Lake Norman, NC
July or August, 1972

At 9:30 p.m. businessman Robert P. Sartin, who lives near the Lake Norman Airport and Duke Power Plant's 150 high Cowans Ford Dam spotted a UFO.  His attention to the UFO came when he heard children fishing from a nearby pier, who were shouting about an object in the sky. Four other persons became eyewitnesses to the UFO, which was seen about four miles East of the Marshall Steam Plant near Terrell.

The UFO, appeared to be about the size of a basketball court and had a thickness, one-half its width.  The object looked like "one saucer inverted on top of another and had a row of flashing windows through its middle."

It had red, white and yellow lighted windows and hovered in the area overhead for about 10 minutes, before it flew sideways, then moved up and away at an unbelievable speed as it disappeared in the sky.  8

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