Dated: 30 June 2020

After two years with a high influx of false alerts and uncorrelated targets, but along with several correlated potential sightings of interest with multi sensor verification, it was decided that new parameters should be set up to eliminate a lot of the "noise". Not only should this MSV decrease the number of "hits", but it should also eliminate the enigmatic "10:25 alarms" reported time and time again, and hopefully decrease the number of submittals filed with the National UFO Reporting Center each week, without "dumping" any data. Any future queries to the server can always be attempted from scratch. The current key-entry of over 1200 credited "hits" can actually be set aside, and using MSV, can actually be recalculated.

This MSV concept is about to be tested. It may turn out to be disappointing, or an unmitigated success. It relies on data we already were aware of: the compass cases. Over a hundred and fifty such cases already on-record and the stimulus for the original MADAR (1970-1992) and MADAR-II (2014-2016). MADAR-III (2017) the current data includes compass heading changes, but the detection function depends on the use of a very sensitive fluxgate magnetometer, much more sensitive than a compass and undoubtedly more scientific in nature.  The inherent problem is that a magnetometer picks up a lot more EME in the process. The answer is then, to eliminate the "noise" and to zero in on the "signal".

The suggestion of an answer came in the form of three events since we became operational in May of 2018. Two of those events occurred in the first two months. A third one occurred more recently in April of 2020. In all three cases there were solid MADAR hits and good sightings. The latest anomaly was a MADAR/visual, a direct cause and effect relationship between a MADAR anomaly, the sighting of a 20' yellowish-red sphere close enough to pass between a 50' silo and the witnesses less than a quarter mile away, and animal reactions with local dogs. It was this event that prompted looking at the other two incidents to see if there was a correlation with significant compass heading change. Previously a search was conducted on compass heading change to see what would be considered significant in today's world, and it was discovered that such things as a coronal mass ejection would be a source exceeding the normal and that figure was 3-degrees (plus or minus).  With the Millerton, Pennsylvania (Jobs Corners) case of April 23, 2020 we had a 3 degree swing. With the earlier correlations we had similar compass heading changes.

In mid June I presented my idea to Eric Calkins and he began work with Eric Bendle on a way of testing the concept without any necessity to change existing software. The printout will eliminate any hit that has less than a 3 degree compass heading change. The experiment would be considered a success even if the number of reported hits were not considerably less than previous, since it would  support the theory that there is a direct relationship between the field readings and compass headings, no matter the source. If however, the field readings can be high and there were times when the compass headings would not vary, this would indicate a source of EM without a magnetic component, therefore a local cause unrelated to the UFO phenomena.

Since jarring a device can cause false alerts, an onboard accelerometer could confirm this, so we are also looking for a way to use such a provision as soon as possible. Studies to check on possible E-M affects on an accelerometer could also suggest or confirm a UAP source as the cause, assumimg different types of readings for UAP and earthquakes or accidental bumping. In any event, an anomaly with a CHC (compass heading change), and NO indication by the accelerometer would be a multi-sensor verification. Without evidence to prove or suggest otherwise, the lack of data change on an accelerometer would indicate a valid anomaly.

\Fran Ridge

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