Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 14:25:50 -0400
From: Jan Aldrich <>
Subject: Missing official docs and "Ten Most Wanted"
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Hi All,

Below is a list I sent to Jim modifying my original list of the "Ten Most Wanted,"  (TMW) these include just some of "The Missing" off the top of my head.  More nominations most welcome for The Missing and TMW.

* indicates priority document and nomination for TMW.

World War II Era

1) Dr. David Griggs report to General Hap Arnold on foo-fighters. (Sources Durant report on the Robertson Panel, McDonald telephone interview with Dr. Griggs.) *

2.) Hq, 20th Bomber Command Weekly Air Intelligence Digest. (not Vol. 2, #12, already checked) article on foo-fighters.  (Source: former XX Bomber Cmd Intel Officer)

3)  8th and 9th Air Force intel docs on containing material on foo-fighters. (Source:  former 8th AF Intel officer at MUFON CT meeting.)

Ghost Rocket Era

1) 1946-1948:  Approximately 50 documents reference in a collection of ghost rocket documents compile during my research.  These documents include intelligence reports, cables and reports by military and naval attachees, AAF, Army, Navy, State Dept and SSA  (I already have a database of these items with the references.)

2.  Navy SigInt Aircraft deployed to Scandinavia to obtain Sig Intel on GR. (Joel Carpenter's research.)

Era of Confusion 1947

1)  June 1947 Intel report on Horton aircraft manufacturing in USSR  (Air Defense magazine "Air Intel Reports," Project BB memo, AIR 203.  I have the Air Intel Serial Number of the report somewhere.  This is propably not a priority document as Air Def Air  Intel Reports discusses this document at great lenghts.)

2)  Project Abstract report and docs.  LTC Seashore was apparently head of project.  Apparent subject was Axis nuclear technology and possible delivery systems.  Relationship to early UFO research is most probable.  (Src:  TS AAF message aluding to Project Abstract.)  *

3)   Chemical Corps document on the Dow metal.  Early trace case, file mentions that the matter was referred to Army Chemical Corps. (see Joel Carpenter's article.)

4)  July 10, 1947 cables from Hq AAF Intel to Air Defense Command and AMC that selected UFO cases were to be investigated.  (Ref. In AAF Intel Correspondence files.)

5) Air Defense Itel UFO documents, various decimal numbers...(Robert Todd established with the AF that Intel docs were turned over to the Nat Archives in Washington, while the bulk of Air Def files were in St Louis.)

Project SIGN Era

1.  USAF Top Secret Est of the Situation 1948  (Confirmed by Ruppelt and Fournet.  USAF conceded to Hennessey that the document had probably existed.) *

2)  Project Sign Interim Report 30 Nov 1948.  (Documents with HQ AF Intel refer to this report, some of the conclusion are quoted in a Navy analysis doc.  The conclusion are probably the same at the Estimate.) *

Early Project Blue Book Era

1)  1952 secret govt report revealed by columnist Allen, former editor of Aviation Week.  Allen mentioned this in his column and twice answered quiries about it from Capt Wm Nash *

2)   Fournet motion study partially available within docs previously released.  (Some of the illustrations from the report are shown in the CIA released documents--most ufologists don't understand the significance of the illustrations.  We could possibly reconstruct some of the report by identifying the reports used in the study.  (Ruppelt, Fournet and CIA FOIA collection) *

3) Report to SAC by Tyndel AFB Intel officer on UFOs seen in the area. (ref.  Unit history, NICAP interview with enlisted intel specalist who work for the Intel officer, NUFORC site.) *

1953-1959  Later BB Era

1)  South African AF cooperating with US and UK authorites on UFO problem. (News articles quoting SAAF spokesperson.)

2)  AF IG publication (TIGB) comments on CIRVIS/JANAP 146.  (Ref. in Bernard Burrach personal papers.)

3)  27 April 1954 Unidentified Radar Returns over Atlantic Ocean, USAF intel report # AF619841 dtd 1 May 1954, 303 Bomb Wing, 36 Air Div, SAC.  Local intel report Id # SAC-9-54, 2 encl: 1 sketch of returns, 2 film of returns (I have hundreds of these UFO reports from AF Intel index cards, some apparently not in BB files)

4) 16 Mar 54 Report of Unusual Flying Object. AF610872, ADC, 755th AC&W Sq, 19 Mar54. (Not in Project BB)

Jim note! Here are some more UFO reports/unknown incidents not in BB. Again, I checked these few intel reports against the Project BB index, I would appreciate if someone would check my work.

15-29 April 1954, Unidentified Flying Objects, AF 624250, Republic of Korea, FEAF, Dir of Intel, IR 82-54, 21 May 1954

23 May 1954, Unifentifed Flying Objects, AF 627740, South Korea, FEAF, 319th Fighter Interceptor Sq., IR 13-54, 24 May 1954

15 June 1954, Unidentified Flying Objects, AF 629043, Korea, FEAF, 8th Fighter Bomber Group 1-54, 16 June 1954.

2 July 1954, Unidentified Flying Objects, AF 629823, South Korea, FEAF 319th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, IR 15-54, 3 July 1954

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