Date: Sun, 07 Jun 2009 21:24:55 -0400
From: Jan Aldrich <>
Subject: Re: Chadwell Letter to Stratton X-Originating-IP:
To: A-Team

Fournet had something is his briefcast call Operation Interloper. Whatever it was it
represented cases that he encountered on his own and were not AF cases or were published
in other sources like the African Airlines case at Mt Kilaminjaro (sp?). The case count for
Operation Interloper was over 20, but Fournet's briefcase only contain a few of them. Some of
the Interloper cases were pre 1947.  Fournet told Keyhoe that he should request a complete
 list of 1952 unknown cases from the AF, he would find best evidence there. Maybe this was a
 hint to Keyhoe.