By Fran Ridge


The latest addition to the MADAR Network is Node 85, operated by Leda Beluche of New York City, New York, which makes our second MADAR site in that state. Dale Holland is the operator at Node 76 at Royal Palm Beach, Florida, making this deployment #6 in that state. We have a new node at Pueblo, Colorado which gives us three there. Paul Anzalone is operating this one until we get a donar or two. John Segna has Node 77 at
Handover, Maryland

     To avoid a conflict of interest in regard to sightings by ops during MADAR alerts I have enlisted the aid of a new unit affiliated with SCU, the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies. I am a member of that group but not an investigator. When
any MADAR Op has a UAP experience tied to a MADAR event, where the object is suspiciously close to the MADAR site, he/she is asked to fill out an FI-4 Message Slip and forward it to the UFO Reporting Agency headquartered in Marion, Indiana. The agency's director, Phil Leech, will assign the case to one of his FIs and they will contact the operator to investigate and document the event. Copies of the completed report (minus identifying information) will be supplied to the MADAR Director, Fran Ridge, who will "cc" copies to the Op and on to MUFON and NUFORC. And when potential sightings of interest show up in case searches which are conducted each week, these incidents will also be filed with UFORA and investigated.

     Due to the 90-day rule of releasing some cases from MUFON, and since many good cases would fall under that rule, once the three months are up, updated Intel Summaries from Project MATCH will be provided to the International Director Of Investigations to see if there are any correlations with MADAR anaomlies.  In accordance with that new rule the month of May 2019 has been submitted to Mr. Hudgeons.

     As in the very beginning when the original MADAR was put into service at a single location in SW Indiana (Mt. Vernon), the idea was to establish an early warning system. Once alerted, the operator could grab a kit of designated devices (video and still cameras, strobe lights, audio recorders, etc.) and look to the skies. But unsolicited reports from the public via local law enforcement or aircraft transmissions concerning unusual objects in the region have a high value, especially if the UAP encounter is of the close encounter variety. Recently an older MADAR event in 1974 that originally had no potential correlation turned out to be a close encounter of the second kind at Calhoun, Illinois, in which three witnesses reported an object at close range that had E-M effects on their telephone. This report had been relayed to the Center for UFO Studies by State Police at Parkersburg, Illinois, just 50 miles away and less than five hours before MADAR detected an anomaly at Mt. Vernon at 2:42 a.m.. A new comprehensive rating system is being drafted but not ready at this time.
     With a hundred devices expected in the field by the end of the year, the MADAR Project has high hopes of making UAP history.
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