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[TO:]  Acting Chief [Aaron H. Sullivan], P&E Division, SI  
27 January 1953
[Physics & Electronic Division, CIA OSI] 
THROUGH:  Chief, GP Branch, SI [Geophysics Branch, (Office of) Scientific Intelligence]
[FROM:]  Lt. Col. F. [Frederic] C. E. Oder, GP Branch
Meetings of OSI Advisory Group on Unidentified Flying Objects, 14-17 January 1953
  1. At your request I represented P&E [OSI Physics & Electronics] Division at the subject meetings.  I was present at nearly all meetings of the group with the exception of the afternoon of Friday, the 16th and the session on Saturday, the 17th.  During the latter two sessions the Advisory Group went into executive session for the production of their [sic] report to AD/SI [Assistant CIA Director for Scientific Intelligence, H. Marshall Chadwell].
  1. The following OSI Consultants formed the Advisory Group:
                        Dr. H. P. Robertson, Chairman
                        Dr. Sam Goudsmit
                        Dr. Louis [sic] [Luis] Alvarez
                        Dr. Thornton Page (missed morning session on 16th)
                        Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner (present only on afternoon of 16th and 17th)
                        Dr. J. A. Hynek (an ATIC consultant – he sat in on all the sessions after the first day, but did not sign the report to AD/SI as an official group member)
  1. The following OSI staff members attended:
                        Dr. H. M. Chadwell (most of the first day only)
                        Mr. P. [Philip] G. Strong (first day only) [Chief, Operations Staff, OSI]
Mr. F. [Frederick] C. Durant (although now an OSI consultant [sic] [NOTE ADDED 2016: this is cover story even within OSI], he functioned as a staff member for the conference [sic] [NOTE ADDED 2016: he was a full OSI Ops staff member all along not just for the UFO conference] and attended all sessions including the executive sessions)
                        Mr. D. [David] B. Stevenson, Weapons [& Equipment] Division [OSI]
                        Lt. Col. F. C. E. Oder, P&E Division
  1. The following persons were invited to present certain background information to the Advisory Group:
                        Captain Edward Ruppelt, ATIC who presented information on the work of Proj. Bluebook [sic] [Blue Book] (and its predecessors “Grudge”, “Saucer” [sic], and “Sign”) and discussed in detail many of their specific investigations.
                       Major [Dewey] Fourney [sic] [Fournet], AFOIN [Air Force Intelligence] (by now on inactive status and with The Ethyl Corp.) who presented findings independent of ATIC. Representatives of the Navy Photographic Labs who presented their analysis of films of a “Sighting.” [sic]
  1.    The first business on the agenda was a welcome by and a charge (Att. #1) to the group by Dr. Chadwell.  This was followed by a statement of the CIA interest by Mr. Strong.  CIA had been requested [sic] [NOT TRUE] by IAC [Intelligence Advisory Committee] to look into the “flying saucer problem” because of three related national security problems:  (a) possible exploitation to produce mass hysteria, (b) the confusions and dangers inherent in observations of “flying saucers” by the U.S. [Air Defense Command] radar and [Ground Observer Corps] observer systems, (c) the dangerof [sic] “flying saucer reports” overloading the emergency communications facilities of the Department of Defense.
  1. Because of the quality of the consultants and the excellence of their introduction to the subject by Dr. Chadwell and Mr. Strong. the Advisory Group never lost sight of its goals inspite [sic] of the fact that the discussion took many excursions.
  1. The Advisory Group submitted its report to AD/SI on 17 January 1953.  Their principal finding was that at the present time the unidentified flying objects pose no threat to the security of the United States.  They recommended the establishment of program [sic] of education regarding the sightings particularly as concerns the U. S. radar and observer system, and for the general public as well.
  1. Most of the OSI files on this subject are being retained in the office of the AD/SI.  Weapons [& Equipment] Division has a considerable file which according to Stevenson, they would like to dispose of because of the findings of the Advisory Group that “flying saucers” pose no present threat to the United States security.  Mr. Durant feels that the material in the Weapons Division file should be maintained in one the substantive Divisions of OSI and has suggested that P&E Division take them over and maintain them.  Mr. Stevenson of Weapons Division currently has the material and estimates that several hours per week will be required to keep it current.  He indicates that he is suggesting to Mr. [Edward] Tauss, Chief of Weapons Division, that P&E Division get the files.  I would like to suggest that the Active Chief, P&E Division discuss this with Mr. Tauss.  I personally don’t see why P&E Division has any greater interest in this material than Weapons Division.
  1. If GP Branch, P&E Division is given the responsibility for the files mentioned in paragraph 8, above, one (1) additional safe will be required.
                                                                                                FREDERIC C. E. ODER
                                                                                                Lt. Colonel, USAF
   cc:     Orig. & 1 – Div. Off. [OSI Physics & Electronics Division]
                          1 – DRF [Daily Reading File, OSI]  
                          1 – GPF [Geophysics Branch File, OSI P&E Div.]
                          1 – Originator
[Oder's Attachment 1:]
1.      To review available evidence on unidentified flying objects and to consider possible dangers to national security related thereto.
2.      To advise concerning the amount and kind of data necessary for a scientific evaluation of these phenomena.
3.      In particular to comment on:
a.       Validity of current CIA evaluation of related dangers.
b.      Methodology and scope of current and planned ATIC investigation.
c.       Advisability of further meetings of this group or further review of the subject by a larger panel.
[Oder's Attachment (2):  Fournet material]
A.     Hysteria, hallucinations, hoaxes, etc.  (Psychological)
B.     Misidentifications of conventional objects:
  1. Aircraft, missiles, searchlight reflections, etc.  (man-made, controlled)
  2. Balloons, kites, etc.  (man-made, uncontrolled)
  3. Birds, bugs, etc.  (animal)
  4. Dust, seeds (e.g. dandelion), paper, etc.  (foreign matter)
C.     Natural Phenomena:
  1. Light aberrations, reflections, refractions, etc.
  2. Anomalous radar propagation.
  3. Ionization, static electricity, ball lighting [sic] [lightning], etc.
  4. Planets, meteors and other astronomical bodies.
  5. Others.
D.     Unconventional man-made devices:
  1. US
  2. USSR and other foreign
E.     Extraterrestrial origin:
  1. Animal
  2. Machine
[Hand-written note]
            Basis of Maj Fourney’s [sic] [Fournet's] presentation to OSI Advis. Gp. 14-17 Jan 53
                                    (given on 16 Jan)