20190329, updated 20210121

Many of the questions that would normally come up about MADAR can be answered by definition in the paper, "Terminology & Acronyms." But in this short page we'll deal with a few that need a bit more  explanation.

What is your participation level?
All of us being volunteers each has a choice of what level we wish to take part. Weather can have some affect in this. Age and health are also factors. With over a hundred dataProbes in the field, MADAR will do its job regardless.

Level One
Most Ops purchase a MADAR, install it and maintain it. When this device is triggered, the MADAR Server stores the data while NUFORC and MUFON CMS collects their sighting data.

Level Two
Some of our Ops have an alarm panel called a "DAS" connected to the relay switch which sounds an alarm so that the Op and his team can grab their particular hand-held equipent and go outside to observe. Our cost to buy parts, build and ship these DAS units is $24 and well-worth it. The "arm" switch eliminates the 3-minutes of chaos and is manually reset after the alert. Some Ops have installed skycams and some have Flight Radar 24. The skycams also have microphones to record any outside noises. Both SC and FR24 are recordable.

How does MADAR work?
With over 60 years of evidence of UFO detection by compass deviation on-record (150 + documented cases) the MADAR Project developed a system with an affordable, yet extremely sensitive, magnetometer. MADAR also encorporates an onboard compass.

What is the range of a MADAR device?
The DataProbe's role in UFO detection is as a "receiver", and the UFO's size and operational mode is most probably the key to distance or range. It is suspected that a small "probe" would have a much different EM signature than the more common 30' "craft" or a 500' "mother ship". It is also a good possibilty that the applied power during maximum dynamic maneuvers or even a directed beam during a "stalking phase" (abduction) could be a major factor. All Ops need to read the special paper
UAP & the KU-Band on Operation Foal Eagle's discovery in 2003 that may be the key to many or even most UFO operations.

What is a CME"
Geomagnetic storms and Coronal Mass Ejections can affect compasses and probably MADAR as well. We have one documented CME that occurred in 2015. These types of events have a duration that sets them apart from our type of anomaly under study. CME can be predicted, documented, and eliminated from our concerns.

Can earthquakes trigger MADAR?
Anything that moves the dataProbe in relation to the normal positioning, causes a slight change in the compass heading, even the field reading. Bumping the device or an attempt to move it without a power-down can result in an alert.

What is a "10:25" or "11:25" alarm?
Honestly, we don't know. But it happens often enough (every week in fact) so that it is inconceivable that it is related to UFO activity. Right now it is the "11:25". In the spring to early fall it is the "10:25", which makes it even more interesting since these alarms are recorded in CUT! Apollo 11 had "5:01 and 5:02" alarms. These were computer overloads, caused by someone accidentally hitting the radar switch right before the landing which caused the computers to reboot.

What is a code blue alert?
All MADAR events begin with a code blue which lasts 4-9 seconds in most cases. This is when the blue LED comes on indicating the relay on top of the device is closed. At this point the data-acquisition of one line per minute ramps to once per second. When that phase of the alert is over the blue LED goes out and the data rate continues for an additional 180 seconds. After that the data-rate reverts back to the normal once per minute. BUT THE ALERT IS NOT OVER.

How long should we be on-alert?
In several documented cases in 2020 we had MADAR/visuals and the duration of the blue alert was as brief as any other anomaly, yet bonified UFO activity was obviously taking place for several minutes beyond the alert data. MADAR Ops participating in level two should watch the skies for 15-30 minutes after an alert. Teams should assign duties where 1-2 can observe with binoculars and/or night-vision cameras, and others can manually activate the FR24 and record data and /or watch the sykycams.

What is MAVERIC?
"MADAR Audio Video Environment Recording Integrated Console". In short, this inexpensive arduino-based unit will automatically activate the recorders on FR24 and skycam computers. As soon as a Windows version is available we'll announce it.
Why are there so few good cell phone images of real bonified UFOs?

Besides the obvious reasons, including the fact that events involving bonified UFOs are rare, most of the world's cellphone camera operators are concentrated in about 4% of the earth's surface area (keeping in mind that most of the area of the planet is essentially uninhabited ocean).  The main areas of cellphone camera operators are concentrated in China, India, Europe and the US.

Anyone interested in direct participation in the MADAR Project or Project MATCH is certainly welcome. Please contact me. Anyone wanting to support the cause with funds only can go to the site and donate any amount.

Fran Ridge
MADAR Director