not a buzz like you see with drones. Also the size was incompatible to any drone he'd ever seen. It was larger in size than a jet liner flying at that altitude. He had spent 8 years on multiple Air Force bases with and had seen B2s, F117s, and all manner of fighter and bomber aircraft and he has never seen something even close to that. He said he was a little spooked. (MUFON) [July 2022, NMR]  The MADAR spreadsheet for the incident comes from the MADAR site 35, which is Maryville, 20 miles NW of the sighting location. It shows a system recal a minute before the reported incident, which means the data should be very accurate. The field had been 2.25 milligaus right before and had jumped to 9.75 during the first minute. No telling what the readings were during those 60-seconds, since the dataprobe had not gone into alert mode at once line per second. That would have required the node to have had a 30 milligaus or higher reading, and it never got higher than 9.75. However, the onboard compass had been at 201.7 and it had varied to 203.74 degrees, and within (2) mins had increased to 204.56 which is considered significant.

July 9, 2022; Spencerville, Indiana
At 4:30 pm EDT the primary witness and his wife were in a boat on their lake. Their 9 year old son had fallen from his ski close to the shore, and as they were picking up the ski they had to stop the boat. The witness looked up in the clear blue sky to the right over the tree line and saw a white round object traveling from right to left (E-W) at a high rate of speed. The object was traveling faster than anything he had ever seen and couldn't have been visible over a minute or two. It travelled the entire length of the sky and then disappeared. They had seen airplanes in the sky prior to and just after this incident, but nothing was travelling anywhere near the speed this was. He had pointed to the object in the air and his son said that he saw the same thing. As his wife looked up she HAD  also saw the object as well. The object probably had been at about 10,000'  and about a mile out. 1-2 mins.
The primary witness just happened to be the owner and operator of MADAR site 81 at Spencerville. The MADAR-III dataprobe had not gone into alert mode because the shield or threshold was set at 34 milligaus, 4 points higher than the default setting, and about 9 milligaus higher than the erecommended setting. But looking at the data from the spreadsheet for site 81, one minute prior to the sighting (watch can be 1 min off) the magetometer recorded a notable spike in the  geomagnetic field reading of 15.38 milligaus. The object was too slow and trajectory too horizontal and flat to be a daylight meteor. Object was too fast to be an aircraft, and no sound was heard. There were no noticeable features such as wings, vertical stabilizers, etc. The FMO (fast-moving object) was visible for 1-2 minutes according to the primary witness. Since the dataprobe never went into alert mode the data is in 60-second datalines and the spike occurred during the 14th minute, suggesting the sighting was less than two minutes. Therefore the object's high performance status might have been the cause. The spike was at 19:14:19; estimated sighting time was 19:15. However, there was no MSV (multi-sensor verifiation) with the onboard compass, but the object was moving so fast it may have not been able to distort the compass field long enough to affect it. This was either an uncanny coincidence or a documented UAP/MADAR correlation. Another way of looking at the data on the spreadsheet, during the 18 minutes shown, the highest reading was 15.38 and dead center at the time of the daylight visual sighting by no less than three witnesses.

July 10, 2022; Alexandria, Indiana
12:57 pm EDT. It was a very clear day. Witness was working in the garden, looked up and noticed a bright, shiny "paramecium shape object" streaking across the sky from N to S across the airspace west of town. No wings, a cylinder streaking across the clear sky.   Witness tried to explain it as a bird but it was higher than a bird in flight. It appeared to have no wings but may have had some thin structures like pipes, at front and back of the flat cylinder like shape. Witness considered a possible airplane at high altitude but it was travelling about 10 times faster than a high-flying aircraft. Witness then took several steps out from the shade of a tree and the object came to an immediate and complete stop for about 1 second. From an extremely high rate of speed south to a complete stop. It then changed direction 120 degrees back and up. Within about 3 seconds it was out of sight completely. It appeared to go nearly straight upward, away from the earth. The movements of this object were not normal and definitely would fit a UFO report. It reminded the witness of the incident with the jet and the tic tac in the Pacific. 20-secs (NUFORC). No code blue. However, at the exact time of the sighting at Alexandria, node 22 at Swayzee, 19 miles NW of the sighting location, had a slight increase in readings in the geomagnetic field, but actually had a higher reading 2 minutes prior (8.25). But during the minute prior the reading was 1.5 milligaus, then doubled to 3 at 156:57:19 UTC. During the next 3 minutes the reading was 3.75, then dropped to 0.75. MSV was met when the onboard compass varied from 146.1 to 149.04.

