20200527, updated 20200811
Updated 29 June 2022

During the first few years of the new MADAR-III Project I had every tech support person involved, to a man, ask me, "how do we know this thing will work?" They knew MADAR (I) had worked for 22 years, but it was a compass which used a vertical light beam. I reminded them, each time, that there were over 150 compass cases that Eric Herr and I had catalogued, and our new MADAR also had a compass, derived from the onboard TDK magnetometer. But none of us knew what a "UFO signature" would look like. Until April of 2020.

Node 104 is listed as Millerton, Pennsylvania, but it's actual location is Jobs Corners, about 3.5 miles as the crow flies to the  south.
The area is rural.

Map from Jobs Corners, Pennsylvania
                                16936 to Millerton, Pennsylvania 16936

The primary witness was Larry Brown, a retired U.S. Navy Electronics Technician (1965 to 1990) and MADAR Op of DataProbe Site 104. He and his 24 year-old grandson, Timothy Brown, were in the radio room where the MADAR-III DataProbe is located when it happened. It was April 23rd, 2020. The alarm sounded at 9:59 p.m., and the operator immediately went outside while the younger man stayed behind, attempting to reset the alarm.

All the dogs down the alley were barking and livestock from a nearby farm located one-quarter mile away were very disturbed and restless. The op immediately noticed to his left, and over a barn to the northwest, a light reddish-yellow object, generally spherical, but fuzzy, possibly due to clear but low mist condition. Temperature was 29-degrees F. The area was described as rural. The object flew between the witnesses and a 50 foot silo that was across from where they stood. The size of the object was estimated at about 20-30' in diameter and the altitude at about 50', range less than a quarter mile. There was no obvious sound from the object. Witnesses attempted to photograph the object, but due to lack of sufficient light or a camera malfunction was not able to do so. Both witnesses stated that they observed an orange glowing sphere that was accompanied by another of similar size and color. Object traveled slowly, less than 10 mph, in a straight line to the northwest and as both objects traveled farther from the witnesses, one object traveled in and out of the other’s flight path, which appeared to be very sequenced until distance traveled led to the inability to be observed any longer and approximately on a 330 degree heading and faded away into the mist. (Investigated by MUFON).  The total time from the first alert to the end of the visual sighting was estimated at 10 minutes.

The MADAR had been triggered at 2020-04-24 at 01:58:58 UTC which converted to local time is 21:59 EDT or 9:59 PM but on April 23rd. The spreadsheet shows a 6 second anomaly at the beginning of a 186 second period of one-second datalines, But the sighting itself took place over a ten minute period! The onboard compass had deviated almost 3 degrees, from 122.62 to 125.82. The magnetometer's field reading went from 10.5 to 20.25 milligaus and back to 3.0 in those 6 seconds, all of which occurred before the primary witness had gotten outside. If site 104's threshold shield had been set higher than 20 (which most MADARs are), no anomaly would have been detected. And if the site had not been DAS-equipped (alarm) the operators would have only read about it in a alert email, probably the next morning.  Several months later we learned about Operation Foal Eagle (South Korea, 2003) where teams had tracked UAPs coming into the atmosphere with a burst of energy, then idled without any notable readings.

104 alertStat 126.53 3 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:59:05
104 alert 125.85 20.25 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:59:04
104 alertEnd 125.63 3 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:59:04
104 alert 125.54 20.25 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:59:03
104 alert 125.82 20.25 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:59:02
104 alert 124.77 20.25 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:59:01
104 alertStart 125.58 20.25 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:58:58
104 status 122.62 10.5 834.79 20 28.3 2020-04-24 01:58:49
Data is Spreadsheet segment in reverse time order that preceded the additional 180 seconds.

Witnesses were about a quarter mile SE of the silo which is above-dead center in the image above.

Close-up of the silo

MUFON investigated the case on 11 May 2020. The sighting was listed as unexplained or unknown. CMS 108195

Three months later, in July, Robert Speerman, MUFON's International Director, sent me a report he couldn't investigate because it came from an anonymous source, an informant, who told us about a major event during Operation Foal Eagle in South Korea in 2003. One needs to read the report, 
Team Tracks Objects from the MUFON Journal which tells us that "when they ‘throttle up’ it spikes in power, way beyond megawatt territory. But it is apparently efficient as well because when they ‘idle’ it’s barely able to be registered on the (oscillo) scope." This could be the clue to many of our short-term anomalies and also what had happened at Millerton. Apparently, Foal Eagle "had ran across several fast movers and one hub". When UAP enter to atmosphere they are also spewing out a lot of EMF as they come in and throttle down. Observed at least once to zig zag down and stop, the signal strength dropped almost to the floor signal noise level. So far we hadn't observed the reverse, a vertical ascent with a burst of EMF although we had many Unknowns in the Project Blue Book files. But we had a case pending from 2019 that was an eye-brow raiser.

