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20180702    20180702    5:36    09 36 31    PA    Millerton    104               

Millerton, Pennsylvania (Jobs Corners) Node 104 Anomaly
The alertStart began at 2018-07-02 09-36-31 UTC, converted to July 2nd, 2018 at 05:37 AM local.
The Ambient readings prior were compass heading 241 degrees, -194 field reading.
AlertStart readings were compass heading 225 degrees, 0 mGa field reading.
After alertEnd the system returned to status at compass heading 240 degrees, -185 field.

PSOI check (Potential Sightings Of Interest) with MUFOM CMS revealed the following:

Date Submitted
of Event
Short Description Location of Event Long Description Attachments
1 2018-07-02 2018-07-02
{dr}saw huge object from afar (assumed vehicle) taking up whole road, got closer and recognized saucer shape and forbidden startled badly Bethlehem, PA, US

The sighting data for July 2, 2018; Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
2:40 AM. The witness was leaving boyfriend's house late at night to go home and was driving up a hill. Upon reaching the top of the hill she saw, down the road some distance, a huge object blocking what seemed like three lanes ("taking it all up"). Typical Hynek "escalation of hypothesis": she had thought at first that maybe it was some late night street cleaning or construction vehicle. When she got closer she then thought maybe it was a military "tank" and got scared, wondering why a "tank" was in her city. Then getting even closer she recognized the "saucer shape", with the absence of wheels which a normal road vehicle would have. It was motionless the entire time she was driving towards it.  It
was described as gray and dull metal, not shiny. She didn’t see any windows on it from the angle she was observing from. As soon as she made out what it was, she freaked out, had a panic attack and quickly left, turning away from the ufo. "I couldn't have drove past it anyway as it was blocking the whole street."  She called her boyfriend several times, body shaking and driving reckless and when she finally able to reach him she was crying and frantically trying to explain what she had just seen. She was too scared to continue going home so she ended up just going back to his house and continued explaining what she had seen, and then took him to the spot within 5 minutes of leaving, and the object was completely gone. The giant thing had just disappeared. When she observed the object, there was no one anywhere else in sight. (C.M.S. Case number - 93046)

NUFORC Printout in standard time/date reverse order
7/2/18 05:36 Millerton PA

MADAR Node 104. 7/13/18
7/2/18 02:40 Bethlehem PA Disk ?? Saw huge object from afar taking up whole road, got closer and recognized saucer shape. ((MUFON report))


1. Rather than the usual ambiguous nocturnal object with no references for measurements, this event appears to be representative of the UFO/UAP phenomenon, and a close encounter of the first kind. At a time when such events are extremely rare, this is strong evidence that a UFO-type craft was operating in the region at 2:40 AM.

Map from Bethlehem,
                                            Pennsylvania to Millerton,
                                            Pennsylvania 16936

2. The Google Map above shows road distances but the distance from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to Millerton is just under 200 miles as the crow flies. The MADAR site is actually about 5-6 miles south of Millerton at Jobs Corner.
3. The sighting took place about three hours before the MADAR site was alerted to a credited anomaly at 5:36 AM. The anomaly was triggered by a magnetometer field reading and confirmed to produce a compass heading change of more than 3 degrees. A 15-degree deviation was documented, indicating a UFO-type event probably occurred near the MADAR site three hours after the first sighting but was not observed or reported.
4. The field readings at the time were calculated using positive and negative numbers from a triple-axis magnetometer, and were not representative of an actual milligrams reading. They did, however, give us ambient readings that preceded an anomaly, increased data during an anomaly, and finally documented a state of normalcy equal to the normal ambient. Today's readings are positive numbers and contain no problematic calculations, and are a direct ratio of the data from any one of the three axes.
5. The witness was obviously shook up and apparently did not file a written report with MUFON.

This was the first in a series of events at the site, beginning in July of of 2018, two months after MADAR became operational. Both the sighting and MADAR event are considered to be rated high. 

If anyone is interested in direct participation in the MADAR Project or Project MATCH is certainly welcome. please contact me.

Fran Ridge
Director, MADAR Operations Center
Newburgh, Indiana