July 10, 2022; Queen Creek, Arizona.
8:38 pm. MST.  The witness was driving southbound on Hawes Road and observed what appeared to be an oblate spheroid shaped object. As he crossed the Chandler Heights Rd intersection, the street lamps were non-existent. This dark road and sky made the sighting jump to his attention in the upper right of his windshield. It was moving very fast. The color was a vibrant emerald green color with an aura of yellow around it. He thought it might be fireworks, but then it arched downward for a brief moment (as if dropping altitude) then leveled out and accelerated very rapidly in a straight horizontal line from east to west across the valley floor. He estimated it was downrange from his car as close as 3-miles away at an altitude of 500 feet which is well below the height of the San Tan Mountains (3,104 FT). It was accelerating much faster than any light aircraft or helicopter that is common to see in this area. The weather was windy with lots down drafting wind currents from a lines of thunderstorms in the area. It was dusty and gusting to 40 knots which obscured the moonlight, so this was really bad weather for a private pilot to fly in with a light aircraft from nearby Pegasus-Queen Creek Airpark. He was driving at the time with his phone plugged into his armrest on Apple Car Play, so he didn't have enough time to grab his phone for snaps. 10-seconds. (NUFORC).
The field data is not compelling but zeros out at the specific moment given by the witness. The accelerometer reading has a very slight peak at that time. Neither is that interesting as compared to other "data" cases. But two minutes prior to the event the onboard compass showed a variation of more than 3 degrees. Mesa site 207 is only 16 miles NW of the sighting area. The sighting was documented as filed on July 10th at 12:50:16 AM. The duration was a brief 10-seconds. If the witness was correct, the object had dropped down and leveled out then accelerated very rapidly in a straight and narrow line east to west. The compass variation was from 344.53 degrees to 349.76. However, the compass variation alone gets this incident at least into the compass-case category of over 150 incidents. Due to the brevity of the incident the value of this case is somewhat limited.

July 22, 2022; McKinney, Texas
10:50 pm CDT. Witnesses were traveling home from Allen, Texas, and were traveling west on Glen Oaks Drive when they (witness and her daughters) saw a gray cigar shaped object traveling north. It was at a 45 degree angle from them in the sky. It appeared solid, and there was a distinct color difference between it and the sky behind it. There were approximately 10 lights in a row which appeared to be possible ports as they were emitting light as bulbs do. Witness spotted it easily and watched it for a few seconds before she called out to her daughters and asked if they saw it too as she pointed at it. Her 17 year-old said, “yes! What is that?!” And her 8 yo said, “I’m scared. What is it?” They were traveling west when it crossed over the roadway heading north which caused her (the driver), to turn north onto Ridge Road. They all watched it as her 17 year-old fumbled with her phone trying to turn on the camera and they raced north looking for a place to turn into to exit the vehicle. They turned into Dowell Middle School and parked the car abruptly and jumped out and ran to the field to get a better view to find that it had vanished. They did not see it accelerate away or vanish. It was just gone. (MUFON CMS). Right at the estimated sighting time, the MADAR site at Wyle, TX had magnetometer spikes. The field (col. 4) was 3.75 milligaus, but right before that it had varied during the previous minutes from 3 to 2.25 to the 3.75 before falling to zero. What I really find interesting is the compass (col. 3) had varied almost 3 degrees, which usually provides our MSV protocol. These SCRAM incidents (Specific Column Readings And Measurements) are very interesting and are very similar to the 150-plus old compass cases in value. And the distance between the McKinney sighting location NW and the MADAR site 171 at Wylie, Texas is only 15 miles. The MUFON Project MATCH Coordinator reported that the case was closed as unknown by the FI, CMS number was 123846.

