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Date: Updated 5 Feb 2006
From: Francis Ridge, Coordinator
Cat: 10
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Nuclear Connection Project

Subject: The Fort Monmouth / Sandy Hook, NJ Incidents, September 10, 1951

Drafted 22 Nov 2000, Updated 10 Aug 2006
Francis Ridge:

What we have here is almost the perfect case, and there is certainly more to the story than we presently have on file. This page is simply the Directory for the Fort Monmouth and Sandy Hook documents. My more-detailed commentary serves as a synopsis and evaluation for the incidents that caused a major stir at the Pentagon.  My brief comments on the case

Our thanks to everyone who did all the research on this monumental case. Especially to Mike Hall who provided all the original documentation, to both Wendy Connors & Mike Hall for the historical update, and to Robert Swiatek of FUFOR for the Ruppelt notes not used in his book.  Without our research efforts, which resulted from the T-33 pilot reports to the media, all we had was the GRUDGE Report and this final statement by Capt. Ruppelt: "The UFO that the student radar operator had assumed to be traveling at a terrific speed because he couldn't lock on to it turned out to be a 400-mile-an-hour conventional airplane. He had just gotten fouled up on his procedures for putting the radar set on automatic tracking. The sighting by the two officers in the T-33 jet fell apart when Metscher showed how they'd seen a balloon."  Brad Sparks analysis proves that the T-33 was NOT chasing a balloon. (See below).

This updated version is the result of the acquisition of better copies of the documents, and the subsequent locating of new ones. Our thanks here goes to William Wise of the Project Blue Book Archive, whose valuable and painstaking work has allowed us to find better and smaller jpegs of the documents to replace the bulky and "lossy" gif files I scanned in years ago. Finally our thanks to Dan Wilson whose tedious job it is to find these documents on the BB site and generate reports on various aspects of each case.

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator

Fort Monmouth Incident
NARA-PBB1-42 - Aug-Sept BB Printout - Fran Ridge
NARA-PBB89 1184-1185 - Memorandum for Mr. Levy - Release of Information - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB8 1481-1482 - Ft. Monmouth Case / Violation of AFR 205-1 - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB8 1520-1521 - Fort Monmouth Air Intelligence Information Report - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB8 1531-1546 - Transcript of Investigation of Fort Monmouth Sightings - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB9 161-162 - Sept. 10, 1951, Fort Monmouth, Several Objects Sighted - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB9 164-173 - Fort Monmouth & Sandy Hook Witnesses - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB9 180 - General Information, Weather for Fort Monmouth - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB9 183-186 - Statements From Members of the Radar Training Detachment, Ft. Monmouth - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB9 189 - EADT Reply Concerning Unusual Occurrences at Fort Monmouth - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB9 198 - ADC Requests Full Evaluation of Observations Near Asbury Park - Dan Wilson
FBI - Confidential Report on Fort Monmouth Radar Incident - Pages 31-34 - Dan Wilson

Sandy Hook Incident
NARA-PBB89 434 - Jet Chases Weird Object 30 Miles - Washington Daily News - Dan Wilson
NARA-PBB85 540-548 - GRUDGE Special Status Report No. 1 / Fort Monmouth Incidents  (T-33) - Dan Wilson
NARA-PBB89 1174-1175 - Balloon Releases from Fort Monmouth - Dan Wilson
NARA-PBB89 1177-1182 - Newspaper Release Concerning UFO - 11 Sep 1951 - Dan Wilson
NARA-PBB89 1186 - Memorandum for Mr. Levy - Release of Information to the Press - Dan Wilson
NARA-PBB89 1189 - Maj. Barron Released Certain Information to the Press - Dan Wilson
NARA-PBB89 1194-1198 - Report of Telephone Conversation / Fort Monmouth Incident - Dan Wilson
NARA-PBB89 1199-1201 - Airmen Overheard In Diner, Unusual Object Sighted - Fran Ridge
NARA-PBB89 1207-1208 - AIIR, Sept 10, 1951, Sandy Hook - Dan Wilson
NARA-PBB89 1209 - Statement of Wilbert S. Rogers - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB9 203-205 - Interrogation of Rogers and Ballard - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB8 1466-1471 - Sept. 10, 1951, Sandy Hook, NJ / Re: Ft. Monmouth - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB8 1501-1502 - Message to JEDWP/CG ADC Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB8 1503-1504 - Reporting of Information on Unconventional Aircraft / Sandy Hook, NJ - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB8 1505-1508 - Col. Taylor Making Quick Trip to Washington - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB8 1510 - Pilot Says He Saw Odd Object Speed Over Coast at 900 M.P.H. - Dan Wilson
MAXW-PBB8 1511-1512 - Statements on UFO Sighting Over Sandy Hook - Dan Wilson
Incoming Classified Message - RADNOTE - Report and Analysis of Fort Monmouth Incident - Dan Wilson

Other News Clippings
2 in Jet Chase 'Flying Saucer' Going 900 M.P.H. Over New Jersey
Pilots See 900-MPH 'Saucer' In Flight Over Coast of New Jersey
Mystery 'disc' spotted over N.J.
Pilot Says He Saw Odd Object Speed Over Coast at 900 M.P.H.
900 MPH 'Disc' Chased Over N.J.
Here's That Flying Saucer Again -- 2 AF Jet Pilots Lose It At 900 MPH
450 MPH Jet Tails 900 MPH 'Thing' Over N.J.

Reference Material
The Fort Monmouth/Sandy Hook, N.J., UFO Incidents, Sept. 10, 1951 - Francis Ridge
The Fort Monmouth Story - Too Many Coincidences - Captain Edward J. Ruppelt
The Ruppelt Notes - c/o Robert Swiatek, FUFOR
The Fort Monmouth Case: A New Look - Wendy Connors & Michael Hall
ATIC Case File Showing Location of the Incident - Wendy Connors
Desk Pad for September 1951 Showing Notes - Mike Hall
Evaluation of the Fort Monmouth Incident - James E McDonald
Analysis Proves  T-33 Was Not Chasing A Balloon - Brad Sparks
UFO Updates Rebuttal - Further Analysis - Brad Sparks
Another Case Update - Brad Sparks
Setting the Stage for Monmouth - Joel Carpenter
UFO Intelligence Summary - July-Dec 1961 - Francis Ridge
5 March 1952, Letter to CSI on Fort Monmouth Case

The T-33 Jet Trainer
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