DIRECTIVE 360-02                                                                

Submitting Compelling Cases

Dated 20220606

A series of directives were found to be needed among the routine MADAR 101 Information Series which were deemed necessary to stress the importance of documentation of potential correlations.
1)  360-01 - Sightings BY MADAR Ops
2)  360-02 - Sightings DISCOVERED By Ops or Others.

To be specific, in 360-01 we addressed why and how to submit a report where THE OP WAS THE WITNESS. But 360-02 underscores the reasons for reporting a DISCOVERED compelling UAP incident.

Finding a sighting correlation with MADAR is of no consequence if the object is not technically interesting or exhibits no anomalistic motion. And finding a "head-turning" case and reporting it does not guarantee that there is a MADAR site even close enough to matter, or that the MADAR site would indicate a direct relationship, meaning there was an anomaly detected and the system went into full alert. Or that a secondary correlation would be found indicating a significant field reading, and/or compass heading change at the exact time of a visually-witnessed incident. In that case time is even more of the essence. There would have to be an exact documented time given rather than a rough estimated time. To be clear, what we are talking about here is where we have an important sighting event take place and MADAR does not go into alert mode at one dataline per second. Instead, we have a compelling UAP event that is discovered (has been investigated or has not yet been investigated) that was being observed at a specific time and is checked against MADAR records and the MADAR data shows a spike in field readings, compass heading change and/or accelerometer readings.
Put as simple as possible, a PSOI (Potential Sighting Of Interest) is an impressive event that you or someone else feels should or would subsequently meet scientific standards for investigation, that has an exact time given. It is very important that we are made aware of these rare events. Then if it is established that a MADAR connection, either directly or indirectly was found, our primary goal would be served. This special directive was prepared as a result of recent disclosures that involve these parameters.

Since we are the ones who have to check the data, the reports need to be forwarded to us ASAP, or to MUFON, then to us:
* MADAR Operations Center, email: or
* MADAR UAP Officer, Jeremy Haslam, or

Credit will be given to the sources. There is a sense of urgency since it is very important we establish witness contact information, then be able to get details while they are fresh. The best situation would be for an incident that has already been investigated and rated by MUFON.

It is of prime importance that any and all potential sightings of interest be DOCUMENTED by a full investigation by MUFON.  If for some reason other than lack of contact information the case was not or cannot be investigated by MUFON it is of utmost importance that another agency be utilized. We have been advised that such an agency is available. Any potential correlation that is not documented will suffer from a lower evaluation number.

360-01 deals with reports BY Ops and should be read as well.

Fran Ridge
MADAR Director