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There is a place within the line of MADAR sites from Norris City, Illinois to Louisville, Kentucky, and especially to the left within the line from Norris City to Newburgh, Indiana, that has had unprecidented UFO activity through the years. In many ways more impressive than what we have seen and heard at Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. The MADAR site at Mt. Vernon is onlyt 6.6 miles SW of this proposed new observation post on Nation Road. Although the hill a mile north of Mt. Vernon (Bell Fountaine Cemetery) is quicker to get to (being only 1 mile north of the city) the Nation Road location couldn't be better. Our plans are not only to use this spot for our skywatch patrols, but the plan includes putting an all-sky camera there! Why is this site a perfect location? I can give you three reasons right up front.


1) On the night of October 18, 1973, a massive, "cigar-shaped object" was observed that passed over the VORTAC on Ford Road.  At the same time this occurred the famous Captain Lawrence Coyne helicopter close encounter incident occurred over Mansfield, Ohio.
2) The Nation Road location is less than a mile from where a UFO stopped a train in its tracks (no pun intended) on October 20, 1973.
3) On November 1st, 1973 the first and only MADAR anomaly of that year correlated with a close encounter at Bufkin, only two miles to the northwest.

Not related to Nation Rd., but at Mt. Vernon, on August 15, 1977,  a MAJOR incident occurred with the MADAR there, which correlated to-the-minute, with the famous "WOW! Signal"
But there is much more than this. Let's look at the history. While looking at my Regional Sighting Information Database some surprises turned up that involved my whole family with the exception of my oldest son.

Southern Indiana MADAR ARRAY


The Southern Indiana MADAR Array begins at Norris City, site 115. The history:

Nov. 7, 1971; Norris City, Illinois. Former Navy weather observer and his wife observed a slow-moving white-orange light approaching from the east at about 1500-2000', changed course and disappeared.

March 22, 1973: Grand Tower, Illinois. A doughnut-shaped, 25' object with ring of lighted panels was observed 1500' over power plant.  [70 mi SW of Norris City site]

Feb. 9, 1975. That evening the Mt. Vernon man and his wife were driving to Carmi, Illinois and observed a blue object with light beams or legs coming down from it. On the return trip the lights on their car went off and on at random. (illustration above was just handy for the purpose of this paper).

May 10, 1988; New Haven, Illinois. Daylight sighting of a cruise-missile-like object observed skimming the treetops by three witnesses in an auto.


The Southern Indiana MADAR Array continues from Mt. Vernon (119) to Evansville (153) to Newburgh (142).  Mt. Vernon has an awesome UFO history. The array actually continues to Santa Claus to Corydon, Indiana, then to Louisville, Kentucky.

1964 or 1965; Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Picture three young men, which brings to mind the motion picture, "Stand By Me". A light was on the ground in the ditch and alternating colors. Then, all of a sudden it lifted off the ground, hovered a few seconds, then flew straight towards them following the RR tracks. It then went under the overpass where they were standing, came out the other side, and while they were startled by this sudden and silent maneuver the strange light headed west and then straight up and out of sight.

June 14, 1964; Dale, Indiana. After an electrical storm a young man was confronted by a basket-ball sized probe that landed in his back yard, then took off. Electro-magnetic effects.

Late June 1964; Rome, Indiana. 5' crop circle with three intensely-burned inner circles arranged in a triangular shape discovered in an alfalfa field. Rome is 25 miles SE of Santa Claus, where MADAR site 114 exists now, but didn't in 1964..

April 20, 1970; Near Evansville, Indiana. Traveling north on Rt. 57 late in the afternoon witness and a friend noticed dust being kicked up in a farmer's field. They looked up and had a very detailed view of a classic silvery disc-shaped object with windows in top portion and 200' in the air traveling parallel to the ground about a 1/4 mile away. In view about 10 minutes.

Oct. 18, 1973; Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Late in the evening a lady disturbed by a noise like a barge on the Ohio River, went outside and observed a huge, cigar-shaped object with squared-off ends and made up of over 50 evenly-spaced lights. It was headed south over Ford Road and over the VOR. At the same time a helicopter pilot, Captain Lawrence Coyne and his crew encountered a UFO over Mansfield, Ohio. UFO was pulling the helicopter upward.

October 4, 1974; Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Skywatch team at Bell Fountaine Cemetery outpost responded to a report which was a proven IFO, an aircraft with new FAA lighting. Then actual UFO showed up. It had to have known we were there.

July 4, 1980; Mt. Vernon, Indiana. 12:30 pm - My 11-year-old son delivering papers observed a disc-shaped object with dome-like circle on the bottom to go overhead and head south, then behind his home and disappeared.

May 18, 1984; 10:40 pm. Three men on a routine skywatch at Bellefountaine Cemetery had another surprising personal encounter with a UFO. One of the men saw a bright white flashing light approaching from the NE and yelled out, "We got a bogy". The two other men, who were also equipped with their own binoculars, swung around to the northeast and trained their optics on the interesting target, which had no navigation lights on it. Almost as soon as they began to take in the bright strobe something happened they have not forgotten. The object didn't slow down, stop or turn around. It simply did an instantaneous flight reversal, without decelerating, accelerating, with no turn radius.

