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E-M Effects, Compass Deviations

20170215, updated 20220325

MADAR I & II used a magnet variometer to detect UFOs. The MADAR-III DataProbe uses a magnetometer to do this, but also collects data on compass deviations and changes in accelerometer measurements. The original MADAR-I & II were a one-site operation at Mt. Vernon, Indiana. MADAR-III is a collection of a hundred and forty-plus DataProbes located in the United States and about a dozen sites in foreign countries.

In June of 1960 NICAP originally listed 81 primary E-M cases.
NICAP published "The UFO Evidence" in 1964 and listed 25 additional incidents.

Researcher Eric Herr concentrated his efforts toward compass needle incidents. Working together we located over a hundred and fifty incidents. Using that list we were able to locate the reports, many in much more detail.

In 1981 Mark Rodeghier (CUFOS) published UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference and  listed 441 incidents.
UFO_Reports_Involving_Vehicle Interference(1981_Rodeghier).pdf

Dr. Richard Haines catalogued 185 E-M cases involving aircraft, alone. In this 1992 paper he listed 56.
Fifty Six Aircraft Pilot Sightings Involving E-M Effects

The NICAP team has researched the following E-M cases on the NICAP site.
E-M Cases on the NICAP site

The recordings from the MADAR-III DataProbe are in the form of data sent to one of the MADAR Servers at a rate of one line of data per minute. When triggered by a specific change in the field the device goes into alert mode at a rate 60 times faster until the alert is over.

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