By Fran Ridge


     California has two additional MADAR sites: Santa Barbara (57), Richard Browman; Littlerock (56), James Kerr; making it three in that state. Ohio has another node making eight sites in that state. The Windham node (55), James Johnson.

      UFOs don't need navigation lights in my opinion and what we "see" may be deliberate or a result of propulsion. UFOs may be mimicking even some things like the new StarLink  satellites everybody is seeing and reporting. So if MADAR triggers when something "seems" easily explainable, we know it has to be a hell of a coincidence or might be a masked UFO operation. On 2/7 we had an alert at the same time a Delta Lima 1362 was reporting UFOs in our direction. This WAS a StarLink chain but we must always check the times of these events. One thing we did learn is for us to make our recordings of a/c transmissions at least 15 minutes long. I had been doing FlightRadar24 recordings with aircraft scanner audios for 5 minutes after each alert because of the file size at high res, but you can always delete or edit a file later. The report mentioned above was almost 8 mins into the 10 min recording. almost missed it. Interesting clip. Keep in mind the anomaly occurred right before the recording started, and 8 mins in, DL1362 was south of the Ohio River near my previous home of 47 years (Mt. Vernon) looking east, and I am just east of Evansville.

     The problem we are having getting a field unit is that we are having difficulties storing data on the hard drives, then sending data when online. We showed loss of some data. So while we work on this I think we have a better idea. Getting skycams running 24/7 at some locations, and a way of recording quality videos when MADAR is triggered. One way would be a MADAR-activated DVR. (Not so simple) Another way would be a multiplexer that is running 24/7 as well. This is fairly simple, and available, but finding one at a decent price AND having the cameras running on power adaptors (no batteries) AND sending the data via wifi so no wiring would be needed, only a surge-protected power strip. That's the issue. Finding a good company with tech/sales support is our goal at this point. If we find a source I will buy an 8-channel multiplexer so that the four internal cams I have running right now under MADAR-II will be covered.
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