Later that year (Aug 30) my 8 year old daughter and my son, Brian (15), observed a pulsating orange light in the north heading east at low level for about 10 minutes. Brian observed the object from the roof. This was Brian's second sighting.

November 17, 1984; Savah, Indiana. 8:45 am. Two male adults were digging for arrowheads in a field near the Wabash River, heard a pulsating "zyouuu-zyuuu"-like sound and saw a very shiny metallic disc-like object with a dark cone protruding to the ground. Right after this the two men were abducted for several hours. Savah is only 35 miles NE of Norris City, Illinois site 115!

September 6, 1986; Evansville, Indiana. 3:30 am.Two young men (ages 18-25) were sitting in a pickup truck, heard a noise, ignored it, then saw what appeared to be a 55'-long blimp-like object coming from behind a tree. As it turned directly south it disappeared.  Object had fins like the X-15. Primary witness later joined the Air Force and became a air traffic controller. He now operates MADAR site 153 at Evansville.

August of 1987, Corydon, Indiana.
Corydon was having a local sighting wave. Orange balls of light were being reported by the towns people and reported in the local newspapers and TV stations. Today these sightings would be described as unidentified "drones", but in 1987 they had to be "somebody elses" drones. As state director of MUFON it was necessary to take my investigation team to Corydon to investigate.

Central Barren, is about 10 miles north of Corydon. Sometime during the week of May 19-23, 1987) at 2:38 am, Deputy sheriff Hamm had an amazing UFO encounter "I came over a hill in Central Barren on rny way back towards Corydon, and the headlights of my truck hit it. I have halogen headlights and when they are on high beam, they're extremely bright......I came over the hill, and there it was, close to the ground, maybe within a hundred feet of the roadway." He said the object was about one-half mile in front of him at the time. "It's shaped like a boomerang and it's huge". After his first look at it, the object disappeared, but he saw it again about two minutes later. "When I first hit it with the headlights, the orange lights were the only ones visible. When it reappeared, it was pretty well straight up from where I first saw it, but it was way high." The lights had gone to blue, he added.

The scene shifts across the Ohio River to Hawesville, Kentucky, only 18 miles southeast of our site 114 at Santa Claus, Indiana. But in 1987 there was no MADAR at Santa Claus, or anywhere else but Mt. Vernon. That wouldn't happen until 2018.

Hawesville UFO

Aug. 22, 1987; Hawesville, Kentucky. "I was traveling west on U.S. 60 about 11:00 pm. I had left my parents home in Hawesville and was headed (west) to Lewisport, alone. I first noticed some bright red and blue lights to my right (north). I thought it was an airplane or lights from an industrial plant. As I approached the object I noticed brilliant gold, blue and red lights on what seemed to be on the sides of the object, and it gave off a white glow beneath the object, which lit up the ground below and surrounding trees. The object hovered over the same location. As I approached this, I became very shaky. My knees were so weak (that) I could not apply pressure to the gas pedal. I watched the object for a few minutes. I finally got my legs to move and left as fast as I could. I had a terrible feeling of being alone and lost." She observed the object for about 3-5 minutes. Area described as rural with fields and hills. The sky was clear. The object observed in the NW was near the ground, estimated at 15-20'. The object was stationary, but was closest to her as she drove by it. With the help of her husband they estimated the distance as 50 yards. Possible abduction attempt (stalking phase).
August 23, 1987; Corydon, Indiana.  That evening, as state director, me and my team met with over 50 witnesses. Then, at 10:20 pm, myself and 12-15 witnesses, five of which were MUFON field  investigators, were conducting a field test of our Rapid Deployment Team and videotaped an OBOL (orange ball of light). During the "filming" we were able to document what appeared to be a near miss with an private aircraft. Another coincidence? In 1987 I thought it was. But now I am not so sure.

Sept. 14, 1987; Mt. Vernon, Indiana. 9:45 pm. This investigator (yours truly) and my six-year-old son, Brandon, and a deputy sheriff were outside talking on a nice clear evening when we all witnessed a very strange craft in the northeast. The "object", itself, was not visible, but the lights on it were mostly dim red and orange, and the craft made no noise as it passed going north to south at low altitude. The size of the object at arm's length was about 3" and it appeared somewhat like a Christmas tree on its side. Both adults under-reacted. I mentioned it to the deputy and my son and said it was unusual. the deputy said, "yes, that is unusual." And then we continued on talking while the youngster watched it pass out of sight in about three minutes to the south. Just another coincidence?

The UFO history of the area is interesting. What happened near Nation Road was EXCEPTIONALLY interesting. The fact that almost everyone in my family had had an encounter didn't really set in until I researched for this paper. For some reason, my oldest son never professed a UFO encounter. My wife didn't have a sighting until last year. 

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MADAR Director
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