Data Submitted to NUFORC

On Day Three, two types of data are submitted to Peter Davenport at NUFORC:
1) The latest anomalies by date, time, location and node number
2) Any potential sightings of interest (PSOI) from the MUFON CMS

MUFON's Case Management System provides the detailed, official MUFON-investigated (when needed) cases, our most comprehensive source of UAP, but does not have a sighting listing other than a 50-event by page call up. It also does NOT have the MADAR anomalies listed.  NUFORC's database, however, lists all reported events that it gets, plus all the valid MADAR anomalies and selected MUFON PSOI.

Since the updated preliminary "hit" list is provided on the previous Monday, by Wednesday, if there are no false alert notifications reported by MADAR Ops, the anomalies are submitted to NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) in Seattle. By the weekend, Peter Davenport then punches these hits into the database so we can compare the new data the following Monday. One can look at the data on any day to get the very latest.

Index by EVENT DATE 
Index by STATE 

Sample of a segment of a NUFORC printout, selecting an anomaly at Node 100 on May 11th.

PSOI noted here for May 11th, a good example of what the NUFORC data looks like. When physically printed out and high-lighted with a yellow marker the MADAR anomalies stand out very well. Sightings during, before or after can easily be seen, and when one looks at the real page the blue links work. And one can also look at the data with Index by State.

The Marysville incident and correlation were found on the CMS when the Node 100 anomaly date was searched and looked similar to the CMS printout below. But the sample below is presented to show you another way to use the CMS.

Case management System printout for September 14th

Note item 11. If we find a potential sighting of interest on the Day Two check it is usually discovered on that day's CMS printout. By clicking on the view box one can get the raw report which we clean up to reproduce the report to report to the Team and enter into the NUFORC database. The MATCH Supervisor, Rob Swiatek, may find some corrections that need to be made, such as the correct time verses the default time given in may instances.

The example above is not one to show a PSOI related to an anomaly, but the opposite. The example there shows a case reported near a MADAR site that did NOT have an anomaly at two nearby MADAR sites. But the sample is used here to show what each anomaly day search would look like. Here the investigator at Evansville reported a sighting in that city that involved objects observed to the east and closer to MADAR Node 02 here at Newburgh, Indiana, just 15 miles away, or even Node 114, 30 mi to the NE at Santa Claus, Indiana. Neither Nodes 06 or 114 showed any anomalistic data. The sighting, however, was submitted to NUFORC and the p/o below shows it listed.

9/14/18 22:52 Boston Mills OH Disk 3-5 minutes My fiancee and I went on a night hike down Standford Rd. In Boston Mills. We just took the turn to go up a long steep inclined road, wh 9/27/18
9/14/18 21:00 Peoria IL Circle
7 red-orange orbs in Peoria, IL sky on 9/14/18 9/27/18
9/14/18 20:56 Highlands Ranch CO Other 2 hours Lone Tree/Highlands Ranch UFO tracking north to south pattern 9/27/18
9/14/18 20:00 Tell City IN Oval 10 seconds Lightless black oval blocks out the night sky. ((anonymous report)) 9/27/18
9/14/18 14:00 Chicago IL Changing 20 minutes 30- to 50 flashing object in the sky not moving for a while and then slowly moving to the east . Two of them stayed behind for a little 9/27/18
9/14/18 07:45 Oregon City OR Cigar 3 minutes Metallic cigar shaped craft seen above Oregon City. 9/27/18
9/14/18 07:30 Renous (Canada) NB Other 5 second Silver object falling from the sky with strange sound all day. 9/27/18
9/14/18 05:45 Imperial MO Changing 15 minutes Lights and changing shapes with one master light 9/27/18
9/14/18 05:20 Geneva OH Light 40 minutes Was woken by our dog barking upward start the sky and witnessed a orb/sphere like varied aura-like color ufo. 9/27/18
9/14/18 05:00 Stockton CA Light 15 seconds Yellowish star-like light traveling in a bouncy, uneven motion through the sky. 9/27/18
9/14/18 03:00 Evansville IN Circle Several minutes Numerous objects, one having a rectangular protrusion on a disk-like structure, animal reaction.. ((MUFON report))

So, Day Three is for inputting or submitting data on anomalies and sightings to NUFORC so that data can be studied the following Monday.

Day Four is set aside to solicit help to get qualitative reports into the NICAP Chronos, no matter whether they involve detection or just good eye-witness reports.