By Fran Ridge


      The network of MADAR DataProbes is continuing to grow. The latest additions to the network are: Node 68 at Alliquippa, PA, operated by  Brian Seech; Node 67 at Whately, MA, being run by Randall Nickerson; Node 66 at Portland, OR, subsidized by the project and operated by a confidential consultant. James Wilder operates Node 120, at Springfield, OH.
This makes a total of 95 devices in the field with 83 running, the rest in various stages of deployment. We have 9 MADAR sites in foreign countries. The plan was to have a hundred sites by the end of 2019. 
The MADAR Project is also enviting others to join in by subscribing to our working groups to support the full detection effort. Anyone interested may join these special discussion lists by simply sending me an email request. You can subscribe to the MADAR email list whether you have a MADAR device or not. The special working groups are as follows: 1) MADAR-CAM, a group involved in sky cameras that can either be tied to the MADAR-III Dataprobe's switching relay, or SKYWATCH operations, or operated 24/7 at a fixed location. 2) MADAR-RADAR, a group studying and using Passive Radar and/or FlightRadar24 in order to verify a correlation with a MADAR anomaly. 3) MADAR-RADIATION, discussions and testing of geiger counters in conjunction with MADAR, either in an automatic system or hand-held use.
     While Project MATCH is constantly striving to find a potential sighting of interest to correlate with MADAR anomalies, the prime directive is to use MADAR as an early warning system, then use hand-held equipment and a site witness to document and study visual targets.  An EWS can simply be a text message sent your cell-phone. You will always get an alert email, but may not read it when it arrives. Some ops have purchased the MADAR Alarm box (DAS) for $25, which connects to the MADAR relay contacts and will knock "a buzzard off a manure wagon".  EWS work can then involve passive radar, FlightRadar24, night vision and conventional video or still-camera imaging. For many device operators the potential of having a witness contact the police or airport is still a possibilty that should be cultivated with good PR.    
     To see MADAR "hits" and potential monthly correlations one can go to the Project MATCH site at
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