DIRECTIVE 360-01                                                                

Submitting Reports

Dated 20220606

It is very important that ops file a preliminary report if they had experienced a UFO sighting, that may or may not be related to their (or a nearby MADAR) anomaly report. It is human nature for us to forget or confuse such things as dates and times if not written down ASAP. 
Level Two Ops are those with a MADAR that has an alarm box or, DAS. DAS-equipped sites have the ability for the Op or his/her team to go out and look! In the process they can grab an additional piece of equipment, the best they have, and go. Someone may see a UFO in their area, but without a report a MADAR anomaly is initially a "uncorrelated target".

But if you have a visual sighting, here is what you need to do:

a) Immediately fill out an  FI-4 or Message Slip
This form has to be printed out and filled in. Have a clipboard with a number of these little forms in your office or where you spend most of your time. Getting this basic data down while it is fresh is crucial. Let us know about it when you get an opportunity.

b) As soon as possible go to the MUFON site and fill out an Online MUFON Reporting Form.
This will begin the process of documentation and a full investigation. If you have any problems getting this done, contact your MUFON rep or call us as soon as possible.

Later on when the dust settles (give these sources time to get the data online) go to the MUFON CMS or NUFORC to see if anyone filed a report near you. If you wish, just drop us an email and we will do this for you. MUFON States should select individuals to be their:

a) UFO Officer - UFO Officers look for potential sightings of interest in their states. There may be field data or compass changes EVEN IF THE DEVICE WAS NOT TRIGGERED! These sightings should be the type that would be of interest to serious researchers.

b) MADAR Officer - A MADAR Officer is responsible for operations and maintenance of all its state MADAR nodes.

For incidents that might affect local MADARs without actually triggering them, see 360-02 - Sightings Discovered By Ops or Others is also available.

Fran Ridge
MADAR Director