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Checking Out A Good Report


In the process of trying to to find correlations between MADAR anomalies and potential sightings of interest, sometimes we find good sightings first. Normally we look for sightings that might correlate with our dates, but working backward on a PSOI we check to see if MADAR might have picked it up. Rob Swiatek contacted me on June 30th and ran a couple of interesting Illinois sightings by us. The first one was really good but there were no MADAR sites even close, so we added the sighting to our growing list of good cases for 2021. The second one was an oddity that Rob asked me about, to see if I had ever run across one like it. I hadn't.

The sighting occurred on March 5, 2021 at Algonquin, Illinois. It was around 1:00 pm. The witness lives on the Fox River on North River Rd. At about 1:00 pm, he turned right, out of his driveway, to drive to the Jewel Food store on east Algonquin Road. As soon as he turned he immediately noticed a bright object with sunlight reflecting off it above the road. He immediately realized it must be a UFO because he had never seen anything like it before. The object was heading from left to right, and as he drove he was trying to keep his eye on it and attempted to grab his phone to take a photo. There are tall trees along the right side of River Rd and he was able to view the object because there are no leaves on the trees at this time. He sped up to get to a spot 300 ft north of his driveway where there is an open area and the road goes up a hill to 4/5 houses to the right. He was planning to stop and take a photo and all this time he was viewing the object thru his windshield. Once he reached the open area the object was passing over the hill. He sped up to go to Haegers Bend Rd about a third of a mile north on River Rd. He turned right and sped down Haegers Bend Rd but lost sight of it. The object consisted of two cylindrical objects linked together, each looked to be about 40 to 50 ft long and 12' high, hooked together by a mechanical link and followed each other in a straight line. They were very bright because the sun was reflecting off them against a clear blue sky, very visible and clear to view. It was the first time he had witnessed what he suspected to be a UFO in bright daylight conditions. They came from a westerly direction and should have been noticed by others because they were relatively low, about the height a hellicopter would fly, 800 to 1000 ft AGL. He had hellicopter flight time, but was not a licenced pilot. It was a great experience that only lasted about 15 to 20 seconds.(MUFON CMS  114010)

As a routine i filled out an FI-4 with the basic information. The first thing I wanted to do was to see how close the sighting was to any of our nodes in Illinois. i looked up the latitude and longitude and punched the numbers into our MADAR map for a test node to run a tracer. The light blue "502" tracer dot popped up surprisingly close to our two nodes, 98 at Northbrook, and 148 also to the right at Northbrook. A Google search showed 98 was only about 25 miles east of Algonquin!

I converted the sighting time to Universal Time Code and entered the date into our online MADAR Alert Search for anomalies detected and was disappointed that there were none. Unlike our anomalies database of processed hits, the MAS displays ALL "hits", including false alarms and many that were pulled for one reason or another. So checking this list makes sure a correlation doesn't slip thru the cracks. The MAS DID show an alert 3 days later at Northbrook node 98 at 17:30 UTC which converts to 12:30 pm CDT! Surprisingly close in time frame to the Algonquin sighting and only 25 miles away!

Next, I ran a MADAR spreadsheet data check for the day of the sighting, March 5th, looking at data for the 1:00 pm time frame, in hopes of finding some perturbations "under trigger" since apparently there were none high enough over 98's threshold to put the node into alert mode. It is always better to have precise sighting times, but in the Algonquin case it was listed as 1:00 pm, so i picked data 5 mins prior and 5 mins subsequent to 1:00 pm. And since the MADAR never went into to ramped up alert status of once line per second, all we have is one line per minute. There was an interesting increase in the field reading of the magnetometer of 9.75 during the 6:03 UTC or 1:03 pm minute line.  Two minutes prior to this the compass heading was 115.38 degrees but changed to 120.17 at the time of the higher field reading. Three degrees is considered significant but this was almost 5 degrees.

This is very interesting stuff, but not conclusive enough for our satisfaction. It is extremely interesting to find good daylight sightings and anomalies at similar times and within reasonable distances of our MADARs. It strongly suggests UFO activity in an area where we are armed and ready for much more in the days ahead.

Fran Ridge
MADAR Operations Director
(812) 490-0094