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NICAP Cap is $25 U.S. and $35 Foreign.



The MADAR-III DataProbe

Join the MADAR project by purchasing a MADAR-III DataProbe for $199.99 which includes Priority Mail Shipping and $219.99 Foreign with Priority Mail. Due to our manufacturing process and build-to-order at this time, we are allowing two weeks for shipping. To contribute to the MADAR project please use the Donate button above. Any amount is appreciated.

DVD:   "U.F.O.: The True Story of Flying Saucers"
Read the story by Robert Barrow, "Unidentified Flying Objects: A Most Remarkable UFO Documentary Film", then watch the actual film. "Unidentified Flying Objects" (1956) - This was the first feature-length UFO documentary, the granddaddy of all UFO films. In 1956, Clarence Greene produced a major motion picture dealing with the UFO subject. Ninety-two minutes in duration, 8,166 feet in length, and shot in black & white - except for two actual films of UFOs (once Top Secret); the Nick Mariana, Great Falls Montana color film and the Delbert C. Newhouse, Tremonton, Utah color film, which were offered in their original color. Also, extremely interesting and disturbing is the story of the saucers detected on radar over Washington in July of 1952. This two disc boxed collector's edition, produced as a fund-raiser for the NICAP research site, has the CD-Rom with the full article and a DVD of the 92-miniute film. This collector's edition is yours for a donation of $15 or more U.S. or $20 or more Foreign.



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