The MADAR Map - The United States

The MADAR Map - Southern Indiana & SE Illinois

The MADAR Map with its normally blue registration dots, when left-clicked, shows the node's last minute pop-up data. But when MADAR is triggered anywhere in the world, those light blue dots turn red. The operator of the node is notified by the siren on his DAS if he has one, by his SMS cell phone alert, and by an email. But anyone who has the MADAR Map running on a pc will hear the three "red alert" signals every 30 seconds when the dots turn red, and as long as long as the alert lasts which can be at least 180-plus seconds. One of the best times and places for this "red alert" feature is at skywatches.

Besides the usual equipment used at our skywatches, which include a 24" flat screen for the Night Vision setup and a 20" flatscreen for the Flight Radar 24, we have a laptop which is set up to run the MADAR Map.  This gives us three displays and we always hope to have enough personnel to run them, along with the other hand-held equipment.

The handy thing about the MADAR Map on skywatches is that one doesn't really have to sit and stare at the laptop. The op and his team will be alerted by the three "red alert" siren sweeps. This tells the team that a MADAR somewhere in the world has triggered, and a quick look at the laptop screen will display a red node if a MADAR in the area being scanned has an alert. If an object were moving over several nodes, the red nodes should trace the movement.

We are working on a feature to playback a recorded loop, similar to the way FR24 does, but this is not yet available.

Anybody in a skywatch area that was unable to participate physically, can take part simply by monitoring their pcs at home.

If you would like to participated in the MADAR Project, you are certainly welcome. Please contact me at:

Fran Ridge

Information on MADAR and how to order the MADAR-III DataProbe can be found at: