TL-SF100 Ethernet Splitter
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20200829, updated 8 March 2022

You're always going to need an extra Ethernet port. If you have ever had to unplug something to get a port, even temporarily, you know what i am talking about. And with many people working from home the router just doesn't have enough ports. Here is a simple, effective, safe and inexpensive way to solve the problem.

The splitter uses a walwart and sits on your desk or a shelf. A short Ethernet line connects it to one of the jacks on your router. You now have four more Ethernet jacks in your system! And they are powered.

And for those who are concerned about any of this, including your MADAR, slowing down your computer while you are working at home, don't worry. This will not affect anything. Your MADAR sends data every minute and has no ill-effects on your bandwidth or internet capabilities. If you have any issues at all they are the result of so many people working at home.  

We all might as well begin to adjust to the new world with many working at home. For many it will be a great experience and companies are already seeing great results with less stress and anxiety.

Stay safe and healthy.

Fran Ridge
MADAR Director
(812) 490-0094