August 11, 2022; Willimantic, Connecticut
2114 hours. This is a very sketchy preliminary report with what might be important data if an investigation were successful. According to the witness, two craft of some sort were observed flying side by side, triangular in shape, with lights on them.  The very brief report ended with the statement that these craft passed over Highschool Mountain Avenue directly overhead and were low flying with no noise. Witnesses opened the sunroof as the objects moved over Eastern Connecticut State University. Of particular interest here were three things: 1) A specific time was given. 2) According to the witness, "they then moved straight up quickly." An important maneuver, a vertical ascent!  3) A MADAR site close to the sighting area had registered an anomaly. [2 or more witnesses, 3 mins] (NUFORC).  At Newington, Connecticut, only 27 miles west of the sighting area, site 106 had a slight but noticeable increase in the magnetometer reading during the next minute, from 3 milligaus to 6.75 at 01:15:19 UTC.  Since time pieces (analog verses digital, etc.) can vary at least a minute, this point could be clarified. The dataprobe was set at a threshold of 22, which would have triggered had the field reading reached or exceeded 22 milligaus, but had not, which means the data-rate was one-line per minute rather than the one line per second alert rate. However, the onboard compass had varied from 3 minutes before from 100.57 degrees to 103.64 degrees. The sighting lasted three minutes, so the vertical ascent should have occurred at around 9:17 EDT. But the jump in the field reading was at 9:15. Case closed as Insufficient Data, CMS 127840. Witness had approved contact at the time of the sighting, but has not responded to recent attempts by FIs, probably the result of the 3-4 months it takes for us to get to a sighting. In any case the case was documented in the initial form "n" filing.

* August 17, 2022; Rising Fawn, Georgia
2:37 am. Witness reported an up-close encounter while driving home. It started as a random lightning strike (convincing him that it was about to storm) The lightning was one long streak, blue and pink in color so it had a beautiful purple tone. One second he's seeing the lightning miles away in front of him, and then suddenly he's seeing a triangle formation of lights within his peripheral vision. It was enough for him to hit the brakes of his car and turn his head completely around to observe what was happening. The craft was HOVERING right over the power line that runs down the side of the road. He got to see this in such detail from underneath ( it was triangular in shape but also resembled a half diamond shape) 4 lights underneath in total.  Three lights at each pointed section and one light in the middle. The craft was dark grey in color, fairly large in size, and was close enough for him to see the lines and details that it had. He knew instantly that it wasn’t a plane because it was completely still as it hovered and it was oddly shaped. It wasn’t a helicopter because it wasn’t shaped like one at all and it was completely silent. His ability to form logic or an explanation had failed and then aIl he knew that this was a UFO and he had the response to get as far away as possible from it. Less than one minute. (nuforc) The index/preliminary report has two sighting times listed, 2:38 am EDT by NUFORC and 2:37 am in the report as stated by the witness. Not sure where the error came in and by whom. Either way the field reading from the magnetometer is not very impressive. There were more interesting readings 6-7 minutes before all this. But this COULD indicate the UAP was performing at a higher lever as it approached Rising Fawn. And the onboard compass had a MSV (multi-sensor verification of at least 3 degrees) in its readings 1-2 minutes prior to the appearance at Rising Fawn. The compass heading gyrated from 83.37 to 79.82 to 78.07 degrees. This also suggests those readings preceded the rendevous with that city. If these two theories are correct, the MADAR site is located at Ball Ground, GA, 72 miles SW of the sighting area, and this would/could indicate the craft was moving northeast and passed over BG first.
August 28, 2022; Louisville, Kentucky
04:15 am EDT. The witness observed the object (see drawing) for less than 20 seconds hovering above his home and then traveling northeast very slowly approximately 300 ft up. Object had a slight humming and sucking sound associated with it. Object was round on the bottom and he was nearly directly below it. Object's lights were yellowish/orangish/redish with four very dim white lights all emitting light from underneath object. The four white lights were hexagon shaped and the center of object was a large hexagon shape with the orange/yellow/redish color emitting light from there, all lights were steady, no blinking.The large center hexagon shape had bright yellow colored railing similar to what's found on a bow of a boat, appeared to be an area to walk out onto and observe below? The entire object and lights appeared to be under shallow water changing the shape very slightly yet still very visible. Witness had been totally freaked out ever since his sighting and was totally frozen as the object passed over him and his home. Never a true believer in aliens or UFOs prior to this sighting and always scientifically minded. he knows what he observed and considered all possible explanations, both his mental clarity and other obvious explanations. Nothing man-made that he is aware of could do what he observed. Emitting nearly zero sound, zero heat, and essentially hovering and traveling slowly in a straight line without wings. He has asked a few neighbors if possibly they observed as well but to no avail. And he was very emphatic that this was not a drone! There are other tidbits he has left out from his experience if needed, but that's pretty much what he observed. If he had to put a guess on size he would say 60 to 80 feet, round shape, with many hexagons underneath the object. (MUFON CMS 124872) At the time of the sighting at Louisville, Kentucky, 4:15 am EDT (08-28-2022 08:15 UTC) , the MADAR site (also in Louisville), node 206, showed a significant spike in the magnetometer field reading. This actually occurred at 8:14:18 UTC, possibly due to an allowable one minute error in time pieces. The magnetometer reading changed from 4.5 to 10.5 milligaus. A smaller spike of 8.25 milligaus preceded this three minutes before the sighting. Also, a significant variation in the onboard compass heading, 246.61 to 243.38 (over 3 degrees MSV prtotocol) occurred during the 1-2 minute period. This case was investigated by MUFON and declared an unknown. The drawing that was provided is one of the best, most detailed, we have ever seen. The MADAR data suggests that the magnetometer spike was associated with some event during that 60-second period on Node 206's spreadsheet and the spike was the highest reading ion the entire page. As much as we detested the sometimes pesky and untimely "recalibration" during some UAP events, this time the recal was early enough (at least 6 minutes) so as not to  skew the numbers, so the values are considered reliable. (Recal has since been removed from the printouts).  The exact distance between the sighting event and the MADAR site was not calculated, but would have been of more interest had the UAP gone into some dynamic maneuver and the MADAR site had gone into full alert. The threshold setting on most of our nodes is set at a 30 milligaus to avoid false alarms.

