By Fran Ridge


Beginning with this new monthly MUJ column I want to say that if we had had MADAR operational last December, we might have had some interesting data to look at after the U.S. overflights that took place over at least a dozen states on December 9th. Our sighting networks, including the National UFO Reporting Center at Seattle (WA) received over 65 reports. MUFON received a number of reports as well. But a fiasco in the fall of 2016 delayed the new MADAR system until April of this year. Now running in our eighth month we are ready for what may come next. Be advised, MADAR in the past has already proven itself with numerous successes, but from only one location. The MADAR-III DataProbe is now running with 49 sites in various stages of development in the U.S., Canada, the UK, France, New Zealand and Australia. Project MATCH, announced at the July MUFON symposium, went into this with no immediate expectations, but yet we have already had numerous incidents and sightings of interest that we are looking at. These potential correlations highlight situations that may be evidence of UFO operations, some involving more than one documented UAP, some over a period of time (up to two days) and over a distance of 85 to 150 miles. And by the way, MADAR does not have a "range" per se. UAP are sending out powerful E-M type emissions, as a consequence of normal propulsion or a specific action, omnidirectional or directed.

To see MADAR "hits" and potential monthly correlations one can go to the Project MATCH site at
But first you need to look at the LIVE world/U.S. MADAR Map at
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In July we set up two MADAR sites. Paul Wright, Node 131 at Ceauce, France and Daniel Nims, Node 130 at Walla Walla, Washington. In August we set up four sites. Jeff Riley, Node 127 at Morrow, Ohio; Howard Muse, Node 129 at Ball Ground, Georgia; Greg Andersen, Node 133 at Council Bluffs, Iowa; and David Pares, Node 132 at Omaha, Nebraska. In October, four new MADAR sites. Geoff Wheeler, operates Node 134 at Raceview QLD, Australia. George Hopper operates Node 135  at Pinellas Park, Florida. William Brown will soon be operating Node 136 at Fayetteville, Arkansas. James Walton will soon be up and running at Cambridge, Ohio. The latest is Harrison, New Jersey, which will be operated by Robert Speering.

I wish to thank MUFON for their full support of the MADAR Project and the new alliance under Project MATCH, which includes MADAR, NUFORC, MUFON and NICAP. The timing of all this may be perfect as major events of all types are taking place in a world that has never been in more danger