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UFO: The History, the Investment, and the Human Race Today

Robert Duvall

There are hundreds of military visual sightings over sensitive installations with radar coverage that leave no radar traces or records. On the other hand, there are hundreds of radar/visual sightings with records as well. There were tests performed utilizing Geiger counter tubes in a pattern where regular flights were being reported and sure enough these fly-bys were recorded as well. There are also many cases where the objects are seen from the ground, fighters are scrambled, and no visual contact is made – but as soon as the jets land the objects are back. So the scramble goes again and the same thing happens. These include radar records indicating the appearance and disappearance of these objects. The objects often disappear visually to reappear in the same location moments later, or reappear in a different location, disappear from there and reappear in the original location. The best radar visual is the Japan cargo plane (JAL) flying over Alaska and pursued by an extremely large UFO through evasive maneuvers and straight flight for more than a half an hour. There is an incredible record on that one thanks to a forward thinking FAA employee. Both civilian and military radars and other flights were involved in this one and the record is clear and concise. The JAL pilot was relieved (grounded) but some within the UFO research community intervened and eventually got the pilot reinstated. Who says we are a bunch of worthless “Fringies”? Obviously these sightings are complex, but I would argue that as with the correlation of activity to our own historical developments, these tactics could be understood with detailed analysis.


As for the nuclear historical correlation, I strongly believe that if situational details could be known – details about alert status or sensitive weapons development/test/deployment/upgrades within the facilities at the time of the sightings - we would find that the activity would reflect a response to our ongoing developments and would fall into at least two categories - surveillance and demonstration. Through this comparative analysis the intent of each event could be understood. The demonstration category could be further broken down into at least two further categories – intentional passive presence for duration to get the attention of military leaders - and active engagement of military assets. The passive demonstration usually occurs at high altitudes out of reach of aircraft and has duration. This could also be surveillance activity. In active scenarios, UFO’s often engage military aircraft and other assets demonstrating superiority, a tactic that occurs more often than many realize. But the most revealing activity is when UFO’s spend time at facilities during times of high alert status at readied aircraft or towards the end of new weapons upgrade/developments at the missile sites - activities meant to be conveyed to the top military leaders. It is all interferential activity. This happens more than most realize, it is just not recorded as such and if it is – it is generally not available through the FOIA. Furthermore, the rules that seem to apply to the engagement of our race by the objects/beings can be deduced through these and other analysis efforts. And finally, the rules indicate mostly passive (demonstration) engagement with our global militaries, but there is a line and when it is crossed by our aggressive policy/actions we can experience many different forms of bold interferential activity with our weapons systems, but worse, lose aircraft and pilots. This has happened hundreds of times, mostly unreported - globally speaking of course. So much could be learned if people were interested in pursuing this type of study. But it starts with accepting and understanding that these activities are directly intertwined with our historical and politically motivated developments within military, energy, policy, State and global direction/policy. Of importance are all States (countries) down to the smallest of States seeking independence and sovereignty from years of territorial control and oppression from a larger somewhat imperialistic state as has happened many times throughout our civilized history.


Many researchers talk about this going back in our history – the ancient astronaut theme - but it is not clear what that means. It is complex, but the bottom line is that an active engagement and influence goes back millennia and is recorded in both written and oral historical context. Many are unaware of this - the stories and the knowledge conveyed in written and oral histories along with the voluminous archeological evidence, globally, share much commonality and include common developments well known to today’s archeological scholarly community and are backed by solid evidence and studies. However, the historical record translation loses traction when the scholarly community generally refuses to consider the possibility of “off of the planet” origins of influence on our early developments within this history (eg: our introduction to organized civilization). The current record is attributing much of these early misinterpretations by our civilization ancestors to “mythology” - a subject not well understood and misses the opportunity to gain traction and truer understanding by including an off planet explanation in the analysis. That “mythology” or early misinterpretation of events needs to be broken down and understood for what it really is.


There are efforts along these lines – but generally not within the scholarly realm. Thus there exists a chasm between what is emerging through efforts outside of the scholarly community and the body of work within. The unfortunate part is that the internet allows everything to be published exacerbating the problem of accepting works outside of the scholarly community and widening the chasm. Assumptions become foundational and built on over many years becoming a factional historical record. Although it is also true that within these scattered efforts are legitimate works scientific in approach that are forwarding our understanding of what really has happened. Then it becomes a matter of creating a collection of these efforts with their findings and presenting this collection of works to those within the scholarly community willing to explore outside of the accepted foundational body.


Along with the internet there is another form of public participation in understanding this history. Ancient archeological studies usually are presented through television in fairly banal ways to the public. It has been getting much better in recent times with the inclusion of these alternative interpretations – but is still lacking in evidential backing of assertions. Additionally when you look into the works (papers) produced by the scholarly community you get a whole different set of ideas – and it becomes difficult to discern the correct interpretation. In truth many of the assertions within the scholarly community are based on assumptions that are being challenged by the serious work individuals provide methodically uncovering previously unrealized evidence backing newer ideas – ideas that indicate the presence and engagement of others with our race for a very long time. Those within the scholarly community who challenge the current historical interpretation are met with derision. Many who have chosen to pursue the truth presented by evidence at odds with the “accepted interpretation” have reached the point where they could no longer work due to pressures from peers and institutions. What kind of science is that? Some cave to the pressure and get back in step. The evidence has to speak for itself without censorship and alternate explanations need to be allowed until they are either no longer supported by the evidence. Alternatively these explanations become legitimate and begin to revise what is currently accepted. After many iterations of this process the true picture begins to emerge like a photo in development solution.


