By Fran Ridge


      Margie Kay is the MUFON ASD in Missouri and operates node  45 at Independence
, Missouri. Paul Wright is a new tech consultant and runs node 46 at Columbia, making it the third MADAR DataProbe in that state. Paul graduated with a BA in Computer Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia and holds a Masters degree in Information Systems Management. Kristen Sharkey operates node 47 at Kenmore, Washington, the latest of seven MADAR sites in that state. Kristen has her degree in Anthropology but has been working in IT the past couple of years. She mostly does Apple product management and SaaS management (software as a service). Also does some programming, mostly Python and Javascript. This puts us at 101 sites, 11 of which are in foreign countries.


      On April 23, 2020 there was MADAR alert at Node 104, near Millerton, Pennsylvania. Two Ops reported a UFO and evidence of animal reaction at UTC (Universal Time Code) of 01:58:58 (2159 MT or 9:59 PM local). The object was about a quarter mile away and the compass had swung almost 3 degrees, from 122.62 to 125.82. The magnetometer's field reading went from 10.5 to 20.25 and back to 3.0 in about 6 seconds, all of which occurred before the witnesses got outside. The primary witness was Larry Brown, a retired U.S. Navy Electronics Technician (1965 to 1990). He and his 24 year-old grandson, Timothy Brown, were in the radio room where the MADAR DataProbe is located when it happened. The operator immediately went outside while the younger man stayed behind, attempting to reset the alarm. The area is described as rural. "As for distance and height you would have to see the sighting location. It flew between us and a 50 foot silo, that is across the (field) from where we stood." He had gone outside and immediately searched the sky and noticed to his left, and over a barn to the northwest, a light reddish-yellow object, generally spherical, but fuzzy, possibly due to clear but low mist condition. Temperature was 29-degrees F.  Second witness was still in the radio room and came outside about 5 mins later. The alarm had ran about 186 seconds. The size of the object was estimated at about 20' in diameter and the altitude at about 50', range less than a quarter mile. While there was no obvious sound from the object, all the dogs down the alley were barking. Witnesses attempted to photograph the object, but due to lack of sufficient light or a camera malfunction was not able to do so. Object traveled slowly, less than 10 mph, in a straight line to the northwest approximately on a 330 degree heading and faded away into the mist. MUFON investigated the case on 11 May 2020. Sighting date listed in the CMS (Case 108195) is incorrect because the UTC from the MADAR was used. Actual date was April 23rd. Node 104 had been listed as Millerton, Pennsylvania, but it's actual location is (and has been corrected to) a point south of Jobs Corners. To see the report with the data spreadsheet and Google Maps shots of area, go to "A UFO Signature?", http://www.nicap.org/match/correlations/20200423/MADAR-UFO-Signature.htm

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