August 29, 2022; Auburn, Washington
11:06 pm PDT. Witness was outside and reportedly saw a black cigar-shaped UFO with 2 white lights, one on each end.  She and her husband were sitting outside in their back yard looking at stars. She looked up from her cell-phone and noticed over the tops of their trees a brighter star, but it was moving with another star, or light and staying at an equal distance apart and moving in unison across their back yard. She yelled, so her my husband looked up and saw it as well, and he took a video with his phone, (it was too dark). Here are the points of what she saw. It was a black cigar shape, approximatgely 300ft long. It had one bright white light on the back end and a smaller white light at the front.The huge body of the craft blocked out the stars as it moved & also blended into the night sky, so that details on the craft were not visible. It moved slowly over their trees and up into the middle of the sky until it disappeared into the heavens.There is a bog on their 10 acres and she has seen lights there, and once a huge beam of light over or in it before, and has lived there for 24 years.  (approximately 8 mins duration) [nuforc]  No code blues with MADARs but there was some data from one of the two nearby nodes that might be of interest. But site 50 at Lacey, about 34 miles southwest of the sighting location had an untimely issue occur. Our periodic system recalibration executed a recal right during the sighting minute at 06:06:15 UTC!  This changed the "ambient" numbers of the magnetometer and the onboard compass so that the variations are of no use in this particular event. Thanks to the Edmonds site 61, 36 miles SW of the sighting location, we were able to get some dependable readings.  There was a slight increase in the magnetometer reading during that minute of suggested but specific time of 11:06 pm (06:06:19 UTC), of 6.75 milligaus. This is a "snapshot" taken during that 60-second period and the numbers could have been higher at some point. The sighting lasted approximately 8 minutes and there was no evidence of any dynamic power utilized by the UAP on departure. Unfortunately there was no MSV from the onboard compass which never varied 3-degrees or more during the 8 mins.

September 14, 2022; Corydon, Indiana
07:08 am EDT. Driving late at night down a two lane country road. As they rounded a 90-degree turn the objects were their waiting and they were very still until witnesses were right beside them. And at that moment they broke off and started hovering over top of the car. As they were doing this one of them was "like going in crazy directions moving in ways nothing of this earth can do" and they were completely silent. They would not leave them alone and stayed less than 25 ft possibly above their vehicle and just kept following and staying above them except the one which was flipping, floating, and moving "crazy like". They followed the witnesses we drove very slowly, and at one point the witnessees stopped the car and the objects also stopped and hovered over them in silence. They did this for about 45 minutes until witnesses made it to the Ohio river and at that point the objects flew off "so fast they just disappeared". (NUFORC)
The MADAR site 29, just so happens to be at Corydon. The field reading shows a slight variation from 5.62 milligaus to 9.38 (col. 4) one minute after the specific start time of 7:08 am or 11:08:19 UTC. Three minutes prior to the start time the onboard compass (col. 3) showed a variation of at least three degrees, from 193.91 to 197.01. Ten minutes prior to all this the MADAR dataprobe had gone through a routine periodic recalibration, so the the data is concidered accurate.

These are only the reports of potential correlations THIS YEAR, and some not listed are still under investigation. Currently we are working the month of September!!!!

Terms and acronyms used in this report:
nuforc = National UFO Reporting Center at Seattle, Washington
CCO = Case Certification Officer. Used when MUFON is not available.
MADAR dataprobe = official term for MADAR unit.
Operation Foal Eagle