Major Fournet's Motion Study List

Fran Ridge:
Some time ago we reconstructed the (Albert M.) Chop clearance list showing 42 formerly classified UFO reports given to NICAP's Maj. Keyhoe. This new list, the one we refer to as Fournet's Motion Study list, is an attempt to reconstruct the one Maj. Fournet took before the CIA panel in January of 1953. But first, a small bio of Major Dewey Fournet.

Fournet, Dewey J., Major, USAF
Fournet served in the Technical Capabilities Branch of AF Intelligence until transfer to the new Current Intelligence Branch in the June 1952 reorganization.  Fournet took over UFO duties in the TCB (liaison officer between Project Grudge/Blue Book and the Pentagon) from Lt. Col. Milton D. Willis in Feb 1952. (Ruppelt:  Dewey got hot on the subject right away and helped us a great deal in getting things straightened out in the Pentagon. His job was just supposed to be part time, but within a matter of months he was working on it full time) Fournet was the most confirmed believer Ruppelt had run into in the Pentagon. He had access to all of their reports, read them all over very carefully, and was absolutely convinced. His most notable effort was the famous "motion study" that "proved" the UFOs operated under intelligent control. (In 1979 interviews with Brad Sparks, Col. William A. Adams and Col. Weldon H. Smith said that in Jan 1953 Smith signed Fournet's study and sent it to Adams who also signed and approved Fournet's study concluding that UFO's were extraterrestrial.  Col. Adams said he sent the study up the chain of command, to the Deputy Director for Estimates, Col. Jack Morrow, who also signed and approved the study and sent it to the D/I, Maj. Gen. John A. Samford.) This study was presented to the Robertson Panel in January of 1953 and was rejected. After retiring from the Air Force, Fournet became a member of NICAP's  original Board of Governors.

Edward J. Ruppelt:
Dewey Fournet, who had completed his tour of active duty in the Air Force and was now a civilian, was called from Houston, Texas, to tell the scientists about the study since he had worked very closely with the group that had prepared it. The study covered several hundred of our most detailed UFO reports. By a very critical process of elimination, based on the motion of the reported UFO's, Fournet told the panel how he and any previous analysis by Project Blue Book had been disregarded and how those reports that could have been caused by any one of the many dozen known objects - balloons, airplanes, astronomical bodies, etc., were sifted out. This sifting took quite a toll, and the study ended up with only ten or twenty reports that fell into the "Unknown" category. Since such critical methods of evaluation had been used, these few reports proved beyond a doubt that the UFO's were intelligently controlled by persons with brains equal to or far surpassing ours. The next step in the study, Fournet explained, was to find out where they came from. "Earthlings" were eliminated, leaving the final answer - spacemen. Both Dewey and I had been somewhat worried about how the panel would react to a study with such definite conclusions. But when he finished his presentation, it was obvious from the tone of the questioning that the men were giving the conclusions serious thought. Fournet's excellent reputation was well known.

Michael Swords:
Looking at one of them (CIA docs), [the January 27,1953 letter to Julius Stratton from Marshall Chadwell I can tell you what the background of that is, if you don't already know and want to] I came across page 8 and there was part of Dewey Fournet's famous but not seen "motions study" of UFOs as presented to the Robertson Panel. According to what one can reasonably assume by looking at the page, Dewey presented 17 cases [from which he deduced that UFOs were guided by intelligence and the flight characteristics indicated that the intelligence was beyond "us".] This number rings true as Ed Ruppelt says that Dewey sifted his cases down to between ten and twenty. The page shows arrangements of UFOs in the chosen cases, and given the strong likelihood that most if not all of them were 1952 cases on Dewey's watch, they might be specifically identifiable. #6 is, for instance, almost certainly, Nash-Fortenberry. Ruppelt gives two of the cases in his book, and a third in the draft copy pre-cutting. These probably could be matched up, too. Has this document already been seen for what it is?, and has someone already identified the 17 cases?

Jan Aldrich:
<>I mentioned this at the MUFON History meeting....Fournet's motion study was hidden in plain sight within the CIA release, at least the illustrations of the cases and the conclusions were there......someone should try to identify the cases from the illustrations.  I would expect that one should try to fit modern ones first.  Fournet also had some cases he identified as from "Operation Interloper" which he also may have used as the basis of his study.