Spencer, T. David, 1996,  Current Cases,
Mutual UFO Journal, no. 336, April 1996, p. 8 and 18:

Current Cases

By T. David Spencer
MUFON Deputy Director, Investigations

Multiple Sightings in Indiana

On July 13, 1993, near Ligonier, Indiana, nine sightings were experienced by different witnesses, and all of them occurred between 2100 and 2135 hours local time.  They were all investigated and reported by Bruce Engstrom and Robert Taylor.

Log # 931242J, CE-1, Cromwell, at 2100 hours, for 10 minutes.

As a mother and her child were driving home, a group of bright red lights and blue lights appeared to be following them.  After reaching their mobile home, the woman saw the lights hovering at between two and ten feet over the roof.  At first, the lights were in a horizontal line about 50 feet long.  They then divided into two groups and revealed shiny, oval objects supporting them.

Within 10 minutes, the woman and child heard a high-pitched sound, and the objects moved away in a westerly southwest direction, going out of sight behind the trees.

Log # 931238J, CE-1, Ligonier, at 2100 hours, for 20 minutes.

A woman (main witness), her mother, and two children driving home were stopped at railroad tracks for a freight train.  They noticed three red-orange lights hovering above the tracks while the train passed.  When they drove on by, curiosity made them stop and look back at the lights, which were floating but staying in one place no more than 400 feet away.  The lights were about 25 feet above the road and spaced between 10 and 25 feet apart.  They seemed to rotate as a unit, although no structure appeared to connect them.

After about 10 minutes, the lights moved off westward, and the witnesses continued their journey.  As they neared their home about 20 minutes later, they saw the same lights moving northwestwards past their house.

Log # 931239J, CE-1, Ligonier, at 2105 hours, for 20 minutes.

As a woman drove toward home, she thought fire trucks must be there because there was a row of 8-10 bright red lights casting light.  When she arrived home, she saw the lights begin to move to the northwest.  She rushed into the house and summoned her husband and son, who managed to see two of the lights at a distance.

Log # 931243J, MA-1, Syracuse, at 2115 hours, for seven minutes. [see AR report-jw]

A man standing on his porch heard what sounded like the hum from a generator coming from his back yard.  When he checked on the sound, he saw a dark-gray, cigar-shaped object with bright red lights on either end slowly drifting westward.  The object rose from near ground level to 50-70 feet, turned, then drifted northward.  It passed through some trees and out of sight.  After the incident, the witness felt dizzy and developed a rash.

Being an owner of a small airport and a previously licensed pilot, the witness gave a confident estimate from his viewpoint at 600 feet away that the object was about 280 feet long and 25 feet thick.

Log # 940202J, FB-1,  Wolflake, at 2130 hours, for five minutes.

A family of three was driving homeward in their truck, westward on a state road, when the daughter pointed out three flashing red lights at tree level, possibly two miles away, moving horizontally in a straight path from southeast to northwest.  A slight relative movement was noted, suggesting the lights were independent of each other.  No sound could be distinguished trhough the open windows, but the truck’s radio was on.  The lights passed behind trees and out of view.  Minutes later, at home, the family watched two other lights, which turned out to be rotating beacons on the underside of two helicopters moving in the same direction as the earlier lights.

This case could possibly be an identified flying object (IFO)—helicopters—but  the coincidence with the other cases was thought to be too unusual to make the IFO classification.

Log # 931241J, CE-1, Ligonier, at 2130 hours, for 15 minutes.

Two teenagers were driving southward on Sparta Lake Road when they saw two bright red flashing lights separated horizontally by 50 feet and moving at an altitude of about 300 feet.  They stopped and got out of the car to watch the lights maneuver over farm buildings, then away.  When the lights were less than 500 feet away, the young women could hear a low-pitched hum.  As the lights left, the flashing stopped.  Driving on, they briefly saw the lights moving behind trees.

Log # 931244J, MA-1, Ligonier, at 2130 hours, for two minutes.

As a farmer left his barn, he saw “a lot of big, bright, dark cherry red, slow pulsating lights” coming from the south.  At first, he thought there might be an airplane crashing, until he saw the lights turn westward and continue until he could no longer see them.  He believed each light was at least two feet in diameter and that the pair was attached to a single structure about 50 feet wide, or more.  They were at an altitude of less than 500 feet and more than one mile away from him.

Log # 931241jJ, CE-1, Ligonier, at 2130 hours, for 30 minutes.

A woman driving homeward, southeast on Route 33, saw two red rectangular lights which were flashing at tree level.  The flashing was at different rates and alternating between the lights.  Separated by 10 feet, the lights were horizontal at first, but changed to vertical before the sighting was over.  At home, the woman had her husband watch as the lights drifted away to the northwest.

Log # 941245J, CE-1, Cromwell, at 2135 hours, for 20 seconds.

Three teenagers traveling southward on Route 5 noticed several bright red lights beyond the trees.  Three quarters of  a mile later, two objects having a red light each passed less than 50 feet over their car.  The objects had a length of between 11-30 feet, were separated by 50 feet, and were moving rapidly beyond the trees, going from the southeast to the northwest.  Out of fear, one witness screamed during the fly over.