Detection Alert System

Original DAS ("r" version)                             MADAR (green) relay

The new DAS II-u

20190329, updated 20220508

The new DAS II-u is the latest Detection Alert System (hear how it sounds here) unit for MADAR and sells on Amazon for under $20. There are differences in some USB speakers and this one was proven to work with our software. All you have to do is plug the USB cable into any of the USB ports on the MADAR device. This device raises the MADAR system to Level II and was especially designed for rapid deployment teams. About 30% of the nodes are DAS-equipped.

he biggest improvement with the new model is it is USB-powered and doesn't need a power adaptor. And an added bonus is that the green relay on top of the MADAR unit is freed up for other equipment.

Operators automatically get an alert email and an alert SMS (short message service) text message on their cell phones, but with the DAS, operators will be shaken out of bed and have them running for a camera, pair of binoculars, or their night vision goggles (hopefully equipped with a recorder).  If the Op or his team has FlightRadar24 and/or a set of Reolink skycams, using the free OBS system he can hit the record button before going outside.

In some cases the DAS could be located at a distance from where an Op might be sleeping or working and may be hard to hear. So, some Ops have purchased an intercom on Amazon that can be used similar to a baby monitor and works up to over a mile!!!!! You can get a set for under $50 and the receiver can be placed anywhere you want it. It could even be placed in another building if needed!

It is our goal to get the bulk of MADARs today fitted with DAS units and for Ops and their teams to get more involved in UFO detection.

Anyone interested in direct participation in the MADAR Project or Project MATCH, or wishes to donate to the effort, is certainly welcome.

Fran Ridge
MADAR Operations Director