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Operation Immediate
Daily MADAR Alert Intel Report

4 Feb 2023

Each state that has a MUFON organizational structure should have someone to deal with their MADAR members and, as much as possible, maintain a reasonable uninterrupted operation of the MADAR dataProbe sites and the flow of data to our MADAR server. This person is referred to as the "State MADAR Analyst".

This information series will describe the purpose and scope of this person and operational procedure and list the file folder and tools that are available, so that anybody in training will be aware of it. But there will necessarily be a directive that discusses this procedure as well so that we make sure everyone is aware of it and it is properly and quickly implemented.

Although we are going into year six with Project MATCH and an intel report has been in limited use by tech support and MADAR Operations for most of that period, there has been a need to get more help and control into the states that are equipped with MADAR sites. This report, the directive,and others, are going to be made available ASAP.

Each day MADAR Operations gets a number of CONFIDENTIAL intel reports. One of these is entitled "MADAR Daily Alert" and it lists all the nodes that had an alert the previous day. It lists the city and state, the field number next to the threshold, and the average ambient. The field reading is important because it shows just how much over the threshold the reading was. And of course, the average ambient tells how much local E-M there is on the site that is affecting the readings. The AA should be under 950 milligaus. Finally, the report gives the op's email address and the date/time of the event in UTC. The email address in this intelrep is the reason for the classification of CONFIDENTIAL State MADAR Analysts may only contact MADAR Ops in their states or those in adjacent states where approval is granted.

Beginning with the month of February, every DAY the state MADAR analysts will receive an electronic copy of the MDA. This is not a alert notification for the rapid response teams since the events are from the previous day. In that event the DAS-equipped sites will have been alerted and alert emails and SMS notifications will have already gone out. The MDA is therefore for the State MADAR Analysts to see

1)  what their state MADAR sites have been experiencing
2)  what is occurring in nearby states
3)  what nodes need attention (false alarms, etc.)

Any comments/and/or criticisms should be addressed to me at
Fran Ridge
MADAR Operations Director