By Fran Ridge


Last month we touched on our normal Mondays here at MADAR HQ. On the second day of the work week, two important databases are consulted in a search for corroborative sightings of interest, or potential correlations with MADAR anomalies. Peter Davenport, the Director of NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center)  in Seattle, Washington, operates 24/7 to collect sightings from all over the U.S. and other parts of the world and maintains a comprehensive database.  The first thing we do on Day Two is print out the current month by Index of Event Date. We also check the MUFON CMS database and anything found is submitted to NUFORC. If any matches are found they are reported in an email to MADAR personnel and then archived/listed in the MATCH Intel Summary for everybody. For each anomaly date checked, the CMS page is printed out so that a record shows it was performed. Each Tuesday we recheck those dates because many times the entries are late arriving and the number can increase. To see the detailed Information Series go to:
We'll tell you about Wednesdays at MADAR HQ next month. 

MADAR now has 55 devices with 38 now running and 17 in various stages of deployment. Twenty five have the new I-board which is a major upgrade and a number of "A" models are being either returned for upgrade or their SD Card replaced.

We now have a MADAR-III device, Node 143, at Jonesboro, Arkansas, operated by Bradford Ivie. Michigan has its first MADAR, Node 144, at  Farmington Hills, operated by John Budrys. New Jersey now has three sites, Node 145 operated by Craig Wantuch at Norwood; Node 146, operated by Eric Olsen at River Vale; and Node 121 operated by Robert Speering at Harrison, NJ. Texas just gained a third MADAR site at Helotes, operating a test node (Node 6) by Eric Bendle. Florida has also gained a third site at North Port, to be operated by Chris Goodman, but the Node number is not available. It looks like we will have our second Illinois site, this time in the northern section at Northbrook, but the details are not complete. 

In mid-February I set a target date of April 1st to upgrade the system and get the new software running so we could begin our second year of being operational with an improved capability. The "A" Model as a datalogger has been very successful but the white paper required us to have an alert capability in the form of a beeper, buzzer or siren so that ops could go out and observe, take additional equipment, record extra data onsite such as background radiation, communications from police, sheriff, state police, and aircraft. The I-board ("B" Model) made this possible, with or without an ADT panel.

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