By Fran Ridge & Armando Landrian

Feb 21, 2021



That’s Armando Landrian on the right setting up the Skywatching equipment. All the equipment belongs to him and Mike Panacello.  They had a weather station, radiation meter, scanner, a puck, Flightradar24, night vision camera and handheld night vision, binoculars, emf meter and infrared strobe light.  They also used phone apps like Skyview to rule out space debris or stars or planets.  They also used the trail camera for the first time at this event and are always looking for new equipment or techniques to tryout. Eyeballs on the sky are always a plus

Armando Landrian:
It’s not always possible to drive a van into some areas like the location in West Hartford.  The equipment inside the van consists of amateur radio communication, CB/ Scanner and additional scanner.  The CB/ Scanner has a PA speaker permanently installed under the hood so twe can use it to listen to the scanner when outside the van at the Skywatching events (when possible). All of the antennas needed are permanently installed. Most of the smaller equipment and gadgets are in two wheeled carts... too many small items that can be lost in the dark (even with flash lights). The van also serves to transport all of the equipment that we own to the site.  These include tables, chairs, several batteries/inverters, tripods, computer monitors, video camera with night vision, night vision scope, weather station, handheld scanners, laptops etc. Mike brings additional equipment like radiation meter, laptops, scanner, frequency counter, night vision (2) the puck etc.

IMG_0690 / Set up 3 1

Mike's camera was set up on #2. Armando had #1 but they didn't set it up that night. Most of the time they have more equipment available than people to operate them.

IMG_0691.PNG  / Setup #2