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The Maury Island Mystery
June 21, 1947

Francis Ridge:
To be honest, I haven't read anything about this case other than what Ruppelt wrote in his book in 1956, below. The full chapter regarding the Maury Island incident is linked first below, followed by more recent coverage from the internet. I welcome any important updates. However, since researchers haven't seemed interested in the case for so many years I feel that any new information may be only historical in nature, but I also have an open mind and realize that not everything Ruppelt told us was true. On Jan 24, 2006 I added some general facts that Dan Wilson found on the "case".in the BB files.

Captain Edward J. Ruppelt:
The majority of the writers of saucer lore have played this sighting to the hilt, pointing out as their main premise the fact that the story must be true because the government never openly exposed or prosecuted either of the two hoaxers. This is a logical premise, but a false one. The reason for the thorough investigation of the Maury Island Hoax was that the government had thought seriously of prosecuting the men. At the last minute it was decided, after talking to the two men, that the hoax was a harmless joke that had mushroomed, and that the loss of two lives and a B-25 could not be directly blamed on the two men. The story wasn't even printed because at the time of the incident, even though in this case the press knew about it, the facts were classed as evidence. By the time the facts were released they were yesterday's news. And nothing is deader than yesterday's news. 

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