It happened on the night of September 28th at Fishers, Indiana. Node 84 had gone online earlier that month and was undergoing some adjustments with the aid of the MADAR Operations Center at Newburgh, Indiana. The MADAR Op at 84, acting in a professional and scientific manner, was being cautious and had been getting some suspicious MADAR "hits".  MOC had suggested a change in the shield or threshold setting in order to limit false alarms but yet allow the device to be the most sensitive to field changes. At the time of this incident the shield was set very low at 15 milligaus, about half of the now normal settings. The Op was out observing with his Night Vision Generation 3 Goggles and picked up a NV target. He was unable to see it with the naked eye but with his NVG he looked up at 315 degrees on compass and was able to view a bright white non flashing light heading NW, and then curving directly west. Then the object did something a normal aircraft couldn't do. At 10:22 pm it suddenly accelerated upwards!  He had observed a few meteors this evening but this was definitely not a meteor.  Being only a Level One (without a DAS or alarm box) the Op was alerted to anomalies via CPA or Cell Phone Alert, but this turned out to be very valuable. While watching this UAP he had gotten a few more alerts. He also observed some red flashing stationary lights but they appeared to be off to the NW in the far distance. 

The analysis of the data showed that an object only visible to night vision, observed during a series of MADAR alerts at the same location, went vertical at the approximate time of the the last anomaly which occurred at 10:22 pm. The field readings ranged from 2 milligaus to 18 milligaus. Hits 1,3,6 met Multi Sensor Verification protocols with 4 degrees on the first hit, 3 degrees on the second hit, and 4 degrees on the third hit. A CMS check later showed that less than three weeks prior and about 130 miles south of the MADAR site at Fishers, a similar sighting of a black object (which would have been invisible at night) was reported at Georgetown, Indiana had ascended directly upward. 

Once we were aware of what a UAP signature looked like, using MSV (Multi-Sensor Verification) we began to look at things differently. And many similar signatures without sightings became suspect. All the more reason to have an alarm system and get out and looking. But it gets even better.

September 6, 2021. MADAR node 21 at Indianapolis recorded an anomaly at 6:26 AM. Field reading 32.25 milligaus, 2.25 over threshold. 23 seconds later compass heading exceeded the multi-sensor verification (3 degree) range by going from 90.64 to 101.36 at 10:25:29. Yes, a "10:25 alarm" (UTC) which we have had a lot of and had culled them out every week, but without actually pulling them out of the main database. The Op put out an APB using facebook requesting anyone seeing anything unusual that morning and received a response from an observer who had spotted an unknown object at the exact same time or 6:25 am local time. It turns out the witness was a retired Marion County and State Capitol Police officer, and at the time of the sighting, an Uber driver. Report as follows. Beach Grove/Indianapolis, retired police officer, Jeff Hall, was sitting at the corner of Thompson Road and Emerson Avenue in the old Kmart parking lot. He was in his car facing West when he looked up and saw a black cigar-shaped craft with 7 round white lights on the trailing edge of the object, which was silent. He estimated the craft was 1800-2000 feet high, similar to low flying helicopters. From witness's vantage point inside his vehicle, he estimated the object to be around 1/2 mile (2640 feet) away. When looking at it with his arm outstretched, eye to thumbtip of around 25-30 inches, he noted it was 45 degree angle up and about the size of 3-4 of his thumbnails which is approximately 3-3-1/2 inches. This indicates a large craft estimated to be about 300 feet wide which would make the 7 lights on trailing edge about 15 feet across. Object moved from NE to SW and disappeared out of sight as he drove off to pick up a customer. He stated he had seen this exact same craft in August 2021 about 8-10 miles West of this location near his home. Witness had seen no other aircraft in area during the sighting. I ran a Flight Radar 24 loop for the period and there were no aircraft in the area!


If you seriously want a rapid response team to work::
* Work on getting your node thresholds between 20 & 25 milligaus.
* Have a working Detection Alarm System
* Get outside ASAP, and on the way out grab something you know how to operate.
* If you or someone on your team has a camera, don't trust a cell phone.
* Even if it is a "10:25 or 11:25 alarm", go out and look.

Anyone interested in direct participation in the MADAR Project or Project MATCH is certainly welcome. please contact me. We also encourage MUFON State Directors and Chief Investigators to look for good, head-turning cases for us to compare with our database. Last, but not least, we need MUFON state groups to investigate compelling cases filed with NUFORC, which was, and still is, part of Project MATCH, which was launched in the summer of 2018. 

Fran Ridge
MADAR Operations Center