Evidence challenging the status-quo mainstream archeological message to the public can be found in two sites – Puma Punka and Machu Picchu. Never mind all of the countless others. These two sites and the others like them clearly indicate something completely out of the norm. The explanations espoused by the scholarly community are being seriously challenged. Anyone who has been around tooling and manufacturing – someone who knows materials, methods and techniques for achieving desired results will tell you that what is being conveyed to the public is entirely unworthy of consideration or merit. The materials alone in Puma Punka should tell you something is wrong, without even moving to analyzing the accuracy and wide range of tools and machinery required to produce those results. These types of construction appear in other parts of the world. And let’s not forget the oral and written histories the people in these areas have that convey something that has many commonalities to other oral and written histories around the world. Take those examples and expand them to other controversial sites around the world and you are pretty much stuck with having to look deeper into those histories for answers as to how these archeological sites came to be originally. Some of these sites have layers of later works added – some impressive in nature and others hasty and of low architectural quality. Those parts that stand out as likely candidates seemingly impossible for an early civilization to have accomplished are worthy of further study. Only by discernment can we begin to achieve that true and big picture understanding.


Today many different disciplines are working towards that larger understanding. This is critical to broadening the true foundational body of evidence supporting that clearer understanding of ancient history. It is a fact that the newer interpretations of the archeological evidence has created a record that no longer fits into our currently accepted understanding of that ancient history. These challenges have been occurring for at least two hundred years, but as it goes, in recent times the internet has made this fact too clear to ignore anymore. Within the UFO community it is a commonly understood fact that suppression happens. Suppression has been going on as long as we have had politics within human culture. So it goes within the archeological community. A good record of challenges and suppression can be found in “Forbidden Archeology” - a must read for anyone who is interested in learning about this “hidden record” and the politics of science. These authors have been active in other ways beyond their books to reveal the truths that have been buried for so long. Today we are fortunate to have the environment evolving that allows these developments to be explored and accepted for what they are.


How do these ancient findings apply to today? Imagine having millennia invested in a developing race. Yes this is my opinion. Now imagine what it would be like to watch the 20th century unfold after all of this investment – culminating in the creation of weaponry and tensions that could annihilate all of this progress in a day and a few years following. Imagine watching the advent of the industrial revolution - creating a spiraling cultural and ecological mess of a planet extremely well suited for our needs. Imagine watching as this begins to export to space. What would you do?


As discussed earlier we continue to experience what I call interferential activity. It is a term I use referring to many different forms of engagement of humanity meant to modify an outcome through “our own decisions and actions” directly resulting from the presence or activity at that time. Mostly it is passive, but not always. When it is not passive it is that way because of the circumstances and the fact that we haven’t been getting “it” the other way. There are many instances of this occurring in modern times, particularly since WW2. Why is that? Perhaps we have entered an era that is full of opportunities for our own decisions to culminate in catastrophe, so we need these “head knocks”. I am not going to cite examples because that is not the point. If you want to see some blatancy all you have to do is look at their actions around nuclear weapons also mentioned earlier. Read about the Korean War activity, or the Vietnam War activity. Look at what they have done in response to nuclear plant catastrophes. Now apply that concept of interference with ALL of our modern missteps and you begin to understand the scope of this.


Throughout this article I have covered one agenda – one approach regarding the human race. The historical record indicates there are other differing agendas, likely from multiple independent sources, and that there have been battles fought in our skies over millennia. So it is likely that many are aware of us, our incredibly precious planet as a whole, and likely its resources if the planet itself is not the target of acquisition. Someone, it seems, is protecting us and we don’t even know it. Others are around who have something else in mind - whatever that is. The ancient battles of the skies are no longer occurring – this indicates some sort of tolerance or possibly cooperation within the various diverse types of activities since WW2. Why would this be - considering such horrendous actions as cattle mutilation and human abduction – not exactly consistent with the much less direct intervention on the nuclear weapons front? That answer won’t come easily. But it indicates - to me at least – a kind of urgency that started low in intensity in different types of actions during WW2, and has grown almost exponentially to what it is today – all since we stepped into the nuclear technology realm with the further development of the ability to export our ambitions into space.


Now consider that it is likely that there are institutions in the world that understand this. These are not small institutions with little influence. So how does this fit into global policy development? How does this fit into the reality that the US, the holder of more key information on this matter than any country in the world (other than Vatican City), is going completely out of its way to keep the wraps on this? There are many theories today regarding this – use caution and realize the depth of this relational history before concluding anything. This goes far beyond the acquisition of advanced technology. Technology has done little to quell global concerns and change human nature. A part of this reflects millennia of deceptions by many institutions. Allowing a true understanding of that history is inconvenient. Yet the Vatican itself is beginning the process of doing just that – with careful pause.


I don’t expect this incredible history to fully unfold while I am alive. But I sure would like to see more efforts uncovering at a minimum the historical relationship and the context or meaning of this over the last century. It would really be great if more efforts were made to link what is happening today to our ancient history that is getting unprecedented attention recently. The first step is to realize the inter-relational aspect of this activity to our historical movement or development. For many this is a huge leap. But read enough and understand the historical developments and I guarantee you will see what I mean. It becomes unavoidable, predictable, and its study has incredible merit.


Thank you for giving this consideration.


Robert Duvall

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