The graphics display from the GMC Series
GMC Series
Background increase during "WOW event in 1977


Someone with the time and funds and interested in going the extra mile can do so for under a hundred dollars. MADAR-II in 2014 had a great geiger counter tied to the Mineral Labs Radiation Network, at an initial cost of about $500, but the GMC series of geiger counters is all one really needs to add a background radiation monitoring capability.

You can use an old junker computer tower like I use to use and with Windows XP to run it, and with OBS (Open Broadcast Software)
to manually go into record during MADAR alerts. Or you can tie it in to the MAVERIC system by plugging in the Arduino and software and this can be done automatically using MADAR's green relay. 

UFOs and radiation background increases have been related at times but to what extent is limited by the scarcity of geiger counters DURING a UFO event. Getting readings AFTER an event has occurred with physical trace cases. The most detailed events of bursts of b/g radiation and UFOs being reported were investigated by the Air Force. See The Radiation story above link.

My own experience involved a significant increase during the "WOW"Signal event of 1977. See link above also. At the time, significant was anything above twice the normal reading. In today's world, with additional isotopes in the air from four major nuclear disasters, two and a half times normal is considered significant.

Some members take part in routine skywatches with loads of equipment. If I were doing skywatches like I did with LIMO and the Lunascan Project trailer, I definitely would have a GMC-300E running with a flat screen with someone manning it. And another person on Flight Radar 24.
Anyone interested in direct participation in the MADAR Project or Project MATCH is certainly welcome. please contact me.

Fran Ridge
MADAR Operations Center