Updated: 7 Nov 2023

Thank you so much for your support of the MADAR Project.  If you go to the MADAR Handbook

and section 3 you'll find the more detailed set-up instructions.  But a quick set-up will probably get you running OK.

MADAR Handbook

To make sure you are in communication, if you received this email send us a simple reply or "got it".

At first you will receive daily offline notifications saying you are not online. Please ignore those. This offline report goes out from the MADAR Server to us here at the MADAR Control Center as well so that we can make sure the system is operating at maximum capacity. This will STOP within 24 hours once you have the device plugged into the internet and powered up. It is basically saying that the device was built and tested online, then disconnected so that it could be shipped to you. Also, be advised that if you ever need to move the device to a totally different site, you need to notify us right away so we can change the latitude/longitude and the node number since the data history goes with that site location.

This device really is basically plug and play. The only thing you really need to do is to find an "E-M quiet" location for the unit. If you have a small transistor radio with AM on it, tune it to the left of the AM dial and listen to all the RF noise! Walk around the room or building and listen to what is coming off of all the electronic devices. And when you are ready to select a place for the MADAR, check that location very closely. Once you have a location (shelf for example) that is relatively quiet, and the device is protected against being bumped (or wires pulled) by anyone or a pet, roughly check the distance from that spot to your router and obtain an Ethernet cable that length or a little longer. (A 10' ethernet line is provided but use a shorter one if possible).Connect the Ethernet cable to the MADAR in the Ethernet jack and plug the other end into a port on your router. Then run the power cord last and from the device first, then plug into the nearest outlet, preferably a surge-protected one so you can protect the RP computer from surges, lightning, etc. From that point on MADAR takes over and contacts the server. Within minutes you will be up and running. As soon as you get connected please drop us another short note via email so we can update your records.

We are assuming that the cell phone number you provided is the one you want the SMS text alerts to go to. And that the email address you gave us is where you want the documented alert notices sent. Nothing is faster than the DAS to alert you of an event, and minutes can count, so we recommend that to anyone who wants to respond with additional hand-held equipment.

You will be receiving important information via the MADAR List every once and a while, and each week a report on the previous week's anomalies. When we discover a correlation with a node we will report that and also post an annual report on previous correlations and findings.

I would bet that almost any question you might have can be found under our extensive list of papers at

Again, thank you so much for your participation.

Fran Ridge
MADAR Director
(812) 490-0094