By Fran Ridge


You'll find papers in the "match/" folder at the bottom of this update. One note I'd like to pass on is regarding "MADAR Range". The earth's geomagnetic field is very weak. In the process of operation MADARsubtracts the "local ambient field" so that the displayed field is close to "0". An UAP producing a powerful geomagnetic field could create a distortion in this field that could affect milligaus readings and compass movement many, many miles away. And since genuine UAP are rare, when we have such an event there is a good possibility that something important is going on and more than one craft at regional distances is highly possible. This paper has been updated. In the meantime we must continue our monitoring and tweaking and continue this world-wide rehearsal.

The new board, which is the heart of the new MADAR-III-B DataProbe, has an improved magnetometer, LSDS (legal shutdown switch), another switch known as the ADS (auxiliary data switch), and a set of screwdown terminals for use with an ADT panel. Due to these additions a box modification had to be performed which requires the use of a 3D printer, so rather than pay for the USE of a 3DP, we bought our own for just a little more! This will also provide a port opening for the HDMI which will be part of the upcoming WI-FI application. The price, originally set at $249.99 has been reduced to $229.99. 
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There is a one month lag in these MADAR Updates since copy has to be provided for the MUFON UFO Journal prior to the 10th of each month and the January update is already at the printers. But 
Node 139 at Wallingford, Connecticut (making 3 in CT) is operated by Michael Cei. This is the upgraded Model B.

Two sites that had issues with the older Chinese chip, Node 125, Mark Fahey at Christchurch, New Zealand; and Node 135, George Hopper at Pinellas Park, Florida, were shipped new upgrades. It is our prime goal to have all nodes working and only pull/refurbish nodes that are not running in the system. 

The latest Nodes to go online are: Harrison, New Jersey with Robert Speering and Clarksville, Tennessee, operated by Paul Browning. MADARis now in two new states. Alexandria, Virginia, is the second unit there now with Richard Niemtzow operating and joining forces with Rob Swiatek's Node 122 at Fairfgax. Largo, Florida (also a second unit in Florida) with Linton Herbert. I don't have the node numbers for these latest sites.MADAR now has 53 sites in 22 states and 5 foreign countries.

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