Accidental-War Danger Increasing
UFOI, October 1961

In a recent statement, Vice President Johnson declared: 

"The western allies must be prepared for every possible eventuality- - deliberate or accidental." 

Three weeks ago, the Vice President sent the Senate Preparedness Subcommittee an urgent NICAP report on one increasing hazard: The danger of mistaking UFOs for Soviet bombers or missiles. 

There is an equal danger that Russia might fatally mistake UFOs for a U.S. attack. If our Government spotlighted this risk, it might cause the Kremlin to take similar steps to end confusion over UFOs. 

The following steps show how UFOs might trigger World War III: 

1. U.S.-Canada radar picks up un known, high-speed flying objects heading for this continent. Many defense-radar personnel fully accept denials that UFOs exist; when all radars show such solid objects in large formation or groups. obviously under intelligent control, these operators are likely to conclude: Probable Soviet attack. SAC (Strategic Air Command) bombers are launched. By AF admission. this situation has already occurred. 

2. Soviet agents near SAC bases see the launchings, secretly radio Moscow. Soviet bombers are launched, missile bases alerted. 

3. As SAC bombers head toward Russia, checks are swiftly made to confirm or disprove the alarm. Intelligence has no word of sudden Soviet preparations. But, because of the Berlin crisis, Russia is known to be in at least partial war-readiness. This could be a surprise attack. 

4. At a certain point, SAC pilots are prepared to turn back unless they receive coded signals that the President has ordered attack. Presumably, the Soviet has a similar system. By now, both U.S. and Soviet radar have picked up the other side's bombers. This would not make war certain -- realizing that mutual disaster was inevitable, both fleets might warily circle, well out of range, then return to their bases. But; if high-speed UFOs were tracked, heading for either country, it could cause a fateful decision. Several UFOs have been tracked at missile speeds--one at 18.000 m.p.h., by Navy scientists at White Sands, two at over 9,000 m.p.h. (Goose Bay AFB, and by an AF B-29 radar.) If either side mistook UFOs for H- bomb missiles aimed at their cities and bases, war would be almost inevitable. 

The risk is there, and growing. Even if it is only a tiny fraction of 1%, it is still too great. 

"The confusion about UFOs among our defense personnel should be ended promptly." warns the NICAP Board. "All available information, including methods of distinguishing UFOs from ordinary missiles or aircraft, should be released at once." 

Many members already are backing NICAP's attempts to reduce UFO secrecy dangers. But the average American still does not realize the risk of accidental war from mistaking UFOs for Soviet missiles or bombers. This danger has been greatly increased by Khrushchev's threats and ruthless Soviet efforts to intimidate the United States. We urge all members to help spread word of this hazard- -not just as a patriotic duty, but to increase our chance of survival as Communist-inspired tension menaces the free world, 

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