By Fran Ridge


A lot has happened since the last update. First things first, at Norwich, Connecticut,
on November 4th, MADAR Site Node 103 detected an anomaly at 12:39 PM. Ten hours later, at 10:25 p.m. that evening, and 40 miles to the west was a potential sighting of interest at Middletown and Middlefield, CT, two cities 11 miles apart. Witness noticed a bright light that first appeared to be a plane descending over the Middlefield hills while looking out the front window atop a Durham Ct hill. Witness was located south of it, facing north. It moved slowly in a downward 45-deg direction towards the west, paused, and descended again slowly straight down. It paused again, then spun as if it was a centrifuge. Lights dimmed and disappeared. Guess at location would be, near Wadsworth State Park or further north. It was unusually bright.(MUFON CMS) We don't pretend that this is paydirt, but something we need to watch. The case is still under investigation. Having a declared unknown within a few miles of a MADAR anomaly, at about the same time is what we are looking for. When bonified UAP are observed, something important is going on. This could include multiple objects over a larger region. The ultimate goal is to have an alert where the operator can go outside, observe a UAP, take photos/videos and other data. Having blue dots on the live MADAR map turn red and indicate movement over an area would also be technically interesting.

A real interesting set of events occurred during our first full month of operation, and 11 days in.
May 11, 2018; Mountlake Terrace, Washington  MADAR Node 100 at  21:59:27 went on alert. The compass heading changed from 341 degrees to 235 degrees, a 6-degree deviation, but the milligaus reading changed from "0" to 138. Marysville, Washington is only 18 miles from that Node, and the original report indicated the events occurred within one minute of each other. However, subsequent MUFON investigation called for a revision of the sighting time to 23:22, or one hour and 21 minutes later. In spite of this as yet unexplained error it is believed by both MADAR and MUFON personnel that the sighting at Marysville is unexplained and involved an object exhibiting anomalistic motion, indicating something very unusual and unexplained occurred over an 18 mile area.

The new board, which is the heart of the new MADAR-III-B DataProbe, has an improved magnetometer, LSDS (legal shutdown switch), another switch known as the ADS (auxilliary data switch), and a set of screwdown terminals for use with an ADT panel. Due to these additions a box modification had to be performed which requires the use of a 3D printer. This will also provide a port opening for the screwdown terminals, an opening for the access to the LSDS, and and a cutout for the HDMI which will be part of the upcoming WI-FI application. The price has been reduced.
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William Brown is up and running with Node 136 at Fayetteville, Arkansas. James Walton is online at Cambridge, Ohio (which gives us 5 DataProbes there). The latest Nodes about to go online are: Harrison, New Jersey with Robert Speering; Clarksville, Tennessee (both new states) with Paul Browning; Alexandria, Virginia (a second unit there now) with Richard Niemtzow; Largo, Florida (also a second unit) with Linton Herbert; and Wallingford, Connecticut (making 3 in CT) with Michael Cei. MADAR now has 53 sites in 22 states and 5 foreign countries.

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