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10 April 2022, updated 3 Feb 2023

Before I forget it, I must thank all of you, especially the Ops and our tech support, who have made the last five years so successful since we went operational in May of 2018. But during the last couple of years we, on the staff side of MADAR, have been thinking about the security of the operation and the future, since none of us are getting any younger. But because of issues we have had, especially with so many nodes having unchecked control of false alarms, it has been hard to work on some things which should have been priorities. Needless to say we are very vulnerable right now. The secret I think is the state control of each MADAR operation. Without my presence a state can use guidelines and actually take the helm in several important areas. And what a state does can be totally separate from what other states don't do. Here is what you CAN do.

Everyone has access to the MADAR 101 papers at
In this series I have addressed all of the important issues so that someone in each state needs to know these instructions or where certain directives are. I'm updating all of them and re-numbering them according to priorities and especially in the rotation for getting nodes operating most efficiently as quick as possible. Simply put, the states have the tools.

Each state needs a MADAR "ufo officer". We have recently re-named this person a "State MADAR Analyst". I have stressed this idea several times and some states have adopted this policy. The main priority here is to look for good sightings while they are fresh. Then look for MADAR hits near them. Let's face it, if the sighting isn't compelling, scientists looking at our data won't be impressed. Just having a UFO isn't enough, but at this point we are looking for convincing incidents that have a MADAR "signature". If you find a good sighting we will help you in a flash. The volunteer should have enough to do just doing that while they do their regular investigatory work.

We have a number of reports, updated and posted every week that are supposed to be used by Ops. We have just introduced several CONFIDENTIAL intel reports for the state MADAR analysts. But everybody who has a MADAR dataProbe should be looking at the ones listed below. These are posted each week and every Op is requested to go to our site folder to see if they are on any of these lists.
a) An NOL (Not OnLine) Report. It shows who is offline and when the node was last Online.

b) An NH60 Report. This report shows which node has had NO hits in 60 days. In this case it may just need us to lower the shield a little. But if continued lowering produces no results it may mean the MADAR unit is not functioning properly. It might be a bad unit or as simple as a bad power supply. Most of us have "walwarts" for various electronic components. You must not use the wrong power supply or the wrong power rating.

c) MADAR Weekly Alert Report. This report shows an entire week's "hit" or anomaly record and which nodes are having runaway unreported hits/false alarms in which the Op is not responding. Ops are required to file an alibi report if they inadvertantly trigger a MADAR device. This report lists BOTH real anomalies and MANY false alarms, and can list up to hundreds of alerts from the previous week. For some nodes, repeated issues, after raising a shield or threshold, can be indicative of a local E-M problem, either chronic or acute, which must be addressed. Moving the device a few inches or going wifi has solved many of these issues, and now we are more able to get hard-wired units on wifi.

tate data. We are trying to work around this.This single tool will be the most valuable one as we go into 2023 and year's ahead. Once thought to be mainly for a select few, this search tool can be an asset to state MADAR analysts, state directors, MADAR operators and others. The main purpose of the daily is an intel source for checking on all MADAR events to see what is possibly happening in their state or adjoining states.

These database tools will be very helpful and the first three are posted each week. The fourth one is automatically sent to the states by request.

Fran Ridge

MADAR Operations Center
(812) 490-0094

Information on MADAR and how to order the MADAR-III DataProbe can also be found at: