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Sept 2020, update 4 Feb 2021

If you have found a significant UAP incident, immediately get the date and convert it to UTC format (2020-09-03)

Conversion Chart for local and UTC

Then use the 2-letter state abbreviation and enter those two items into the correct form below.  For example 12-01-2018 to present is for current data. Make sure you hit "search". If nodes show up in the printout, that means that MADAR sites in that state had anomalies. Be advised that the dates and times that do come up are UTC, not local. The best way to search is to look for the alleged date, then the date prior and then the date after. UFO history is literally full of sightings occurring over consecutive days.

If you file a sighting report as a potential or actual correlation you should also submit copies of any MADAR Alert Search hits.

It would be helpful to place this page on your desktop. Use the CURRENT link for "CUR ALERTS".

Note: Historic data can’t display city/state info because some old nodes were removed, resulting in lack of city/state data. We are trying to work around this.

 To search simply enter a date like 2019-04-14 and click search.  You must fill in at least ONE search field.

For current data - includes city/state info:

“CUR ALERTS” (data from the event_cur table):
Full data set covers: 12-01-2018 to Present
Dates WITH alertstart’s: 12-01-2018 to Present

For historic data - does not include city/state info:

"HIST ALERTS” (data from the event_data_split table):  
Full data set covers: 09-04-2017 to 12-31-2018
Dates WITH alertstart’s: 09-07-2017 to 12-31-2017

"SPLIT ALERTS" (data from the event_data_split table):
Full data set covers: 01-01-2018 to 10-28-2018
Dates WITH alertstart’s: 01-01-2018 to 06-30-2018

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