The DAS, top view and component view
$20.00 (includes shipping)


Anyone who has the MADAR-III-B DataProbe can utilize the ratchet relay switch on top of the device to activate an ADT Panel to turn on several other devices. Or the owner/operator may buy or build a simple alarm, or DAS as shown above.

The original MADAR had both a PAS (Proximity Alarm Signal) and a DAS (Delayed Alarm Signal). When an anomaly was in-progress, the PAS produced a buzzing pulse duplicating the movements of the magnet variometer. This told us the number of times the compass moved from north and the duration of the event. The DAS was a siren that wailed upon alert that ran until shut off by the operator.

The simple DAS one can purchase ($20 includes shipping in the U.S.) operates on a 9-volt battery (not included, to save shipping cost). The toggle switch on the top of the DAS is set to OFF while an appropriate length of 16-2 wire is run to the MADAR switch (sticks out above the MADAR top surface). Once wired, the toggle switch is turn to ON ("armed") and the device is ready for the next anomaly. When MADAR goes into AlertStart, the blue LED on the DataProbe comes on and the relay switch on the MADAR closes. After the anomaly is over and the device goes into AlertEnd the program puts the device into "alertStat" (normal background numbers) for an additional three minutes before the ratchet relay switch opens and the alert is officially over.

The DAS comes with a 24" set of leads. Run your wires from the top of your MADAR DataProbe as far as you like, then connect to the DAS with small wire nuts. (Not included). There are no polarity issues. The ON or "arm" switch should be turned off during an alert to limit noise level and conserve the battery.

Purchase your DAS ($20) at the link below.

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