By Fran Ridge


     The MADAR presence at the International UFO Congress at Phoenix in early September was a resounding success. A lot of the attendees knew nothing about MADAR and Paul Browning of Clarksville, Tennessee and Paul Anzalone of New Hampshire were our ambassadors who did much to educate the public and UAP enthusiast those five days.
     The  latest installations, 82 to-date, include Bradford Ivie, Node 143 at Jonesboro, Arkansas; Joseph Jordan, Node 124 at Manila, Phillippines; 
Ian McGowan, Node 80 of Amherst, New Hampshire, giving us 4 MADAR Dataprobes in that state. Tom Olsen, and Chico Lopez, both of Phoenix, Arizona. Donald Fouche at Irmo, South Carolina; the first site in that state. Chris Mellon operates a node at Laughlintown, Pennsylvania; the third one in Pennsylvania. Jeff Rash operates the first node in North Dakota, at Valley City, missile country. In Indiana, Richard Busch, Node 81 at Spencerville; Richard Ralston, Node 87 at Indianapolis; Terry Tolle, Node 84 at Fishers; and Phillip Leech, Node 79 of Marion, which gives us 8 in my state. Luaan Gutierrez, Node 78, Santa Fe, New Mexico (Santa Fe has had an association with science and technology since 1943 when the town served as the gateway to Los Alamos National Laboratory [LANL], a 45-minute drive from the city). Pueblo, Colorado, Node 83 is a node temporarily sponsored by Paul Anzalone and the second device in Colorado. Marietta White, Node 85 at Pine City, New York. MF Muller Nault, Node 86 at Roquevidal, FRANCE and that makes two in that country. Adam Parr, Node 88 at Memphis, Tennessee, making two. Christina Frantz, Node 89 at Carroll, Ohio. We now have six in Ohio. Carmen Arevalo, Node 91 at Sanford, Florida, making it the fifth device in that state. In Georgia, Mark Ausmus, Node 92 at  Lawrenceville and Carl Cunningham, Node 90 at Marietta, which makes four MADAR DataProbes in that state.
      If you would like to support MADAR but don't want to actually operate and maintain a MADAR site, you can send any donations or even help subsidize a site in a strategic or missile site area for $100. We'll find an operator and pay the rest.

     Get it at Google Play or download on the Apple App Store. Look for "madar". Push notifications and alerts now go out to ops in addition to the documented email alerts. The apps can be used by anybody interested in following the MADAR mission. 

To see MADAR "hits" and potential monthly correlations one can go to the Project MATCH site at
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