Form: 97BB
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 06:19:18 -0800
From: Dan Wilson
Subject: Case 854 (Report of the UFO Wave of 1947) - About June 29, 1947, Medford, Oregon
Cat: 1

About June 29, Jacksonville, Oregon: In a sighting report received following the preparation of the Chronology, NICAP obtained information about a V-formation of UFOs seen by a group of people on a Sunday either at the end of June or early in July. The date, believed to be June 29, had not been definitely established at the time of writing. The report was sent to NICAP by Paul Cerny, of NICAP's Bay Area Subcommittee.

Early on that Sunday afternoon, a group of people had gathered at Jacksonville, Oregon, a few miles west of Medford, just above the California border. The group included Peter Vogel, M.D., and his wife (now Mrs. Kay G. Kuehnel, of Santa Clara, California, who recently reported the sighting to Mr. Cerny), eight other members of the Vogel family, and about ten others. About 1:00 p.m. PST, a V-formation of oval objects was noticed in the sky above Ashland, 15 to 20 miles southeast of Jacksonville. The formation was traveling northwest toward Medford, east of the observers. There were nine objects.

According to Mrs. Kuehnel, when first seen the objects were "as white as snow geese";  as they came closer they became blue-white, "like a fluorescent-bulb light." They were sharply outlined and seemed to be solid; "also translucent, like a light, pebbled, frosted bulb." The size of the individual objects was estimated as more than twice the diameter of the full moon -- presumably when the objects were nearest to the witnesses, although this is not stated definitely. There was no sound, and no vapor trails were emitted as the formation approached Medford. But when the objects seemed to be over the tower of Medford airport, they each made a spiral ascent, one after the other, and each went behind a cloud that had not been there before and which the objects themselves "seemed to produce."

After the objects had first been noticed in the direction of Ashland, Dr. Vogel went indoors and telephoned the Medford airport tower; Mr. Milligan, Airport Manager, said that he could not see anything. Vogel then ran to his car for his binoculars and camera, but by the time he returned the objects were already out of sight in the cloud, which seemed to be directly over the airport tower.

Both Ashland and Medford were visible from the hillside where the witnesses stood. As the towns are 20 miles apart and the formation had taken about 10 minutes to travel that distance, Mrs. Kuehnel calculated their speed at about 120 miles an hour. Asked to compare one of the objects to a common object that would have appeared similar in the sky, Mrs. Kuehnel answered, "No known object that large and featureless." The objects did not reappear, but the cloud "stayed an oval and stationary shape for over an hour."

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