By Fran Ridge


      As of this date (June 4th), MADAR has 66 devices in various stages of deployment, with 45 running, 9 in foreign countries. Four are on their way to new MADAR sites, Node 155 going into South Korea at Waegwan which is 20 minutes away from Deagu, the third largest city in South Korea. With a known serious nuclear or strategic connection with UAP in other parts of the world, I can't think of a more important place to have a MADAR site. Joseph Jordan is an engineer working for the U.S. Army there and is the MUFON National Director of South Korea and Star Team Member.  Also going in is Node 154 another node in Georgia at Woodbine, which is 330 miles SE of Ball Ground Node 129. Jeremy Haslan is the Op, has a PhD in astrophysics and is a field investigator and 10 year veteran of MUFON. Another device, Node 157, was just shipped to Pensacola, Florida, with Robert Browning at the helm. A second unit is being set up in Colorado by Eric Calkins at Estes Park and is designated Node 156.
     The MADAR project had been dealing with a s/w issue from mid-December on up until May 7th that may have negatively affected the sensitivity of the system somewhat. There has also been a lot of bad weather for seeing conditions all over the country these first few months of 2019. It is expected that things will improve in the months ahead, especially since the project switched over to the "61" system on June 1st.  "Six Zero" was the improved default method used to get data from the triple-axis magnetometer used in the last month (May). To picture the change, there are four sensors built into the I-board of the MADAR-III DataProbe especially built for the MADAR Project. The sensor used for the detector is the triple-axis magnetometer with spews out positive and negative numbers, some numbers being cancelled out. With "61" ANY CHANGE on ANY AXIS will trigger the system.
     The project purchased 50 additional I-sensor boards and enough materials to take care of needs for 2019. Paul Browning of Clarksville, Tennessee (Node 138) has replaced Bob N. which has been onboard from the beginning, fabricating and shipping devices. Paul already has the boards and will be working with s/w engineer Paul. A.  Also, Eric Bendle, highly recomended by CUFOS' Mark Rodeghier, has been onboard for a few months and is our newest s/w specialist.

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