Date: Fri. 05 Jun 2009 19:10:55 -0400 (EOT)
From: Brad Sparks
Subject: Re: Fournet's Motion Study Cases

This is great! Swords may well have identified a lot of the cases Fournet used. I had already identified Nash-Fortenberry and Carson Sink (those were easy). What I find interesting is that Tremonton is NOT on the list, as Fournet and Ruppelt considered the objects to be birds not UFO's (Fournet's cover memo transmitting the film to NavPIC for study mentions birds as the main explanation being considered).

I traced the history of approvals of the study by interview.  Col. Weldon H. Smith told me that he signed and approved the Fournet study and sent it up to Col William A. Adams.  Col. Adams said that he signed and approved it and sent it up to the AFOIN Deputy Director for Estimates, Col. Jack Morrow, who also signed and approved it and sent it to the Director of Intelligence, Maj. Gen John A. Samford, in about January 1953.  Adams told me that it concluded that UFO's were extraterrestrial but what Samford did with it Adams said he didn't know.  There are likely to be copies at each level of approval in the AF Intelligence hierarchy if sufficient search effort could be focused on these archives.  My guess is that Samford asked Dr Stefan Possony, the Acting Chief of AFOIN's Special Studies Group, to look it over and comment.  Possony probably said all the actions that seemed like "intelligent control" could be explained by a natural phenomenon, without dealing with any of the cases of metallic structured objects.